Sunday, June 30, 2013

Venus Squares Saturn, Sun Opposes Pluto, Sun Squares Uranus and I'm Not Feeling Too Good Myself.

The line up of planets is genuinely frightening this week. Mercury is retrograde making you feel indecisive and with Venus squaring Saturn (July 1) you question whether what you are trying for is even possible. PLUS the Sun opposing Pluto (July 1) sounds like a power struggle and Sun squaring Uranus (July 3) means things just fall apart - to the extent that by mid-week you may be feeling like Rhett Butler and wondering if you even give a damn!

Here's the answer: Jupiter in Cancer is moving to a trine with Neptune and Saturn. It won't be exact till the middle of the month but this most fortunate planet coming up to bless both the planet of dreams AND the planet of reality means we can act now with confidence. In fact, we must for confidence - Jupiter - is the channel that connects your daily work - Saturn - with creative inspiration - Neptune. Such powerful motivation leaves no room for negativity. So for the next couple of days when all these harsh aspects are taunting us with nameless anxiety be more present in the NOW, act with confidence, and watch the fear go away by itself.

Once we get past Wednesday the line up of planets quickly becomes more hospitable. Venus in party mode (Leo) starts moving towards a trine to Uranus, the significator of freedom and independence, a fitting combination for celebrating our country's birthday on July 4. The coast won't be completely clear though as Pluto will be making a difficult inconjunct to Venus Friday just as the Moon is meeting up with an angry Mars Saturday morning. After the brief time out on The Fourth we may find people slipping back into hostile attitudes once again. Moon conjunct Mars in Gemini does offer an opportunity to speak your truth. Just try to remember it's time to communicate, not fight. It will serve you better to focus with clear intention on what you are moving towards, rather than what you are reacting against.

I'm looking forward to Saturn turning direct next Sunday. He's been retrograde since last February making it hard to get traction but hopefully now we'll start seeing our efforts creating some results - provided we still care. If projects (relationships) have lost their significance, Saturn turning direct can signal now is the time to walk away.

Reviewing what I've outlined above, I think the way to tie it all together is to be aware there are a lot of planetary aspects indicating shake up and then Saturn is slowing down and turning direct at the end of the week. It's kinda like we're taking some final sharp turns on a roller coaster with all sorts of things flying out of the car but then we slow down and with a lighter load start heading in the direction we wanted to go in all along. Oh - and don't forget Jupiter is saying, "Have confidence! It only gets better from here!"

Feeling better already,

Rosada, EXT 2340

Monday, June 24, 2013

Jupiter in Cancer - Mercury Retrograde - Venus in Leo

An optimistic outlook and unshakable self confidence characterize the planet Jupiter. Where ever he goes, he encourages a more constructive way of life. This week he is going into the sign that rules home and family, Cancer, and he'll be there for a year. Don't waste this wonderful opportunity to host the God of Good Fortune right under your own roof! Invite him in by making yourself open to new ideas, new friends, good food, and an expansive attitude.

You'll know Jupiter is in the house when... 
1. ..Friends stop by with stories to tell. Welcome them! Jupiter loves any kind of knowledge and his favorite way of spreading it is through storytelling and theatre.

2. ..Books and magazines appear just when you need their information most. Jupiter rules colleges and universities. Make your house a learning center and he'll start teaching.

3. ..You sense a deeper harmony in family relations. With Jupiter around, caring, sharing and forgiving have never been easier. Jupiter may also bring in some new people into the family circle and your extended family grows big time this year.

4. ..You don't feel like scrimping. Jupiter provides plenty of food and calories don't count!

5.  ..You feel like hosting a friendly game of poker. Jupiter loves to gamble.

6. Win or lose you have a good time. With Jupiter it all balances out in the end.

This list could go on for pages, so just know that the essence of Jupiter in Cancer is the sense of Abundance, Education and Spiritual Ideals in the Home, with Land and Family.
  If you play around with combining those words you can come up with your own ideas of what Jupiter in Cancer might mean for you:
Abundance + Land = Will home prices be going up significantly this year?
Education + Family = Will taking classes at home on line get a boost in popularity?
Abundance + Family = More people living in the house?
Spiritual Ideals + Home = Will there be an emphasis on one's home being one's private retreat from an increasingly busy world?

Try this mind game and see what you came up with. Write down your thoughts and review them several months from now. I think you'll be amazed at how accurate you predictions turn out to be.

Now a few predictions for this week...

Mercury turns retrograde in Cancer Wednesday June 26. People in general even in the astrological world weren't so aware of the Mercury Retrograde Curse up until just a couple of years ago. Now however it seems like everyone has some terrible tale of all the things that went wrong for them when this planet of communication was heading "backwards". This is becoming something like a bad hypnotic suggestion and we've got to wake up and get rational folks! Mercury is retrograde a lot - about three times a year and for six weeks at a time. Now we know not every computer sold at these times is a lemon, not every lease signed with Mercury retro is regretted, not everything goes wrong!! Please join me in debunking Mercury's bad rap! First of all, Mercury is not even retrograde. It is not moving backwards, it only appears to be because it is moving between the Earth and the Sun. Just as a car traveling in our same direction on the freeway can appear to be moving backwards if we zip past it, Mercury only appears to be moving backwards because the Earth is moving passed it. What this symbolizes for us astrologically is that we may feel our timing is off during this period. We may may feel pressured to make decisions too quickly and thus need to come back later and change things. If we would just allow ourselves to take all the time we need to think things through, perhaps saying, "Let me get back to you on that in a day or two" but not necessarily postponing an answer until Mercury turns direct, we should find our inner computer is able to handle this tricky aspect just fine. 

Having said that, I will now predict that this week many of us will probably find ourselves having to deal with more than the usual number of mental mistakes - misplaced items, wrongly addressed letters, etc. because Mercury IS retrograde after all and we're still not used to being extra attentive. The good news is that with Jupiter going into the same sign as Mercury, the various glitches will all balance out in the end.

Delightful Venus enters Theatrical Leo June 27.
Keep her in your thoughts and the next three weeks should be full of fun!


Rosada, EXT 2340

Monday, June 17, 2013

Tax Tips for Billionaires.

I love humor. At the end of a day spent reading cards for people trying to find solutions to all the difficulties and heartaches we go through, I really appreciate hearing a funny story and having something to laugh about -  so this week as the Sun goes into Cancer - the sign of lunacy! -  I figured now would be the perfect time to share with you some of my favorite sillies. I hope you'll want to share them with others. Sharing joy is the fasted route to establishing a psychic connection between folks!

Okay, here goes:

Outside of a dog, a book is a man's best friend.
Inside of a dog it's too dark to read.
- Groucho Marx.

Love making between a man and a woman can be a beautiful thing -
Provided you get between the right man and woman.
- Woody Allen.

I've been on a calendar, but I've never been on time.
- Marilyn Monroe.

My girlfriend says I never listen to her. 
At least, I think that's what she said.
- Rodney Dangerfield

"I thought I told you to wait in the car."
-Tallulah Bankhead on seeing a former lover for the first time in years.

David Lettermen shared his best pick up line:
Go to a bookstore and ask, "Do you have any books on tax tips for billionaires?"

Finally, I must tell you I'm sharing these lines with you because I'm hoping I'll get some fun stories back. In fact I've already gotten one from a fellow psychic. We were talking about some of the crazy experiences we've had following our stars and intuition - like the time I placed a huge bet based on a dream I had that predicted a winning horse - only to learn when the horse did come in first that he had been the favorite all along, that is, EVERYBODY must have had my same dream because so many people bet on that horse that the pay off ended up being way less than what the ticket had cost me!  Grrr..what good is being psychic when you pick winners that don't pay? My girlfriend reassured me there were many hidden benefits to being psychic and then she told me about the time when she had been summoned for jury duty. She really wanted to serve but when she told the judge in all innocence and honesty that she was married, had two kids and also that "I'm clairvoyant," the judge rolled his eyes and she was immediately dismissed...

Happy lunacy everyone.
 Pay special attention on June 19. Jupiter will be conjuncting the Sun that day making it the jolliest day of the year!

Rosada, EXT 2340

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Venus Opposition Pluto

My  four year old grandson and I were sitting outside enjoying a beautiful California day. After a moment of staring up at the blue sky he asked his father, "Is the sky heaven?"

Father: Yes.
Grandson: Do you float up to heaven when you die?
Father: Some people think so.
Grandson: I think when people die they all become a part of me.

My son and I exchanged looks of amazement at this four year old expressing such an advanced spiritual insight. Then he continued with a sigh,

Grandson: I think I might explode.

Okay, back to work. We've got some intense aspects coming up this week but if you know about them in advance you should be okay.

First off, Venus is moving into her annual opposition to Pluto now in Capricorn Tuesday afternoon June 11. Venus the love planet will be in emotional Cancer putting a particular emphasis on family and personal possessions while Pluto the planet of endings and transformation continues in Capricorn, the sign of rules and limitations. The combination foretells some harsh endings to relationships that have run their course. Be kind to pals who seem obsessed with getting the attention of ex-lovers, you aren't going to be able to talk them into seeing the light this week! Venus opposing the death planet is a good time however for releasing old possessions. It will never be so obvious as now how we no longer have room or time for these out worn items. Get rid of them or prepare to see your garage transformed into a rats nest! You have been warned!

On a brighter note, Saturn will be making a lovely trine to Neptune later on this same day (June 11). Saturn rules Reality while Neptune signifies vague formless things. Together we have the potential for successfully expressing our ideas and handling mental challenges with confidence. If there are legal chores you've been putting off - like making out a will - this would be the perfect time to tackle such a  task. On the other hand, if you are one of those suffering from Pluto's cruel endings to Venus fantasies mentioned above, don't let this seemingly positive aspect confuse you into believing the cold lover will change their mind. Pluto says purge, then Saturn trine Neptune can create something new.

The last couple of weeks I have been writing out some of the ideas I've used in teaching psychic development classes.
Today I want to continue with some thoughts on using our intuitive abilities for improving relationships.

Lesson Three: Psychic Abilities and Love.

My mother could have been a professional match maker. She was a Virgo and totally content to be single herself but she loved to people watch and she could tell exactly what was going on from the get go. I think the secret to her successful insight was due to the fact that while detached from the game herself, she had a love of people and a desire for folks to be happy. Now today many of the calls I get will be from folks wanting to know if their current relationships will bear fruit or if there will be love in the future. I often pass on the wisdom my mother gave to me: 
First, you have got to be kind to yourself. You may find someone who values you more than you do, but what are the chances? Better to start by doing unto yourself what you wish others would do unto you.
Next surround yourself with beauty. If you are surrounded with beauty and things you love you will know what happiness feels like, you will then be less likely to invite in drama and more likely to recognize blessings. 
Finally, give love. Like attracts like and if you give love you will connect with people who give love and eventually what goes around comes around.

There are more love tips I have to share with you but I don't want your head to explode!
Until next week then,

Rosada, EXT 2340

Monday, June 3, 2013

Lesson Two: Becoming Clairvoyant

"Clairvoyance" is a term used to discribe information obtained by ways other than using the usual five sences. It comes from the French and means "clear-seeing." It involves seeing something in the mind's eye that is real - not a dream or something imagined. You are using your clairvoyant abilities when you consider a question but rather than trying to figure out the answer, you get a vision of the solution in your head. For example, if you had lost your bag you might ask yourself, "When did I have it last?" and have an image appear in your mind of the bag and where you left it. Even if you don't get a clear picture you may get a sence of where the bag is like, "It feels like I left it in the car," or "Something's telling me to look in the bedroom." The point is your attitude is not one of trying to remember, rather you are turning a problem over to your Higher Mind (Or The Elves in The Basement as I like to call them), and then putting yourself in a quiet state to receive. We actually all use this technique frequently throughout the day to gain insight into all sorts of questions - What do I feel like wearing? What do I want to eat? Do I feel like going shopping? - and it's not unusual to find our intuitive guidance often dovetails with a larger picture. For example, when we feel like it's a good day to wear blue we might notice all the folks at work choose to wear that color too. Another example would be it's suppertime but suddenly nothing in our refridgertor looks appealing. At that moment a friend calls suggesting going out to eat. Nothing looked good at home because your higher mind was alerting you to this invitation coming up. We could receive much more guidance for ourselves and for others too if we would just recognize that we all have this ability - and exercise it!
To help get you started I've put together a list of "tips" that I have found useful:
A. Join or create a Psychic Support Group.
Even just one friend who shares your interest will suffice as long as you talk to them fairly frequently. While many great seers came by their gifts alone and without support from others, if you are not so blessed I think you'll benefit from the group experience. If you go so far as to decide to take a class this can be very helpful - just know you should not be required to pay some absurd fee.
B.Things you can do for yourself physically that promote clairvoyant ability:
Take good care of your "instrument"  (your body).
I've known a few wildly gifted psychics who could eat what ever they wanted, drink as much as they liked, and live the undisciplined life of a street urchin - but they are the exception. Most of us who are interested in developing clear vision need to have a clear body. In fact most likely the messages you  receive at first will be along the lines of guidance for what your body needs. Be wary of messages saying "My body wants chocolate"! Actually, it's more likely when you begin to open your psychic receptors you'll realize your body wants pure wholesome fruits and veggies. In fact you may find you become incredibly aware of how depressed you feel after eating sugar, processed food and animal products. Eating a vegetarian diet of organically grown foods may appear to be expensive at first, but the pay off will come when you start hearing your body's intuitive guidance loud and clear. 
Yoga and stretching exercises help relax the body and open you up to intuitive impressions.
C. Read for people and issues you care about.
Again, some psychics can tune in on strangers and read them like they're brothers but experience shows clairvoyant abilities most often work best when there is an emotional link between the person doing the reading and the person they are reading for. It's not unusual to hear of someone "knowing" the precise moment when a relative dies though that relative may have been at a distance and as far as the reader knew, even been in good health. On the other hand, a neighbor might pass on and if you'd never met them you might not even be aware of it unless you saw them carrying out the body. So practice by considering your various close friends and relatives. Ask yourself how they are doing. Note how you then feel - happy, sad, energized, tired? Even if the impression you get isn't accurate it's significant you got any impression at all! You probably wont be able to read for more than one or two like this without getting "muddy" at first, but if you do this regularly you'll find that your inner knowingness is becoming stronger and more clear.
Once you've been doing this on a regular basis - once or twice a week for a month or so - you should be getting some really interesting results. Not only clearer intuitions about the questions you have intentionally asked but also dreams, flashes of insights, hunches, warnings, etc. start coming to you unbidden. It can be a problem for some to turn it off! If that's the case for you give me a call. That or just eat a hamburger and a big chunck of chocolate!
I'll be talking to you,

Rosada, EXT 2340