Sunday, August 27, 2017

August 30 - Moon Trine Mars and Uranus - Progress!

August 30 - circle the date! After weeks of frustrations and delays we should be seeing some major attitude adjustment coming our way in the next seven days.
Here's what's happening...

Early in the morning on Wednesday, August 30, the Moon will be connecting with a newly direct Saturn. As the Moon represents what we respond to and Saturn is the planet of harsh reality, this configuration suggests many, many people will be discarding their rose colored glasses now and seeing how things really are in the world and in their own personal lives.

For example, this aspect is happening while the worst hurricane in 500 years rages in Texas. My prediction is that harsh as this reality is, it will prove to be a blessing because it will lead us to finally recognize the reality of global warming.

Further, as this placement is in Sagittarius, the sign ruling honesty and education, we will no doubt have the true facts coming out in lots of other areas of our lives too. I have been watching videos explaining the historical significance of the monuments now being taken down. Once you know the truth behind them - how these statues are to commemorate the Confederates who killed the most Americans or who were the founders of the KKK - you are sickened that they were ever allowed to be erected in the first place. Just as no statues honoring Hitler stand in Germany and no Americans want statues of Osama Bin Laden erected in New York, we also wont continue to tolerate Robert E. Lee statues in the South when we understand the motivation behind them. But first the truth of what is going on has to be brought out before we can move forward and that is what Saturn in Sag symbolizes is happening now.

The good news is that while ordinarily it is often very disturbing to have our dirty secrets revealed, on this day - Wednesday, August 30 - there is also going to be such a positive link between the Moon and Mars and Uranus - the planets that often bring disruption - that the desire to get to the bottom of things and the relief that will come when we realize we no longer need to maintain facades, will be so overwhelming that the pain of exposure will be quickly erased with the joy of moving forward.

Of course, we always have freewill and there will be those who are not blind but still refuse to see. If you find yourself forced to be in contact with those who still maintain that the world is flat, that humans lived in the same era as dinosaurs and that there were some mighty good people amongst those marching with torches in Charlottesville, don't be discouraged. We're reaching a tipping point this fall and the truth will out!

The best attitude to adopt at this time is to maintain a smiling, optimistic attitude. Read the news reports just enough to stay informed but avoid getting addicted to the drama. Educate yourself. When you know the causes behind the flooding (global warming), the statue removal controversy (white supremacy), the pros and cons of building a wall across the Mexican border (financing drug cartels) you wont need to read endless tweets and with the time we save, we just may be able to find a way to save the world.

Enjoy your week!

Rosada, EXT 2340

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Donald Trump and The Solar Eclipse

August 21 brings us the major celestial event of 2017, the Total Solar Eclipse. It will be happening at 28 - 29 degrees Leo, exactly on Donald Trump's ascendant. Unless you've been touring a different galaxy this last week you already know the president has been in the spot light getting into trouble again, this time for refusing to condemn outright the actions of the neo-Nazi hate groups. This eclipse landing on his ascendant Monday alerts us that the outrage he's stirred up isn't going to calm down nearly as quickly as his past dramas have. In fact, as the influence of an eclipse can color events for days, weeks and months into the future we're probably going to be having more upsets that will change things forever in the days ahead.

The ascendant in an astrological chart describes a person's personality. The 28 - 29th degree of Leo here describes a leader who is seen as fiery and charismatic - someone strong willed. dominant, and full of self-confidence. Sound like Donald? It also can mean an arrogant, over-controlling despot who is resistant to change. Again, anyone we know? To add even more fuel, the eclipse will be conjuncting the fixed star Regulus which is also on Trump's ascendant. Regulus is known as "The King Maker" and when a chart has planets at the Regulus degree the native is sure to be blessed - or cursed! Blessed because Regulus bestows great wealth and power but cursed if the native doesn't use his blessings as a benefit for all and especially cursed if the native seeks revenge, in which case the blessings turn and destroy him.. I'm thinking how Trump couldn't let go of Hilary's near victory and how he still threatens to go after her. I wonder if this thirst for "revenge" has somehow tipped the karmic scales to galvanize those who oppose him and to totally up end his administration?

The effect of an eclipse doesn't necessarily show up on the exact day it occurs. The influence of an eclipse lasts for weeks - maybe for the entire year. However, as Trump has some other significant transits happening in the month ahead so we may see the predicted turmoil manifesting in just a few weeks. On September 2, the God of war, Mars, will be joining with Mercury, the messenger God, right on the degree of Trump's birth Mars. Angry words could led to a resignation - or bloodshed.

There is one bright spot in the upcoming planetary alignments. Uranus, the planet ruling change, will be in a positive position which could foretell change coming in a less disruptive manner than the Mars aspect might suggest. However it comes though, change is the only constant this month.

On a less serious note, I've been watching youtube videos about diet and feng shui. Feng shui - again for those of you only recently arriving on the planet - is the oriental art of placement. It is the study of how the arrangement of things can have an affect on our lives. Proper feng shui is said to promote the positive flow of chi - the life force - so when one has their home properly arranged and energy flows it's inevitable prosperity grows!

Good feng shui ideas for diets include the old stand-byes like eating off a smaller plate and using a larger fork, but did you know a blue plate decreases the appetite? Also, a plate with a design on it fools the eye - and the stomach! - into thinking we're eating more and thus we feel full and eat less. Disclaimer: I haven't tried these
tips myself but if you do I'd love to hear about your results!

You can reach me at 410 -750-0077.

I look forward to it!

Rosada, EXT 2340

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Venus - Pluto Opposition: Compromise is Not an Option

Each week I tell myself I'm not going to write any more about Trump but then he does something that so perfectly manifests the astrological moment I feel compelled to comment if only to keep a record as a sort of guide to the meaning of the planets for future generations. This week we've got Venus opposing Pluto creating power struggles along with a square to Jupiter which inflates and makes bigger whatever else is going on. PLUS we're heading to the once-in-a-lfetime eclipse which is making harsh aspects to both Trump's chart and the chart of the United States. It all adds up to a man having an inflated - Jupiter - idea of his abilities who consequently exposes himself to danger, and thus invites - Pluto - disaster. We're already seeing evidence of these energies in the stand-off with North Korea and the demonstration in North Carolina, but the influence of an eclipse is said to last for weeks, months, maybe an entire year. Don't expect things to calm down any time soon.

Meanwhile, in our personal lives these unusual planetary patterns are requiring us to be unusually conscious of our own priorities. Where should we place our focus? Is keeping up with the news making us informed, or keeping us immobilized like deer caught in headlights and too frightened to move?
I find it most helpful to remember anything that takes us out of our own personal purpose is a DISTRACTION. I think of the famous ancient Chinese curse, "May you live in interesting times." While this simple salutation sounds innocuous enough, it is deceptively cunning. "Interesting times" do not rouse us to action, instead they quietly hook our attention and pull us off our course - without our even noticing! How often have you meant to just check one quick thing on the internet only to fine you get sucked into meaningless side stories and wind up losing all track of your original intention? Hours go by wasted and you may never complete your task - and you don't even realize you are being manipulated. This is what's known as "interesting times" and it's going on big time in society today. We read these awful stories about crazy politicians and insane neo-Nazis, but how is spending our time reading helping?  We are being constantly bombarded news reports that seem to require our immediate attention but really they have nothing to do with us. They are distractions. This week particularly with these very difficult planetary alignments, try to focus on your own world. If there is something positive you can do politically - call your Senator for example - do it, but beware of getting caught up in just reading the horror stories.

The aspects to be particularly aware of ...

Monday, August 14. The day starts off with a very nice Moon in Taurus sextile to Venus in Cancer and a trine to Pluto in Capricorn but ends with a Moon square to the Sun. Simplicity and caution in your behavior wins the day. Proceed at your own pace and in your own way to do something of value in the world. Take it one step at a time and you will make progress without becoming dependent or obligated to others.

Tuesday, August 15. Venus opposes Pluto. Calmly continue on your course and accept what is happening so you avoid entanglements or getting caught up in mass hysteria. Venus rules balance. Be modest, moderate and self-reliant, and you will succeed in accomplishing your goal.

Wednesday, August 16. Venus squares Jupiter. Being too sure of yourself and moving ahead without caring about the consequences exposes your short comings and invites problems. Try small goals and you are more likely to succeed.

Thursday, August 17.  Moon in Gemini moving towards an opposition to Pluto. Faced with a dangerous set of circumstances, use your common sense to consciously plan ahead. Gather information you need, and then move forward gently, in a friendly way, and with extreme caution. As Gemini rules communication you may feel inspired to speak up, write your congressman or somehow let your point of view be known. If so, don't just think about it, act!

Friday, August 18. Moon opposition Pluto. What you propose to do may be risky, and the next step will take courage, resoluteness, and a new strategy. With confidence and your eyes open for potential danger, continue slowly until you succeed.

Saturday, August 19. Mars sextile Jupiter. You may be close to your goal. Consider what worked well and what did not. Continue to proceed with caution.

Over all we see the week ahead is one where we are being guided to be friendly and aware but also to act.

There are those who make things happen, those who let things happen and those who ask, "Uh, what happened?" This is the week to find out which one is you.

You can cal me for a reading at 410 -750 -0077.

Awake and Aware,

Rosada, EXT 2340

Monday, August 7, 2017

The Tower of Babel in The Era of Trump and The Internet

Genesis tells a story of the descendants of Noah becoming very smart after the flood because now there is only one language. All human beings can now understand each other and thus they can combine their knowledge - and figure out how to do all sorts of things that aren't necessarily in keeping with God's intention for mankind. In fact, they decided to build a tower in the land of Babel to connect with heaven and thus become as powerful as God Himself! However, God gets wind of the idea and doesn't approve. Indeed, he destroys the tower and scatters the people all over the earth so their language evolves in different ways and eventually they can no longer understand each other at all and the word "babel" comes to be synonymous with confusion.

Fast forward to the present. I recently read where Mark Zukerburg, the fellow who launched Facebook, has expressed regret that this miraculous site he thought would be a vehicle for bringing the world together in love, has instead spawned a culture encouraging people to write and post the most vicious hateful things imaginable. Like the people of Babel with their tower, the internet has created a way for everyone to communicate - but without spiritual awareness. We can all now speak the same language - but we don't have the sense to use our gift of gab as the creator intended. Indeed, the internet with it's constant images of violence has become an abomination working in total opposition to the will of any loving God. Sooo... how will God stop this scourge? In ancient times He simply destroyed the tower and language became scrambled and words no longer held meaning. Will He do the same thing today? Maybe He already has...

Enter Donald Trump. Interesting isn't it that Trump is known for his tower? Could Trump Tower be a modern day Tower of Babel - a gold monstrosity and an affront to all who believe in the value of modesty and humility? Now consider Trump himself. What is he most famous for? His daily tweets that have no relation to reality! What effect is this having on our society? It used to be that we honored someone who "kept his word" - now our country's leader shames such people for being "disloyal." His spokesperson claims there is no difference between truth and lies, saying there are only "alternative facts"! Where is this all heading? Will words come to no longer have meaning? Is this God's solution - that words become so disconnected from reality that we lose all faith in them and thus lose the ability to use them to make threats or design weapons? If that is indeed what's happening, if Trump's trash talk and threats encourage vulgarity to become so common place that hateful words no longer incite violence, then I guess that's a good thing but at what cost? If words no longer have meaning then they won't be able to be used to share ideas or make plans or create love either. It's hard to believe this is happening but the parallels to the ancient Biblical tale seem too obvious to ignore.

Time will tell. The full Moon solar eclipse on Monday August 7 symbolizes dark truths coming to light in the weeks ahead.

Keep calm and keep your word.

Rosada, EXT 2340