Saturday, March 26, 2011

New Moon in Aries April 3

Happy New Moon, Dear Friends!

This one for April is going to be a doozy. Six of the ten planets we look at will be in this high energy sign suggesting the impulse to act first/think later will be the major challenge we're all facing.

Starting with Uranus, the planet of disruption at 0 degrees Aries I suspect we'll be finding ourselves starting each day from a whole new perspective. Has your habit been to get up every morning at the same time and to follow the same routine? You may find that's all changing this month. Also you may find yourself overwhelmed with new ideas because Uranus is the planet of equality and whereas in the past you may have easily prioritized what was important in your life and screened out what was not, we now are re-evaluating those decisions and it leads to things that might never have attracted our attention suddenly demanding equal consideration. Eat breakfast? Answer the phone? Bring about world peace? it's hard to know which is more important and what to give attention to first.

To make focusing even more difficult, Mars, the planet of energy, is also at 0 degrees Aries, urging us to jump on our horse and ride to the rescue - in all directions at once. Big mistake. Note Mercury is in Aries now too, but retrograde thus agreements we make this month we may later need to re-negotiate.

With this combination the best advice I can give is we're just at the beginning of a whole new era here. Many, many opportunities coming in this spring. It's right to make commitments but make them short term.