Sunday, May 31, 2015

Venus into Leo: Love Will Find a Way

The goddess of love enters Leo on Friday June 5. It's a very fortunate omen suggesting the possibility that ALL problems can be solved now if we try a little tenderness (Venus) combined with a bit of confidence (Leo).
Whether the problem that concerns us is  in the area of relationships, finances or health, we're entering a period when all these knots can be untangled and the way to do this is amazingly simple and clear:

First, know that whenever Venus is involved we need to have an attitude that we "attract" what we desire. With Mercury we "figure out" how to get what we want and with Mars we must "hunt" for it but when Venus is by our side all we need to do is ask and the universe will bring it to us.

 Now I know we have all played with this idea that we can manifest what we want merely by focusing on the goal but obviously we have not always gotten the results we were hoping for. Today I am going to outline  the specific steps to take to enlist the attractive powers of Venus for bringing your heart's desires into being.

1. Light a candle. I don't know why this is important but it makes a difference.

2. Speak to Venus directly. She is a goddess and as much a conscious being as you and I are. Invoke her presence, gain her attention, by saying aloud something like, "Dear Venus. I acknowledge you and thank you for hearing my request. I am in need of (here state your need) and ask that you bring this to me by (state a time limit). Thank you in advance."

3. Assume that your request has been heard and and fulfilled and take some action based on this belief. For example, if you are asking her for a new love to come into your life, prepare for it. Throw out the old souvenirs of past relationships. Buy a bottle of wine to be ready to share with someone new.

4. Get on the same feeling tone as the experience you are wanting to attract. Some people do this by visualizing and making pictures. If you're wanting more money you might make out a check to yourself  signed "The Universe" and put it on your mirror. You might even open a new bank account to be really ready to welcome in riches. The step I've found works for me is to think back of some time when I was actually experiencing the feeling I am trying to create now. Thus if you are seeking wealth, remember a time when you felt wealthy. In fact, ask yourself, "When did I feel the wealthiest ever?" For me it was when my husband had gotten a job clearing an orange grove. After he cut down the trees and rather than leave the dozens and dozens of ripe oranges lying on the ground uneaten, we called our friends and had an impromptu picnic. What a glorious afternoon that was! All our friends and all those beautiful free oranges! Total abundance! Just remembering it makes me feel rich. But here my point is, by remembering a feeling you've already had, you are programing your unconscious to attract that experience again.

5. Note that I recommended you set a time limit for the goddess to fulfill your request. This is very important. Venus can bring you whatever you desire, but often times gifts get lost because we lose focus. If we set a time limit - 48 hours - we're more likely to be able to stay in a state of high alert long enough to see results.

6. Finally and most important:
 Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. We are ultimately all one and just reflections of each other. What ever you are asking for yourself, give something similar to someone else. It needn't be elaborate. If you are wanting a new car, give a friend a lift to work in your old one - thus giving them a new car if only for one ride. If you are wanting a job, give someone a job - pay the neighbor kid to run an errand. If you are wanting someone to call you, ask yourself who would appreciate hearing from you and then you call them. What goes around comes around!

If all these rules and guidelines seem a bit daunting, here is a quick exercise that will get you powerful results with almost no effort:

Venus is her most generous in the sign Leo but why wait until Friday? 
Ask Venus to give you "a gift" in the next 48 hours.
Then sit back and watch. It's amazing!
Venus LOVES to give! 
Be sure to acknowledge her with a thank you.

You're very welcome,

Rosada, EXT 2340

Monday, May 25, 2015

Saturn and Mercury Retrograde: Rethinking Public Education

For the next two weeks, Saturn and Mercury the planets ruling structure and ideas respectively, are retrograde in Sagittarius, the sign of higher education, and Gemini, the sign of elementary education. Because retrograde planets indicate a time for reviewing the past, this line up indicates it's time to reconsider the effects of structured ideas/schooling, in our lives and the lives of our children.

Recently a bill was passed in my state requiring that all children be vaccinated, despite the medical evidence that vaccinations can result in serious illness and further that the vaccines are not necessarily effective against the diseases they claim to prevent. Unvaccinated children are to be barred from public and private schools. Parents who protest will have to either home school their children or move. Whether or not you believe vaccinations are necessary we have to consider the implications of government being allowed to require them. Why is this happening? What is God thinking???

There is a saying that to get to the root of a mystery one needs to "follow the money." In this instance it is not hard to find links between politicians accepting campaign donations and pharmacdical companies poised to make billions from their votes. So it appears a strong case could be made that this law is not about saving children's lives so much as it is about saving politician's jobs. However it is also said that a problem cannot be solved,, a situation cannot be changed, until we first accept it as part of the Divine Plan just as it is. It's like we can't stop a car until we first get in it. So before we start condemning Big Brother, it could be useful to see how laws forcing unvaccinated children out of school could actually be serving a higher purpose.  

In the past 30 years or so, schools have taken over more and more of the role of the parents, particularly that of the mother. While programs like Head Start provide an opportunity for preschoolers to be introduced to math and reading and to get a regular meal, these programs ultimately weakened the bonds between parent and child as the whole job of child rearing became more of a function of the state and less the responsibility of the family. Further the separation became greater as government programs grew to include after school childcare for the higher grades reducing the contact between parent and child even further. On the surface it appear these programs have been hugely successful but they have not been without cost. Particularly, we need to consider what our society has lost because the children are separated from us? Perhaps the children are safer locked up and off the streets ten hours a day but without them the world has become less safe.

Christ said that children are the peacekeepers. Why? Because simply by being in the group children influence everyone to keep things kid friendly and to be on their best behavior. But where are the children and their influence today? It used to be you saw kids everywhere, everyone looked out for them and the world was a kinder place to live. Since the expansion of the government school programs however, children have all but vanished from view along with their gentling influence. 

With them all locked up "safe" in their classrooms there is no obvious reminder we need to keep the  entire world safe for children. It makes me wonder if perhaps the demand that children be vaccinated or kicked out of school is actually God's way of saying, "So shut down the schools!"

 What if parents refused to turn their kids over to the state and home schooling became the norm once again as it was a hundred years ago? Perhaps in this case going retro isn't such a bad thing. Jupiter is in Leo now offering protection to all of God's creations but particularly to children. Something to think about.

Let me know what you think,


Rosada, EXT 2340

Sunday, May 17, 2015

New Moon in Taurus: Using The Planets to Guide Your Business

The new Moon tonight, May 17, will happen in the sign Taurus. Among other things, Taurus is the sign that tells us about our abilities to make money. In keeping with this theme I thought now would be a good time to write about how the stars can guide us to make our lives rich and abundant:

Starting a New Venture
New projects usually get off to a better start when the Moon is waxing, that is, when the light is growing between the new Moon and the full Moon. The Moon is waxing this month starting tonight through till the full Moon on June 2, a great period to get something new launched. After that the Moon starts waning - losing light - and as this influence is known to cause decrease, a waning Moon is not  the astrologically best time for starting a new venture. The exception is situations where you are actually hoping for things to decrease - such as when you hold a garage sale not to make money but just because you are wanting to get rid of stuff, to DECREASE clutter.

Remember that a waxing Moon favors the seller and a waning Moon favors the buyer. Thus if you are looking to loan - sell - money do it while the Moon is waxing (May 17 - June 2). If you are wanting to borrow - buy - money you will get a better deal when the Moon is waning (June 2 - June 16).

As all new ventures are favored when the Moon is increasing in light, make a point of beginning the partnership when the Moon is waxing. Further, agreements and partnerships should NOT be made on the days when Mars, rash action, Neptune, misunderstandings & deception, Pluto, power struggles, or Saturn, rigid thinking, are square or opposite the Moon. So although the Moon is waxing this week, she is also making difficult aspects to one or more of these planets on Monday May 18 and Thursday May 21 so be prudent and avoid making important commitments on those days.

Public Relations
As the Moon rules the public she needs to be well aspected on the days you place ads to reach the public and on days you are hosting public events. Tuesday morning May 19 has the Moon making a very nice sextile to Uranus, the planet ruling fresh ideas and new perspectives. Meetings early in the day then could net some surprising and positive results. Both Friday May 22 and Saturday May 23 have nice lunar connections. Saturday night there is a rousing Moon conjunct Jupiter. People will be up for a fun gathering making it the perfect time for a party/sales event.

Selling requires not only that your product be desirable but equally important, people need to know it exists. Therefore good selling times are when the Moon is making positive aspects to Venus and Jupiter - the planets ruling desire - and Mercury, the planet of communication. Saturn can favor purchases of essentials: equipment and things that aren't intended to be glamorous but will get a job done. By and large, Saturn days are better spent at the office doing paper work as the influence does not encourage spending or fat commissions.
This week does give us a terrific day for sales on Saturday when the Moon is in Leo as people will be feeling more generous and not so tight with their wallets. 

Employment and Promotions
As this is such a personal matter you should choose a day when your Sun is being favorably aspected or when the Moon is in your tenth house of career. If you do not know how to calculate these days yourself give me a call and I can quickly do it for you. Otherwise Tuesday morning May 19 is a generally favorable time for interviews.

Signing important papers
The Moon's light is increasing for the next two weeks marking this as a time for signing contracts. However be careful and avoid signing anything when your Sun is badly afflicted. (Call me and we can figure out when that would be for you personally.)

Final Warning
Mercury is retrograde this month meaning there is a stronger possibility of misunderstandings and miscommunication now. However as Mercury goes retrograde several times a year we can't just shut down and hibernate until it turns direct again, this time on June 10. Still if it's possible you can put off big purchases or making major commitments until then that might be the smart thing to do. Otherwise just allow your self plenty of time to complete things as there may be some glitches along the way that will require giving plans a re-do.

Bottom line:
Tuesday morning May 19 and Saturday night May 23 will be opening wide some terrific windows of opportunity.

Work it, Baby!

Rosada, EXT 2340

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Mars Opposition Saturn - Don't Push It!

The main event this week happens late Thursday night May 14 when fast talking Mars in Gemini bumps up against not amused Saturn in Sagittarius. People and governments are simply not going to be able to "get away with it" any longer. The truth is coming out and the accumulated flaws are about to topple over the structures built on lies. We see this literally happening in places like Nepal where poorly built buildings have collapsed from earthquakes. We're also seeing the Mars/Saturn effect when people with their cell phones have taken videos of rogue policemen who are then no longer able to get away with brutality. In short, where ever people have over estimated their security or position, this line up of planets will bring a rude awakening. 

What does Mars opposition Saturn signify for each of us personally? Simply that this is the week for making a clear and honest appraisal of our lives. Mars is inclined to believe that anything can be achieved if one only stays focused and refuses to give up, but often this approach also includes bullying and bribes and attempts at short cuts. Saturn however doesn't allow for anything less than the true reality and so can seem to be a harsh task master to those who have been relying on a smooth sales pitch without the core experience to back up their claims. Look at your situation objectively now to see if you are not operating on any major fallacies. If you have over estimated your capabilities or have been relying on luck to get you through, the next seven days could be rough going. Particularly be aware of Mars' tendency to push too hard too fast or to go out too far on a limb financially. 

The good news with this aspect is that it's effecting everyone. So if you've been finding it hard to live up to your press clippings or to complete your work on time, don't worry. The boss is probably bogged down too! 

The main thing to remember is that Mars in Gemini is like the new kid in town trying to talk Saturn, the mayor and father of the prettiest girl in the neighborhood, into letting him take his daughter out for a ride. Saturn isn't fooled for a minute by the young man's glib talk and will most likely interrogate him throughly and even then most likely refuse. Likewise, we may have some great ideas but they need to have solid grounding before others will trust us and give permission. However,  if our ideas are sound, that is, if Mars genuinely knows what he's talking about, then Saturn, after some delay, just might eventually come to approve our suggestions - but probably not this week.

There's a much more pleasant planetary party happening Friday night May 15: Venus the planet of love in the home sign of Cancer will trine compassionate Neptune in Pisces. Hey, maybe Saturn will relent and let the new kid take his daughter out that night after all! Just be sure to get her home by curfew…

and don't forget to smile!

Rosada, EXT 2340

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Venus in Cancer - The Goddess of Love Comes Home

Venus quits her running around the Gemini neighborhood and finally calls home Thursday May 7. If you are ready to receive her she might even drop in.

Things you can do to honor the goddess and make her welcome in your house:

First and foremost, let bygones be bygones..
Be open and natural. No need to put on a show - that comes next month when Venus goes into Leo's theatrical domain - however, don't try to conceal your feelings either. In fact, share them! Encourage partners and friends to open up to you cause when Venus is in the home sign of Cancer, we're all family.
Indeed, Venus in Cancer offers a real opportunity to act together in harmony with everyone you meet - just relate as if we're relatives, and we all have a few crazy ones of those tucked away. Truly, a great deal of healing and progress is possible if you take advantage of this time. Make the most of it as Venus will move on into Leo in June where she's known to be kinda snobby. But for now, we're all kin.

Also, now's a great time to be active! Avoid lapsing into brooding states of mind. In fact, while Venus is still in Gemini make some mental notes - a bucket list of exciting things to do this month and then organize your time and do them. Otherwise, while Venus in Cancer likes to get settled in the home she can also quickly become depressed if left alone too long - so plan ahead and don't let Happy Homemaker become Housebound Hanna!

Venus in Cancer particularly means a new springtime is dawning for marriages. Shake off those pockets of complacency and create new ways to love each other.

Warnings: Cancer rules memories and the past. If you are the least bit prone to being stubborn or unforgiving you may find yourself judging your partner on the memories of old quarrels. If you are in the habit of dragging those skeletons out of the cupboard at every opportunity, you could repel the good feeling which is offered to you now. Venus in Cancer shows us where a new bloom is trying to grow.

If you and a loved one have parted recently, Venus into Cancer brings opportunities to reconcile. However, if it truly is time for you to move on, then resist the temptation to get stuck reflecting on the yesterday and what might have been.  Cancer rules the past, but it is also the sign for babies and infants and situations that are young and need time to develop. Be gentle with yourself as you look to the future and let new friendships grow at their own pace.

The most helpful attitude to hold at this time? Prepare. Venus in Cancer is the time when seeds germinate. Strengthen ties with loved ones, have some dinners at home, share the family stories. By taking advantage of present opportunities to sow good seeds you will be guaranteeing yourself a great yield later when Venus moves into Leo June 6.

The light of the future looks very promising - indeed, even bountiful!

Kind regards,
Rosada, EXT 2340