Sunday, August 27, 2017

August 30 - Moon Trine Mars and Uranus - Progress!

August 30 - circle the date! After weeks of frustrations and delays we should be seeing some major attitude adjustment coming our way in the next seven days.
Here's what's happening...

Early in the morning on Wednesday, August 30, the Moon will be connecting with a newly direct Saturn. As the Moon represents what we respond to and Saturn is the planet of harsh reality, this configuration suggests many, many people will be discarding their rose colored glasses now and seeing how things really are in the world and in their own personal lives.

For example, this aspect is happening while the worst hurricane in 500 years rages in Texas. My prediction is that harsh as this reality is, it will prove to be a blessing because it will lead us to finally recognize the reality of global warming.

Further, as this placement is in Sagittarius, the sign ruling honesty and education, we will no doubt have the true facts coming out in lots of other areas of our lives too. I have been watching videos explaining the historical significance of the monuments now being taken down. Once you know the truth behind them - how these statues are to commemorate the Confederates who killed the most Americans or who were the founders of the KKK - you are sickened that they were ever allowed to be erected in the first place. Just as no statues honoring Hitler stand in Germany and no Americans want statues of Osama Bin Laden erected in New York, we also wont continue to tolerate Robert E. Lee statues in the South when we understand the motivation behind them. But first the truth of what is going on has to be brought out before we can move forward and that is what Saturn in Sag symbolizes is happening now.

The good news is that while ordinarily it is often very disturbing to have our dirty secrets revealed, on this day - Wednesday, August 30 - there is also going to be such a positive link between the Moon and Mars and Uranus - the planets that often bring disruption - that the desire to get to the bottom of things and the relief that will come when we realize we no longer need to maintain facades, will be so overwhelming that the pain of exposure will be quickly erased with the joy of moving forward.

Of course, we always have freewill and there will be those who are not blind but still refuse to see. If you find yourself forced to be in contact with those who still maintain that the world is flat, that humans lived in the same era as dinosaurs and that there were some mighty good people amongst those marching with torches in Charlottesville, don't be discouraged. We're reaching a tipping point this fall and the truth will out!

The best attitude to adopt at this time is to maintain a smiling, optimistic attitude. Read the news reports just enough to stay informed but avoid getting addicted to the drama. Educate yourself. When you know the causes behind the flooding (global warming), the statue removal controversy (white supremacy), the pros and cons of building a wall across the Mexican border (financing drug cartels) you wont need to read endless tweets and with the time we save, we just may be able to find a way to save the world.

Enjoy your week!

Rosada, EXT 2340

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