Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Tarot Talk

Astrology is my first love, but I must admit, Tarot comes in a close second. While an astrological chart can reveal any secret you care to look for, you do need to know the dates and times and birthplaces for the people you're asking about and some times the whole process of getting the information and setting up the horoscope seems to require more trouble than the question is worth. Plus it's a sort of lonely hobby because, while a lot more people are aware of their birth charts nowadays, usually there aren't too many folks in the room that are as obsessed with the placement of the stars as I am! Not so many people worry about my soul or my sanity or think astrologers are all going to the devil the way they used to, but still astrology is not a widely understood craft. Tarot card reading on the other hand is something everyone can learn to do fairly easily. I don't mean people will understand all the symbols and subtleties of the cards right away - that's a multi-lifetime commitment! - but the signs are clear enough that without a great deal of prodding folks can catch on to the game. With a little encouragement people's minds start linking together and where at first the cards seemed to be merely a random assortment of pictures, soon patterns start forming. Before long everyone can see there really is a connection between our inner thoughts and what manifests in our outer world. Conversations quickly become more meaningful, amazing and fun!

To learn to read Tarot I have devised a study method where we take the cards in order and focus on one card each week. During the week we watch for any people or events that we feel could somehow be a refection of the card we are focusing on. My experience has been that as we do this, the connections become more and more obvious as the weeks go by. For example, in one class I taught, by the eigth week when we were focusing on The Chariot - the card symbolizing cars and travel - some members of the group were manifesting the meanings of the cards so proficiently that two people had to miss class entirely as they suddenly had opportunities to go on trips and one lady even got a new car! Invariably the final week when we study The World card - the last most positive card of the whole deck - everyone reports wonderful stories of good fortune and perfect timing.

So! Does this study sound like something you would like to be involved in? The class will officially begin next week Thursday August 4. The Sun will be making a beautiful sextile to Saturn that day which should encourage stick-to-it-tivness and the Moon will be trining Neptune - wonderful for seeing a cohesive pattern in a fluid whole. If you would like to be a part of this class please send me an email here at this site or give me a call. Of course you can follow along with us even if you don't care to announce your intention to be part of the group, but I do think there is something powerful that happens when we make a commitment. It's as if when you state your intention you then show up on God's radar screen and the angels clear your path!

The first card we will be focusing on is The Fool. If you are the sort who likes to jump into things a little a head of time - note he is about to step off the edge of the cliff! - The Fool is your avatar. You can start tuning into him right now by pulling him out of your tarot deck and placing him by your bed or on your mirror. We will be discussing him in detail next week.

I am looking forward to it!

New Moon in Leo July 30. It's a particularly positive one for manefesting your creative talents. Seize this day and write out your boldest affirmations ever!

Rosada, EXT 2340

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Talking to Diana

Last week we discussed the idea of understanding the influence of the planets by seeing them as representing living entities just as the ancient Greeks and Romans did. With this thought in mind - that we can relate to the planets like we do people - let's see what our cast of characters is up to this week:
Consider the Moon Goddess, also known as Diana, the huntress, the virgin goddess and the protector of woman and children. Perhaps we can best identify with this archetype by remembering Princess Diana, born in the month of the moon's sign, Cancer, who is remembered for her refusal to play the submissive wife, for her love of children, and who ultimately died when her car crashed as she was being hunted by photographers. Princess Diana refused to keep the abusive conditions of her marriage secret and likewise where ever the moon travels, the secrets of that sign are brought out in the open.
Today Diana, the moon, is traveling through Aries resonating with all that is in us that desires to be bold, assertive and competitive. Diana has also been speaking to the God of Freedom and Independence, Uranus this week, who is also in Aries just now. Iif you have been eavesdropping you may feel you too can jump over tall buildings with a single bound so please be careful if you're considering going off on a journey without a map or taking foolish chances.
Friday, July 22, the moon will be entering Taurus. One of the ways to learn the meaning of the signs is to recognize that each sign is in some way the opposite of the previous sign. Aries loves to initiate. Taurus is the opposite. It is a fixed sign and has a terrible time getting new things started but once the project is launched Taurus people will stick with it. Aries is a traveler who carries only the clothes on his back. Taurus puts down roots and has a hard time parting even with out worn clothes. When Diana visits Taurus she'll be calling on us to slow down, get comfortable and will show us where we can find the most nutritious food and drink, especially this weekend when she'll be connecting with Jupiter, the God of Abundance. Even the most simple foods can be come a party when those two get together!
Monday, July 25, Diana moves on again, this time into Gemini, She'll be activating the restless side of our natures and those who are sensitive to her will no longer be content to just sit and relax. I expect we'll find ourselves eager to get back to work and as Gemini rules communication eager to talk.
I shall be eager to listen!
Have a great week,
 EXT 2340

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

What Would Aphrodite Do?

The quickest way to understand the significance of the planets in the sky and in an astrological chart, is to think of them not as symbols but as living breathing entities. Then when the calendar is telling you the sun is in Cancer, you wont have to rush to some 10,000 word textbook to try to figure out what this could possibly mean for you. Instead you can just consider that Apollo, the sun god, is visiting home and family (Cancer's arena) this month and bringing the Life Force with him. The think about it, what happens when somebody totally fabulous comes to your house bringing light and love? Isn't home the best place to be while he's there? Yes, whatever sign the sun is in, you know that's where the party is. So don't get hung up worrying about what Cancer represents - home, security, old folks, food, real estate etc. etc. - or what the sun in this sign symbolizes and what is the appropriate way to respond. Just think of the sun as being this all powerful warm hearted well meaning guy - a handsome king perhaps  coming to the area the sign rules, in this case, Home and then look for him there. Talk to him in your mind. Create a relationship with the planet as you would with a living entity. They want you to!
Let's look at a few of the other planets floating about:
Mercury is the god in charge of communication. If you want a message delivered get in touch with your inner Mercury. For most of this month he's hanging out in Leo aka. The Theatre. When Mercury is in Leo he's on stage and thus the truth may get hidden under some grease paint and drama. Mercury in Leo falls in love with his own voice now and what you hear from him these days may be more show than tell. If you see people acting out  in the grocery stor or speaking loudly in the elevator or somehow just trying to include the whole world in their private lives - you've just witness Mercury in Leo.
Next we come to Venus, or Aphrodite as the Greeks called her. Venus is visiting Cancer too this month so if you're looking for Love, this is where you'll find her. What does this actually mean you should do? Just consider that a beautiful lady - a real goddess in fact - may be coming to your house. Would Aphrodite go anywhere she wasn't welcome? Doubtful. So the first thing you want to do is make your home the sort of place this goddess would want to visit. Aphrodite particularly likes harmony, balance, beauty, personal belongings, ease and comfort. Bring these into your home and Aphrodite will come right along with them!
Mars who is known for his energy, his confidence, his self assertion and aggression is running around in Gemini these days. If you want to form a relationship with him right now be ready to get up and start moving. When Mars is in Gemini he wants to go off on trips, errands and just see and be seen. If this force is with you you'll find yourself getting antsy if you have to stay lock step with anyone. You'll prefer to be able to come and go as you please. If you're trying to co-ordinate your efforts with other mortals you may find everyone is happier buzzing about on their own and then meeting up later to compare notes.
I used to describe Saturn as the Giant Squelch of The Universe but I've decided not to do that anymore. Now that I'm recognizing the planets as real live entities I want to acknowledge that Saturn is the hardest working god in the whole solar system. If you want to get along with Saturn, recognize that he's the referee, It's a tough job but some planet has got to do it. He doesn't make the laws, he just has to enforce them. Saturn is set up in Libra now, the land of balance and fair play. Saturn is in his element here so if you think life has mistreated you, talk it over with Saturn. If you're right he'll make an adjustment - some good karma will come your way. If your just a whiner he wont do a darn thing for you but even so just pleading your case with Saturn will help you see where you need to do more to hold up your end of the bargain. He's not such a bad guy. He's more like a banker who says everything we have in life came to us on cosmic loan - what are we doing to pay it back?
Uranus is supposed to be friends with everyone, but he's not a particularly loyal friend. I think a more useful description of Uranus is to realize here is a god who doesn't play favorites. He may bring you flashes of insight like the lightening he is said to direct, but he'll also change plans and pull the rug out from under you if he thinks someone else has a better idea. It's wonderfully exciting to connect with Uranus but know with Uri everything can change in an instant so no commitments, no regrets. Uranus charged into Aries this year where his ideas about personal freedom and man's right to determine his own fate are shaking up the global political scene big time. He's turned retrograde now but that doesn't mean he's backing down. On the contrary, he's just waiting for the rest of the universe to catch up and see he's right. Meanwhile he and Saturn are having some pretty heavy negotiations. If Uranus is your co-pilot you may find yourself insisting you be given more control of your resources - and eventually you will be.  Saturn is just delaying things to be sure you'll be able to handle it. The more responsibly you handle your resources now the more quickly authority will be handed over to you in the months ahead.
This is a lot to absorb. I hope you'll play around with these "New Friends" some and we'll introduce the rest of the team next week.
Meanwhile, if you need any help, just call on these gods the way you would call on a personal friend. Or ask yourself, "What would Aphrodite do?"
And of course you can always call on me!
Until next time,
Rosada, EXT 2340

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Funny You Should Ask

"Wear my den chairs!" The caller sounded frantic. 
"Could you repeat that?" I asked. Her voice was mumbled and I could barely make out her words but she was obviously in great distress. My cards indicated something about bedrooms but that made no sense. Finally I figured out the question - it helps to be psychic! - the dear soul wasn't promoting wearing furniture, she was trying to find her lost teeth: "Where are my dentures?" After we got her put back together (the missing teeth had fallen behind the night stand) and enjoyed a good laugh, I got to thinking it might be fun to write out some of the other crazy questions folks have come up with over the years.

One that I think even spooked my spirit guides was the fellow who called wanting to know the winner for that afternoon's dog race. I think I've mentioned before how often my information comes through to me as songs playing in the back of my mind. As soon as the man stated the question I started hearing Danny Boy. "Read me the list of dogs that are running and I'll tell you what I pick up on, " I suggested. He did and sure enough, while there was no dog named Danny in the race that day, entrant number 8 was Wistful Tune. I figured that fit the message so I gave him my answer but I cautioned him that I personally was not a gambler and that I couldn't guarantee my angels knew anything about dog races either. We then said goodbye and I didn't give it anymore thought. Well, guess what? The next day he calls me back and not only had the dog won, but now he has his entire family in the living room waiting for me to just say the word - they were all going to bet their life's savings on the next race based on my advice! Youch! I don't know if it truly was a message from my guides or my own fears talking but I immediately started hearing the song, "Hit The Road, Jack!" and told him I had to get off the phone. I think it was the responsible thing to say but of course now I'm forever wondering what if there was a dog named Jack running that day...?

Sometimes people want to know even before their baby is big enough for an ultra sound if the child is going to be a boy or a girl. I tell them what I see in the cards but I also suggest trying the String and Ring test. This is where you thread your wedding ring on a string and have the baby's father hold it like a pendulum over your tummy. If it moves back and forth in a straight line it's a boy, if it goes in a circle it's a girl. One caller was concerned though because she didn't know who the father was and could I please look at the cards and describe him? As she had introduced herself as being married I wondered silently if she was hinting there had been an unauthorized one night stand... Well, the cards can usually describe a person quite accurately so I laid them out hoping what I saw would point to the husband. This time however I didn't know what to say. The cards were describing a very intelligent, handsome, healthy... stranger! Someone far away whom she'd never even met! As I stuttered and stalled she filled in the blanks. It seems she and her husband had been trying unsuccessfully for years to become pregnant and they had finally decided to go for artificial insemination. She was delighted to hear the it appeared the baby would have very healthy genes. I was pleased to know that once again my cards are always right - even if I didn't always interpret them right! Whew!

Well enough silly stories, back to work:
This week leading up to the full moon the sun is in Cancer the sign of home and family and friends who are like family. The recent eclipses have brought secrets out in the open and Saturn is insisting life be looked at with out any roses colored glasses but Jupiter in harmonious Taurus promises if we do all can be forgiven.

Thanks for asking,

Rosada, EXT 2340