Sunday, December 28, 2014

New Years Predictions for 2015

What a great year we have ahead! The tides are turning and the world is awakening! 
2015 is a power number meaning the digits add up to 8, the number indicating grand achievement. Where will it manifest in your life? The planetary transits tell where to look:

The Sun's position shows where we shine. This week the Sun is in Capricorn, the sign of official duties so those following proper protocol will get special recognition . This means don't delay in sending out your ThankYou notes for gifts received over the holidays. Performing this ritual now while the Sun is in Capricorn will make an especially strong positive impression.

The Moon's position touches off emotional reactions. This week the Moon starts out in Aries so we may be particularly bold and energetic but also feisty and competitive Sunday and Monday. Tuesday things calm down a bit when the Moon enters Taurus and makes a lovely trine to the Sun. You could have the house back in shape and be enjoying a blissfully peaceful evening by Tuesday night if you care to catch this wave.

Mercury creates activity in whatever area of life it's visiting. In Capricorn Mercury is telling us how we can be more organized and efficient. Your ideas this week may be all about how you can simplify your routine and streamline responsibilities. 

Venus is The Law of Attraction personified. The house and sign she is visiting tell us what we can most easily manifest at this time. Venus is in Capricorn until mid January meaning she's happy to give us practical gifts and may not supply us with money if we're intending to blow it on frivolities. Long term investments are what's favored.

Mars indicates where the high energy is buzzing. This week Mars is in Aquarius, the sign of freedom and independence. We'll feel he's support if we decided to make changes, move the furniture around and get out of old ruts.

Jupiter encourages travel, enlarging the boundaries. In Leo this week he's encouraging us to be more outgoing - to let our inner child stand up and cheer.

When we consider these five planets a definite pattern emerges that effects all of us no matter what our individual birth charts signify. To recap - we have the Sun, Mercury and Venus all in Capricorn putting a special emphasis on organization and tradition, while Mars is in Aquarius opposing Jupiter in Leo suggesting a bit of a tug of war between the inner urge to be creative and outgoing, and the outer world looking to reward the more stable and predictable among us. You can harmonize these seemingly conflicting energies by surrounding yourself with the most supportive encouraging people you know. Then let your creative light shine. The people who matter will love you for it.

New Year's Day comes Thursday January 1st. There's a strong possibility of over doing it on New Year's Eve when the Moon in pleasure seeking Taurus is squaring no-limits Jupiter along with reckless Mars. If you intend to drink this would  be the time to have a designated driver.

Saturn is at the first degrees of Sagittarius - a terrific influence for composing some New Year's Resolutions we'll actually stick with.

Happy New Year,

Rosada, EXT 2340

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Saturn Leaves Scorpio - Enters Sagittarius. The Sky's The Limit!

The planet Saturn is the physical manifestation of the God Saturn, the one who rules time and space and manifestation. 

Without Saturn, the God Jupiter would just keep making promises but nothing would ever come of them. People who have weak Saturn connections in their charts tend to have lots of ideas and good intentions but they're unable to get their acts together. Time slips by for these folks. Without Saturn they miss deadlines and they don't pay their bills. On the other hand, those who have strong Saturn aspects are rewarded for their dedication to duty and while they may get accused of being overly practical or too rigid, these souls tend to get what they're after because of their ability to keep agreements and follow the rules. 

This week Saturn is making himself felt in our lives as he is changing signs and thus creating a sense that the rules and routines are changing. To understand what this means let us first consider Saturn in the sign it is leaving, Scorpio:
Scorpio is the sign of power and control, secrets and hidden things. Scorpio natives are famous for their self-control and their ability to keep their opinions to themselves. They silently watch while those around them carelessly let it all hang out. Saturn in this sign these last three years has put a limit to that and caused hidden things, vague rumors, to gain attention until finally guilty secrets are no longer able to stay in the dark. As Scorpio rules intense situations, life and death issues, it is fitting that during the last couple of years the public has learned much more about how our government works - particularly things those in power would have preferred to have kept secret. However, since Saturn rules commitments and our government is set up with the commitment that The People have the right to know, Saturn in Scorpio enforces that these commitments will be fulfilled. Saturn at the very last degrees of Scorpio where it has been this last week has really put the pressure on people in authority to bring out the truth. Thus we are finally getting the truth about the United States government's policy on torture. 

Many people are experiencing truths coming out in their personal lives this week. I have received an unusual amount of callers concerned with wanting to heal relationships. Perhaps that is part of the Christmas spirit but I also sense that we are recognizing on a major global scale that we just don't want to continue carrying hurts and bad feelings - whether it's between nations or family members - on into the new year. This could be due to Saturn leaving Scorpio going into Sagittarius on Tuesday December 23 and saying, "The hurt stops here, time to travel forward" 

The question is, can we just say, "Oops, some bad things happened but that's all behind us so let's not talk about it, let's just move on"? We may be recognizing we cannot go back and undo the sins of the past and Saturn at 0 Sagittarius is a wonderful opportunity for a Karma-Clean fresh start, but still if we do not recognize the wrongs of history are we not bound to repeat them? Saturn will be turning retrograde and going back into Scorpio this spring and it won't be full speed ahead into Sagittarius until next fall. I think this is a strong omen that all the national issues we've been dealing with this year that the government would prefer to sweep under the carpet, particularly police and military abuse, are NOT going to be allowed to just be considered yesterday's news. Until the whole truth is fully brought out and dealt with, Saturn (limits) in Sagittarius (travel) is going to hold us back.

In our personal lives this Saturn sign change can portend some very positive things. It will be very helpful for those wanting to adopt a simpler (Saturn) philosophy (Sagittarius) and to create lives with less distraction and more focus on what's really important. Because Saturn rules practical usefulness and Sagittarius rules religion, the combination could bring about significant insights into how to make religious beliefs really work. I believe more and more people will be recognizing The Law of Attraction - that what we focus our attention on we make manifest - and putting it into practice. We may stumble around with it a bit for the first 6 months of 2015 but I think by Christmas next year we'll have figured out how to make the harsh rules of Saturn work for us.

But why wait? Start now. As Saturn leaves the turmoil of Scorpio put your house in order, you know what's needed and what to ask for. There is no need to be anxious or try too hard. Saturn says slow and steady wins the day. And when Saturn enters Sag for Christmas Thursday, recognize how the simple pleasures of good friends and good conversation make everything merry and bright! A wonderful starting point for future growth!

Merry Christmas,
Rosada, EXT 2340

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Mercury into Capricorn - Venus Conjunct Pluto in Capricorn - Uranus Direct in Aries: Enlightenment For The Masses.

Everything is about to change - in fact it has already but this is the week we see it on a global scale.

Individually we have all been struggling this last year with questions about who can we trust? Whether it's about our government, our jobs or our relationships, we've all had to experience the massive Pluto square Uranus shake-up somewhere in our lives. Things have reached the tipping point now as Saturn comes to the end of Scorpio meaning long hidden realities coming to the surface and can no longer be ignored.

 Perhaps this is the meaning of Enlightenment. I used to think Enlightenment meant a ball of light would descend upon me like it does on characters in movies making me suddenly wise and all knowing. I used to pray for it and tried all sorts of odd rituals - fasting, chanting, etc. - hoping to finally achieve this ultimate blessing. Now however I believe Enlightenment is not a special insight given to the favored few, but a state of knowingness that comes to all of us in time. Each day we learn something new. Maybe just something simple, like where to buy shoes, but with each new fact we integrate, we are less in the dark about our world and therefore more enlightened. As we open ourselves up to more experience we can tolerate, understand, forgive more and thus become more and more able to see the truth. I say "able" because what's been holding the process up all these lifetimes is that while really we have always been able to see the truth - we  have also been afraid to. Who wants to  realize that Daddy or the Boss or the President doesn't know any better than we do when our very lives depend on them? It takes courage to become enlightened. Fairytales led us to believe enlightenment would mean we would see the good in everything but now this year with all the dramas of the Pluto / Uranus squares we're realizing Enlightenment means not seeing rosy vistas but seeing things exactly as they are. So, are we strong enough to take it? This week we'll find out.

I say things have already changed because the light reaching our planet now left the stars eons ago. What we are experiencing today was scripted back at the time of The Big Bang of creation before time began. We have been waking up to this slowly but in the next seven days we'll see the scales tipping from being a universe in which the majority of people are asleep to one where enough people are awake to turn this shared experience around from a ride down hill in a hand basket to a consciously created flight on a magic carpet.

You can join the Awakened Ones. Here's what you need to do to help yourself wake up:

Making conscious choices is the quickest, surest way to awakening. Don't be afraid of making a wrong choice, the Universe won't let you get too far off track without giving you an opportunity to chose again. But if you just say, "I'll have what she's having" you never learn, never grow, never awaken to the power you hold.

To help you get clear about choices, Mercury, the God of communication is leaving visionary Sagittarius and going into realistic Capricorn Tuesday evening December 16. This means that for the next month or so the Universe is going to take your instructions completely literally. So be careful. If you say, "I'm feeling blue" you may actually spill blue paint on yourself (Cancel! Cancel!)! Mercury in Capricorn also makes it easy - unavoidable in fact - for us to recognize how our thoughts/words result in manifestation and thus this helps us to recognize how our thoughts are creating this world we live in.

On Saturday December 20, Venus, the Goddess of feelings, confronts Pluto, the God of death and transformation. This is the cut off point. Feelings won't lie. Relationships that are founded on truth transform into something even better. Partnerships that were based on falsehoods and manipulation will crash and burn. Government officials and their spin doctors will have no place to hide.

The major new beginning starts when Uranus turns direct in Aries on Sunday December 21 which is also the day of the New Moon and the Winter Solstice. Our awareness of our own inner feelings and thus our own inner guidance becomes strong enough for us to follow with confidence. This could spell trouble for dictators as now only the leaders who can hear and follow their inner/higher guidance will be trusted. Those stuck in the lower vibrations of greed and fear and those who numbly follow orders from the outside will fall into insignificance.

The hard news is the December 21 New Moon and the Winter Solstice both happening at 0 Capricorn creates a sense of starting at the bottom, but the good news is all of us eventually find ourselves at the top.

Fasten your seat belts, it's going to be one heck of a sleigh ride,

Rosada, EXT 2340

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Jupiter Retrograde in Leo - Is The Party Over Already?

Jupiter is called The Greater Benefic (Venus is known as The Lesser Benefic), and he is the god whose understanding is so vast and his contacts so wide that he can disentangle any problem you bring to him. Especially if you are feeling a sense of lack, a talk with Jupiter will cause you to recognize the wealth of goods and opportunities surrounding you. Currently Jupiter is in Leo where he's been having a grand time trining with Venus this last ten days or so and thus encouraging folks to enjoy holiday parties and to ignore the heavier problems in our lives and in the world and to just focus on being thankful for what is working right. Jupiter brings a feeling of protection and a sense that it's not wrong to enjoy oneself even when times are tough. So it was a great line up of planets for Thanksgiving and the first week of Christmas celebrating. However, this is all about to change...

On Monday December 8 Jupiter will stop his forward movement in Leo and turn retrograde for the next four months. This "backing up" means Jupiter is putting the brakes on expansion while in the sign of Leo fun. Thus we're entering a prolonged period where having a good time doesn't automatically mean "anything goes". Indeed, as ultimately Jupiter is going to be squaring Saturn - although this won't be exact until next fall - there is an underlying awareness building that we just don't enjoy wasting anything anymore. Whether it's spending money on overpriced Christmas presents or allowing Congress to squander our tax dollars, we're entering a period where we just aren't going to be so gullible about giving.

Personally this sense of pulling back could manifest in people not being able to be as spontaneous as they may want to be. Weekend get aways that used to simply be a matter of putting gas in the car may now require planning with babysitters and motel reservations. People particularly affected by this planet - that is those who have planets at 22 degrees of Leo or any fixed sign - could even experience freak accidents especially if they're being care-free to the point of care-less. The tolerant guardian angel is saying no more free rides, wake up and pay attention!

Ultimately this Jupiter turning retrograde is a signal that it's time for us to be more conscious of how our Leo urge to be creative actually works. If in the past we found eating a big breakfast made the day better, now we may be realizing eating big only makes us feel good when we eat the right foods. So Jupiter retrograde doesn't mean the fun stops here, it just cautions that more isn't always best and lasting happiness often requires a bit of holding back and planning. 

Speaking of Jupiter and creating happiness, I recently read about a study I thought deserved wider attention. The experimenters wanted to see if it really is more blessed to give than to receive. They got together a group of people and asked them to evaluate their feelings on a scale of 1 to 10, I meaning gloomy and 10 being joyous. The average response was 7. They gave each of the people $20 and asked them to spend the money on themselves. They then got together a second group and again the average response to the happiness question was 7. They gave each of the people in this group $20 but instructed these folks to spend $5 on themselves and $15 on someone else. At the end of the day they retested the groups and the findings were significant. The group who spent the money on themselves still scored 7 on the happiness scale. The money they had been given just sort of got absorbed into their daily budget, maybe they paid a bill, maybe that bought a latte, but the purchases didn't lift their spirits particularly. However, when the group who was to spend their money on others - a few dollars to the homeless, a fun gift for a friend etc. - when they took the happiness test again this time their new score went from 7 to a solid 8! Giving to others raises the happiness level a measurable 10%! 

So if you want to do something to lift your spirits and improve your luck, follow the lesson of Jupiter retrograde in Leo squaring Saturn: don't just blow your resources on yourself- seek some creative way of giving!

You look like the Good Karma Kid to me!

Rosada, EXT 2340