Sunday, November 30, 2014

Sagittarius Sun Trining Aries Moon = Light Up The Skies!

Wonderful line up of planets this week if you know how to recognize an opportunity:

Monday December 1 the Moon in self empowering Aries will make us eager to jump into Christmas. Make a list, check it twice and it'll all turn out really, really nice. First thing in the morning we're having a trine to the Sun in Sagittarius inspiring good will and good deeds. I'm on call for jury duty that morning so I'm thinking that could be my good deed. At the same time there will be a Mars in Capricorn sextile to Saturn so there may be some serious case for us to evaluate. However the Moon will also be conjuncting Uranus and squaring Pluto so once again I probably won't get picked when the judge finds out I'm a Certified Psychic. What do you think? ;-)
Tuesday December 2, the Moon begins with a trine to Jupiter in Leo the sign for children. There's still time to get your favorite youngster an Advent Calendar. And if you're planning to send out Christmas cards this would be an excellent day to write out some jovial greetings. The last aspect of the day is a square to Mars - avoid the impulse to cram too much into your schedule when the crowds are feeling cranky.

Wednesday December 3, the Moon changes into something comfortable - Taurus with a trine to Pluto PLUS Venus is about to trine Jupiter. Look for opportunities to give to those in need. Not only will your gifts do some real good today but YOU will get some very nice good karma payback tomorrow.

Thursday December 4, the Sun trines Uranus just as Mars enters Uranus' home sign Aquarius. Those who simplified their lives and completed their chores yesterday should see opportunities to fly today. Get out of the house, go where the action is, and…enjoy the miracles!

Friday December 5, Mercury trines Uranus awakening us with lots of bright ideas and solutions. The full Moon tonight suggests cheerful shoppers out late in a festive mood.

Saturday December 6, with the Moon in Gemini sextiling Jupiter in Leo until the Moon goes void of course early Sunday morning we'll be having a really excellent day for whatever you want to accomplish AND tonight the full Moon sets the stage for the best Christmas party of the year!

God Bless Us Everyone,

Rosada, EXT 2340

Monday, November 24, 2014

Sun, Venus and Mercury in Sagittarius. It's All Good.

Although it's good to know your own astrological birth chart, it's not really necessary to plot how the planets are touching you specifically each and every day. Just knowing where the planets are now can give you a leg up.(You're not going to remember all those personal details anyway! Keep it simple!)

Here's what we're working with this week:

Sun and Venus in Sagittarius:
During this time of year we are rewarded when we broaden our horizons. Good fortune comes when we GET OUT OF THE HOUSE!  There are other minds creating this shared experience. Meet new people and find out about these other ways of experiencing life.

Mercury and Saturn in Scorpio:
The planet representing our mental processes has been shlepping about in deep dark murkiness this last month and joining up with Saturn the planet of reality on Tuesday. We've probably all bumped up against some harsh truths in our personal lives lately. Could be a little depressing - Saturn is never the life of the party - but fortunately Mercury will quickly travel on to Sagittarius meaning after seeing the raw truths we won't wallow in drama but are going to want to look for solutions. Mercury in Sagittarius is good for all kinds of conversation and communications. 

Mars and Pluto in Capricorn:
Arouses ambition so now that we've seen the truth, gathered the facts now we are moved to find a project to personally identify with, to work hard and get it done.

Jupiter in Leo:
The planet of blessings and good fortune in the natural sign of children, theatre and creativity makes us extra lucky when we support these causes, or just have an open attitude.

Uranus in Aries:
Old limitations can no longer hold us back.

Neptune in Pisces:
There's a guardian angel right beside each and every one of us.

So how does this all add up for you personally? Well, we've got the Sun and Venus in Sag so we know right off travel is rewarded. Interesting isn't it that Thanksgiving Day which always comes when the Sun is in Sagittarius, is the most traveled time of the year? With Mars and Pluto in Capricorn we may be particularly interested in starting and promoting some family traditions that will last and strengthen our ties in the years ahead. Mercury with Saturn can be depressing at the first part of the week but if we're not afraid to have some heavy conversations then some useful information could come to light. Maybe you travel to be with family, then learn how your relatives are doing these days, and start brain storming about how we can all help each other. Jupiter in Leo supports "playing" with ideas and Uranus in Aries says try something new. Neptune in Pisces gives compassion to strengthen even the weakest links.

In short, explore, get the truth, make a plan and have fun with it!

Everything turns out okay in the end-
If it's not okay, it's not the end!


Rosada, EXT 2340

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Sun Conjunct Saturn - Ready for Your Close Up?

It's time for a reality check. Tuesday, November 17 is the day when the Sun conjunct's Saturn. This only happens once a year but it could have some far-reaching long lasting results. It's the day we look at our lives without any rosy colored glasses and see things as they really are. Saturn rules commitments and responsibilities  meaning the world we see will be the manifestation of how well we are living up to our agreements. Hopefully this will be a day we will find ourselves looking about and saying, "Hmm..I'm feeling healthy, I don't have any overdue bills, my car is running, my house is clean and tidy, I have a job I love that it pays me well and my relationships are all running smoothly = Life is good!"
However, if that's not you, if something hurts, if the creditors are dinging you, if your house is a mess and you hate your job and your friends too…well, this could be the week you're deciding "Enough with rock bottom! I'm going to make a change!" Happily once we've had this moment of truth the Sun will be moving on into Sagittarius on Saturday meaning things will get a lot brightener and we'll be feeling a lot more cheerful and optimistic as we move forward with our self improvement program. The important thing to get from this opportunity to see our unfinished work is that we don't just move on - but rather that we actually begin making the corrections we see are necessary and THEN go forward with good cheer. Otherwise Saturn will be retrograding to this point again mid 2015 so unfinished work we ignore now could call us all the way back to square one 6 months from down the line.

The New Moon in Sagittarius happens on Saturday too, a double omen for optimistic fresh starts. It will be trining Venus, Uranus and Jupiter but also squaring Neptune so lots of reasons to dream big and see life as a grand adventure - although that square to Neptune could be a warning not to dream too big! 

If you're starting to think about the holiday season you couldn't pick a better time to make lists and check them twice. The heavy Saturn influence could create a vague sense of Bah! Humbug! in the darker recesses, but once you start getting into the routine - mailing the cards, decorating the house - Saturn's flair for organization will kick in and you'll be sensing this could turn out to be the best Thanksgiving/Christmas ever.

Merry and Bright,

Rosada, EXT 2340

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Mars Conjunct Pluto - I Do Believe It's Getting Better.

 Monday November 10 Mars the planet of personal power will meet up with Pluto, the planet of super-power. It's a rare opportunity to align our personal desires with the universal life force to transform our lives - if you know how to do it. Here's how.

Focus on what you want, ignore what you don't want. We've all heard about the Law of Attraction - the idea that "where attention goes energy flows" and some of us have played around with it and recognized a bit of success. Well, this is the week to follow this law with all your heart and soul. Where you aim your personal energy - Mars - this week is going to be activating adventures for many moons to come.

If you aren't sure just what you want to energize, then take some time to fill your mind with positive images of all sorts. Here's a suggestion for you - I just watched a video about Saint Hildegarde of Bengin called Vision. It was such an interesting movie that I then looked her up on Wickipedia and set up her astrological chart. An absolutely amazing woman. Born in the 12th century, from the time she was a small child she received visions that gave her insights into all sorts of things including healing cures made with plants and herbs that are still used today. She heard music in these visions and wrote down what she heard becoming the first known composer. (We know of other earlier music but we don't know who wrote it.) She wrote morality plays and in her late sixties and seventies she toured the country on horse back preaching the gospel. She also recorded some intriguing prophesies. So if you are looking for a good read I recommend her. But that's not why I'm writing about her here today. I'm writing about her because after focusing on her as I did - not ponderously studying her, but just reading about her in a pleasant sort of way - I found miracles happening in my own life. For the next three days I experienced insights myself and other good fortune. I focused on the spiritual perspectives of St. Hildegarde and found my own life took on a higher spiritual perspective. We tend to share the views of those who are around us and by consciously seeking out those with better, higher understanding to surround ourselves with we find ourselves lifted effortlessly. Now that's Mars/Pluto empowerment!

The down side of Mars joining Pluto is the potential for power struggles. Furthermore on Monday the Moon will be squaring Uranus - never an easy transit. David taking on Goliath stories will no doubt be prominent in the news. In our personal lives we should give ourselves plenty of time to get where we're going - don't race the clock - and don't fight the law. Still, if we find there are areas where we must surrender our hopes and wishes, even so this line up suggests grief will transform into good fortune. The Moon will move on to trine the Sun then Venus and finally Saturn all in Scorpio so lots of potential for something positive to come from recent upheavals.

Wednesday Venus conjuncts Saturn, a serious sober alignment that could bring you some well deserved reward if you've kept your promises. Otherwise you may be feeling short changed as Saturn doesn't give gifts freely. Mainly I sense its going to be a time to complete assignments and then move on for better or worse.

Mars will square Uranus Wednesday night - those who felt slighted earlier may be mad as hell by now so again, try to surround yourself with good vibrations this week. Also the more flexible your plans are the less likely the changes this coupling brings will disrupt your calm.

Something to look forward to - Venus emerges from the Scorpio drama pit Sunday November 16 and hits the road big time in Sagittarius. Pack up all your cares and woe and bye bye Black Bird here we go!

The moment is potent,

Rosada, EXT 2340

Monday, November 3, 2014

Full Moon in Taurus: The More You Know - The More You Have.

What has astrology done for you lately? I hardly ever talk to anyone anymore who doesn't already know their Sun sign and, thanks to the wonders of computer generated charts, many people also know their Moon sign and their rising sign too. Yet even as astrology becomes more widely recognized as having something of value to it, few of us seem to know how to put this wisdom to use. With the full Moon coming up Thursday in Taurus, the sign of practical knowledge and possessions, I'm guided to write about specific things you can do to create a great life for yourself using Astrology.

Astrology Helps You to Know Thyself. 
I find it useful to think of myself as a spiritual being riding around in a physical body. Astrology is the "owner's manual" for this body because by knowing where the stars were when I was born, I can know how this "machine" has been programed - and thus I'm more able to direct my life successfully. For example, I have the planet Mars, the planet of energy and enthusiasm, in Virgo, the sign of teaching and service in the ninth house of distant lands and travel. The combination points to an energy pattern that thrives on exploring foreign ideas (such as astrology and tarot) - especially if that involves a chance to connect with distant people (over the phone) and to somehow be of service (as an astrologer and tarot reader). Now as it happens I come from a family of educators. In fact, so many adults in my family worked in schools that as a child I assumed that everyone became a teacher when they grew up. I remember asking a new classmate, "What does your daddy teach?" and being very surprised when she said her father owned a gas station. When I realized my mistake I resolved that I was NOT going to be railroaded into the family business, I was NOT going to be a teacher, and as a result I wasted a lot of time poking around in jobs I had no instincts for. When I learned about astrology and had my chart done I got that whether I chose to work in a traditional classroom or as a phone psychic, my true happiness was dependent on my doing things of a teaching nature. Once I recognized how I had always gravitated towards learning and teaching situations I quit fighting my stars and DNA. I began consciously looking for jobs in the education field. Immediately opportunities presented themselves and it was obvious teaching was my true calling. How much wasted time I could have saved had I known astrology! Indeed, to help one find their right employment is one of the best uses for astrology.

Astrology Helps You to Find Your Soulmate.
Frankly, I don't like the idea that there is one perfect partner out there waiting for each of us if we could only locate them…and yet… I have seen over and over again where people have found true love when they were following what Venus in their astrological chart advised them to do. When you know what Venus wants and make "her" happy she'll draw in more and more happiness for you.
Venus in Aries? Your Venus wants you to be active, to take up a physical sport, and particularly to love (Venus) yourself (Aries).
Venus in Taurus says, "Surround yourself with beauty and nature and I'll make sure you have a steady reliable partner."
In Gemini Venus delights in talk and conversation and will bring you love where ever ideas are being exchanged.
Venus in Cancer cares about home and family and may even bring you your special someone through a family tie. However, beware family ties don't bock you from making new friends.
Venus in Leo wants to shine and be fabulous! Your perfect lover will appear when you are being your most creative and theatrical self.
Venus in Virgo can be a bit fussy and you may be painfully aware that if the partner isn't a perfect fit you are happier single. Still as Virgo rules work and service, you may find happiness through your work or actually meet someone on the job.
Venus in Libra knows how to get along with everyone and if Venus is in Libra in your horoscope your lover probably really will be your soul mate!
Venus in Scorpio loves passion so these folks get entangled in all or nothing dramas. If you have Venus in this sign I doubt if you'll have any trouble finding someone to obsess over but be sure they are single and available. Scorpio Venus seems to attract love affairs fraught with secrets and soap operas.
Venus in Sagittarius means you'll find love when you travel. In fact long distance relationships probably work out better for you than having someone by your side 24/7. If you're looking for love get out of your home neighborhood and go someplace out of your usual routine to activate that Love/Travel connection.
Venus in Capricorn creates May-December partnerships. Don't shy away from a date even when there's a considerable age difference. Furthermore, you may not fall in love until you yourself are "older" or somehow feel you have accomplished something in your career and have some status.
Venus in Aquarius loves people period. "To find a friend - be one!" is her motto - just don't expect one person to satisfy all your curiosities. Venus in Aquarius people may not stay married for life but they often remain friends with ex-partners.
Finally check to see if you have Venus in Pisces. Amazingly idealistic when it comes to romance, when Venus is in Pisces she  finds something to love in everyone. To have a good solid practical relationship,  look for kindred spirits who are kindhearted compassionate people too - perhaps you'll meet up while you are both doing some sort of volunteer activity - but beware of taking on lost souls that can only drain you.

Astrology Helps You Go Forth and Multiply!
One of the most powerful uses for astrology is to help launch projects at just the right time. Whether  you're wanting to do something as mundane as making a purchase or as important as starting a family, astrology can give you the most auspicious times to take the first steps. The Moon gives the basic keys for successful timing. New Moons are for launching new projects, full Moons mark their culmination and are good for attracting attention, waning Moons release the past and clear out the old. If you compare your project to this energy cycle you can easily gauge your best time to begin. Let's suppose you are intending to hold a garage sale. Are you hoping this will be the start of something, perhaps you are wanting to raise money for a bigger project? That is, are you hoping something more will grow from of this? Then hold the sale near the beginning of the lunar cycle just after the new Moon. However if you're simply wanting to get rid of the stuff and not expecting to make a big profit, then having the sale during the waning Moon would be more suitable. If you are wanting to draw a large crowd hold the sale right before the full Moon.

These are just a few examples of how an awareness of the stars can enhance any situation. For specific guidance for using astrology to help you have a better life right now give me a call:

888 - 889 - 9897

Ask for Rosada ext.2340.

The more you know the more you have and all your future is spelled out in your chart!