Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Total Solar Eclipse

Do you have more fancy clothes in your closet than occasions to wear them? Well this weekend brings the perfect opportunity to show off your glad rags. The New Moon in Scorpio Saturday night November 3 happens on the degree for the Sabian Symbol, "Dignitaries at an official Embassy Ball". Make the magic your own by Inviting some friends over for a holiday meal or at least dress up and go sing a little karaoke!

This New Moon is a rare one. It will be a total solar eclipse. Eclipses always bring in strange happenings and people born on the 3rd of this month or on  the third of May in Scorpio's opposite sign Taurus will no doubt find the year a head filled with bizarre and unexpected happenings. For the rest of us the Moon in Scorpio offers opportunities to Transform Through Love, meaning a few well placed "I'm sorrys" and some heart felt "Please forgive mes" at this time could transform relationships over night and get us heading for the holidays with real joy.

Ordinarily  a waxing Moon, that is a New Moon on it's way to becoming a Full Moon, portends a time for growth and development but as Scorpio is the sign of elimination, the next two weeks also offer a good time to start endings. Start letting go of the dramas of 2013 so you can move on to the new adventures awaiting in 2014.

Venus leaves adventurous Sagittarius and enters calm careful Capricorn on Tuesday November 5th. Time to change our play clothes for more serious attire. But this doesn't mean we have to get serious ourselves. Venus in Capricorn appreciates formal occasions but she still knows how to party!

Jupiter will be turning retrograde in Cancer on Thursday November 7. This is a positive U-turn that will keep Jupiter in Cancer (my sign!) until July of 2014, and supposedly will reward efforts to build family harmony.

Putting it all together we have a week coming up that encourages us to...

New Moon in Scorpio: Eliminate any feelings of resentment or blame.
Venus in Capricorn: Put on a happy face.
Jupiter retrograde in Cancer: And then - Behold! - feel an ocean of warm fuzzes coming at us from the sense of family solidarity we've created.

I'm looking forward to it -
Best wishes,

Rosada, EXT 2340

Friday, October 25, 2013

Mother Teresa and The Second Miracle

I got to attend a private showing of a new movie coming out next Easter called "The Letters". It's the story of Mother Teresa, the nun who started The Mission of Charities in India. It seems she received a vision and calling from Jesus to help the poorest of the poor. With no other support and less than $5.00 in her pocket Mother Teresa left the protective walls of her convent and went out into the streets of Calcutta to see what she could do. Although she faced seemingly insurmountable obstacles, she over came them all to eventually build a world wide organization of hospitals dedicated to the needs of humanity's lost and forgotten ones. She particularly focused on setting up hospices so these people would not have to die in the streets but in a clean bed surrounded by love. Her belief in the worthiness of every soul attracted the attention of  the media including one reporter who, marveling at her caring as she bathed a man covered with oozing sores, commented, "I wouldn't do what you do for a million dollars." Mother Teresa paused for a moment and then replied, "You know what? Neither would I."

Now the Vatican is considering her nomination for sainthood. To be recognized as a saint there must be two verified miracles attributed to the candidate. "The Letters" tells of the first miracle which was experienced by a woman who suffered from a tumor. She prayed while holding a picture of Mother Teresa and saw a beam of light shoot out from the picture and into her body. When the doctors next examined the woman, the tumor was gone. There is enough evidence to support the contention that this did indeed happen. The woman was in a hospital, she really did have a tumor and then for no known medical reason, it was gone. So that was the first and now we wait for a second miracle...

When I left the darkened theater and came out into the sunny lobby I couldn't help but notice the good vibrations. My fellow theatre goers and I were smiling at each other as if we had each personally experienced something very special. This seemed reasonable, it had been an uplifting tale and a good movie. What surprised me was that when I went out on the street people were smiling at me too, and for the next couple of days it seems every where I went people were inordinately friendly. Then what really was uncanny was the various synchronicities that kept happening. A friend who was staying with me needed a ride to San Francisco (400 miles away) and another friend called out of the blue to say they were on their way to S.F. - and would be delighted to have company on the trip. Later that same day the strap on my shoes broke just as I was walking passed a store that sold shoes - and they were having a sale too! A couple of other similar things happened and not just to me but also to my friends who had seen the movie with me. They too experienced various issues in their lives clearing up nicely - miraculously! - since watching the film.

This has me wondering if perhaps the "Second Miracle" of Mother Teresa will not necessarily be some grand and obvious event but instead a series of minor miracles like the above, simple things that one person can do for another when they open their hearts. As Mother Teresa herself said, "We cannot do great things on this earth, but we can do small things with great love."

Wishing you many miracles,
And love,

Rosada, EXT 2340

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Lunar Eclipse Opens Up The Channel for Change

We've got a full Moon coming up on Friday October 18 at 7:30 p.m. The Moon will be in the I Gotta Be Me sign, Aries, while the Sun in Libra will be urging us to think about others. It's bound to be a tricky balancing act between doing what others want so they will like you and doing what you want without feeling bad. PLUS a full moon signifies that the unconscious lunar forces have reached their monthly power peak. What did you start or at least where were you back at the New Moon on October 4th? That was when you shot out an arrow of energy and over the next couple of days we will see what it attracted.The Sabian Symbol for the New Moon was an image of Miners Stopping Work - which seems amazingly appropriate considering the government shut down in force this month. The Sabian Symbol for this coming Full Moon is of A Man Possessing More Gifts Than He Can Hold. On the plus side this sounds like a wonderful sense of abundance but it could also foretell an inability to gain everything one desires, so perhaps as far as the shutdown is concerned neither side gets all they want but hopefully government comes up with some sort of workable compromise? Here at my house I'm seeing this moon manifesting as the boxes and boxes of stuff I now have piled around the living room. I've recently moved in with a friend and our combined households now really do have "more gifts than we can hold"!

This month's Full Moon has particular significance because it will be an eclipse. Eclipses are special times when the Sun/Moon/Earth are in a unique alignment creating an opportunity for change to occur. This is true for all of us but particularly if your birthday is around October 15 - 20 or April 15 - 20 this eclipse could signal a significant turning point or milestone in your life during the next six months.

Mars opposes Neptune on Saturday which could mean a showdown of some sort. Misunderstandings are likely plus there's a potential for problems with drugs, alcohol, chemicals and gasses. Also with Neptune involved there's a real possibility of lies and cover-ups. I don't mean to be melodramatic - it could just mean we should all be careful not to ignore warning signals like a gas gauge pointing to empty or a bug bite that needs salve. But it could signify something significant so do be careful, count your change and don't believe everything you hear.

Mercury will be turning retrograde next week so take care of business this week. Get new projects up and running and sign important papers before Monday, October 21.


Do affirmations work? Most definitely yes if you follow the proper procedure.

1) Start with a clear and simple statement such as, "I have a job I love and it pays me well." 
Don't worry whether this is even remotely true, just make the affirmation.

1a) Oh, and be sure to write it down. After you write down that one clear concise statement it's also a good idea to write some follow up notes like, "The hours for my job suit me perfectly," or "I work with friendly people" or whatever else you can think of. However, this is not as important as having the one clear statement you can remember and reflect on through out the day.

2) Watch for proof the affirmation is working. 
First you pronounce The Word, then that sound goes forth and resonates with everything in your universe that is on it's same wave length until enough energy has been put into the idea that it manifests. Thus in a short time you will see evidence of your affirmation. It may be something as obvious as the work you do becoming more enjoyable or it may be that new work is offered to you but usually affirmations start with only some very small changes and we must be alert to recognize them. Even if the improvement is minuscule - maybe a previously aloof co-worker happens to nod good morning - recognize the change. As you acknowledge changes - no matter how minute or far fetched - the power of your affirmation builds and the changes start happening faster.

3) Embrace the change!
Many times when we've been down we don't trust positive new possibilities and lose out because we don't take advantage of the gifts being offered. In fact, now that I write this I note the above paragraphs above about the Sabian Symbol for the up coming Full Moon being about being able to hold on to gifts - can we hold the gifts the affirmations bring us? Will we walk through the portal this coming eclipse is opening? Make a point of acting on the opportunities your affirmations bring you! If you want nice clothes and you've affirmed that you have them then when you see the cute outfit on sale don't walk by it - buy it!

I'm affirming wonderful possibilities opening up for us all this week,

Rosada, EXT 2340

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Venus in Sagittarius - Dancing with The Stars!

Venus gets tired of being the Scorpio drama queen this week and transforms into a carefree vagabond as she dances into Sagittarius. For the next four weeks she'll be urging you to travel, fall in love with foreigners and to spend your paycheck on whatever you like because Sag's philosophy knows "it's only money" after all. Be sure to enjoy this playtime because when it's over she'll be stuck in hyper-reponsible Capricorn until the end of the year.

Helpful tip: As Venus is fond of material possessions - particularly items of beauty - and Sagittarius rules travel you may find some great garage sale bargains if you're willing to leave your comfort zone and drive to a different neighborhood.

Meanwhile, mental Mercury is joining up with serious Saturn and these two will continue in close partnership for the next six weeks. Don't expect the government shut down to end anytime soon. When these two get together theirs no hugs and kisses as thoughts become dark and depressing. This needn't mean you and I need to succumb to their negativity, however. You may find you've got some serious chores that can't be ignored but put on some music and just get'er done.

Helpful tip: Mercury and Saturn are just trying to tell us the simple truth. If you find yourself starting to over react take a deep breath and count to ten - Mercury and Saturn rule math and mind games too after all.

On the lighter side, the Sun and Moon make a nice trine Monday, October 14. The Moon will be in Aquarius inspiring you to be inventive and to share your insights and of course the Sun in Libra gives you the ability to charm your way through anything. 

Bottom line, the next seven days focus responsibilities to be taken care of but if you dress with a bit of flair you needn't get bogged down in it all. If you have to deal with reality try to handle things in a straight forward efficient manner.

On another vein, I've been trying to get my mind around the metaphysical idea that not only can our present thoughts change the future - by changing our attitude we can also change the past. It's a hard concept to define in words but just for grins try sending love and forgiveness to yourself and the circumstances surrounding some past hurt or injustice. You may find your mind starts coming up with a whole new interpretation of what happened - like a positive spin occurs to you that changes everything. For example, perhaps you were teased or embarrassed as a small child. Talk to that child in your mind and tell her about all the good things that have happened to you since. Then give the exercise a rest. Check in tomorrow and see how you now remember the incident. You may find you now remember it differently and what's more, doesn't seem to matter at all! Amazing. Take it another step: if you're going through a tough time today, consider that some future you is sending you love and positive vibes. Tune in on that thought for a minute and I bet you'll find yourself actually feeling strengthened and loved.

I'm sending you good vibrations right now!

Rosada, EXT 2340

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Mars in Leo: Why Are We Here?

My mother did beautiful water color paintings but it was her wonderful Little Old Lady from Pasadena cartoons we all loved. She had a knack for capturing the essence of the senior experience and transforming it into the sweetest images. One of the favorites was of two women in a car with the lady at the wheel saying, "I'm blind as a bat, but thank heavens I can still drive!" It seems everyone could identify with that - which is actually kind of scary when you think about it! Another popular card that always got a knowing nod of agreement was a picture of a woman standing in the attic muttering, "Now what was it I came here for?" To forget why we came into a room is not an unfamiliar experience for us Baby Boomers, but seeing the card again today reminded me of how many of us feel we've somehow forgotten why we came to the planet altogether. We like to think we were born with a mission, that our existence has a purpose, a higher calling, but darned if we can remember what it is. Now some philosophers of course will claim the true purpose to life is to love and be loved. Or maybe it's to learn to forgive. But I'm talking more about concrete experiences. Did we come here primarily to teach? To work? To heal? Just what sort of cosmic contract did we sign when we agreed to manifest in a body?

Astrology looks to Mars to discover the life purpose. Mars is the planet ruling energy and ambition. Where you find your Mars will tell you what you are aiming for and how you go about getting it. Mars will also show where you need to consciously develop your courage - the area where you have the most self doubt which can only be over come by getting into the race and building your own muscles.

The first half of this month Mars is in Leo. Leo is all about the joy of just being. It rules children, creativity and the theatre. Mars here means people feel the urge to speak up, to be noticed, to feel their opinion counts. No matter whether they are right or wrong, Mars in Leo is committed to putting on a show.

Mars enters Virgo October 15th. Virgo is about refining Leo's performance. Mars here has a deliberate, cautious attitude. If a Mars in Virgo person appears wild and spontaneous you can bet it's only because they planned to be that way. Mars in Virgo came to earth to learn to slow down, get organize and perfect. "The only sin," a Virgo friend of mine once said, "Is to settle for second best."

For those of you who want to plan way ahead I will mention that Mars will be going into Libra in December. Mars the god of war in Libra, the sign of peace and harmony, is not the easiest place for the planet to be. People born with this placement often find themselves in situations where they want to create harmony but their very presence stirs up opposition. Perhaps this Christmas it would be wise to give your friends gift cards and let them choose their own gift!

I think it's interesting to note that Congress voted to shut down the government at this time of Mars being in Leo. Is it really necessary or are they just putting on a show? Hopefully this posturing wont last long. Mars entering into Virgo mid-month encourages finally getting some real work done. Also the New Moon this week is at 12 degrees Libra and highlights the Sabian Symbol of the miners emerging from a deep coal mine. I mentioned in last week's blog that this image portends work stoppages so I guess we shouldn't be surprised the shutdown happened. Unfortunately, like a miner smeared with coal, Congress will probably come out of this with a "blackened face."

Looking forward to talking to you soon - after all, that's why I'm here!

Rosada, EXT 2340