Sunday, June 25, 2017

Mars Opposition Pluto: Security Alert!

I had intended to write about the blessings and abundance foretold by the continuing Mars-Neptune trine in effect this week, but when I began to research the current line up of planets I realized this mildly inspirational aspect is being overshadowed by some heavy duty Mercury and Pluto shenanigans that need to be addressed first. Mars and Neptune are still inspiring hopes and visions for the future but we mustn't ignore the harsh realities taking center stage over the next seven days:

Tuesday, June 27, trickster Mercury squares expansive Jupiter and then trines  imaginative Neptune. Some possibly wonderful opportunities could manifest but remember the old saying, "If something appears too good to be true, it probably is." I recommend you use this aspect to indulge in short term pleasantries such as listening to good music, visiting an art gallery or an antique shop and possibly discovering some delightful treasure - but if you're being asked to make a major investment decision wait another week when the planets will offer more than pipe dreams.

Wednesday, June 28, Mercury will conjunct Mars. Mercury is communication and Mars rules fast fire energy. This could simply mean everyone is thinking quickly but the pugnacious nature of Mars makes the possibility of angry words more likely. The Moon also opposes deceitful Neptune on this day so liars and con artists could promise more than they intend to deliver.

Thursday June 29, offers a mixed bag. In the morning we have the Moon making a very friendly trine to lovable Venus but by nightfall all bets are off when Mercury opposes Pluto. Schedule important meetings for the a.m. and try to get signatures on paper before people start changing their minds later in the day.

Friday, Saturday and next Sunday, June 30 - July 1, are all under the threat of the Mars opposition Pluto stand off. Tension builds and something's got to give. I'm trying to avoid focusing on the current political dramas but this week's line up of planets makes me think the false promises and secrecy we've recently seen around our government's moves and manipulations are going to explode with force over the next ten days. For each of us personally I think now's the time we're going to have to face situations and difficulties we may have been trying to ignore. Put your attention on areas where strong physical activity will pay off - like weeding the front lawn or exercising - and avoid notorious trouble spots.

Okay, you've been warned. Now let's talk about something more upbeat. Many times callers ask about romance and the tarot cards certainly have plenty to say about that! If you are wanting to create more joy and love in your life one of the most powerful and easiest things you can do to manifest this, is to surround yourself with images of joy and love. If you have a deck of tarot cards - or even just a regular deck of playing cards - pull out these ones whose symbols are meant to activate your inner cupid:

The Ten of Hearts. Many hearts means many loves. Put this card out where you'll see it - like on your bathroom mirror - and before long you'll find yourself thinking about all the loving connections you have in your life. As you remember family and old friends you then miraculously find yourself connecting with new friends in your current life. You start to recognize the role of The Loving Mother once played by your birth mother is now being channeled by a neighbor or someone else in your present environment and once you see this you can build on it. Remembering past boyfriends can facilitate recognizing similar possibilities here and now.

The Queen of Clubs. You might have thought the Queen of Hearts would be a stronger symbol for attracting romance but the Queen of Hearts is actually known for being a bit of a bitch. ("Off with their heads!" is her famous line from Alice Through the Looking Glass) The Queen of Clubs however, is a strong kind woman who attracts the best people. Strengthen your inner Queen of Clubs!

The Ace of Spades. This image attracts a fresh start. It programs your unconscious to allow in totally unexpected new love and adventure. Powerful!

Finally, I get results with burning candles. Red candles are for making you more aware of the love in your world. Light one and let it burn for several hours. If it's going to do anything for you, you should see results right away - like within a few days or a week.

I hope you'll try these suggestions and let me know what happens!

Rosada, EXT 2340

Sunday, June 18, 2017

New Moon in Cancer - Healing Broken Hearts

  This Friday, June 23, the new Moon will be in Cancer, the sign ruling the emotions both good and bad and putting the spotlight on all the ways we can nourish ourselves to get past emotional blocks to be able to love again. Therefore today I'm going to write about what I so often find the cards are telling callers when they have questions about how to survive loss and disappointment.

First of all, there are certain cards that always seem to appear when there has been heartache in a relationship:
The Five of Cups, the Five of Swords, and the Two of Pentacles. When I see these cards come up i know there's been some sad misunderstandings in the caller's life.

The Five of Cups is a picture of a woman obviously grieving as she looks at three Cups that have spilled while behind her are two full Cups she doesn't notice. The number Five represents change and Cups rule emotions so obviously there has been a change in the emotions that has created deep distress. The advice from this card is that one must find a way to stop the focus on the negative Cups that have spilled, in order to to see positive opportunities, the Cups that are full - and they are close by right there just waiting to be noticed! Even if you have not called me for a reading or gotten the Five of Cups, the message from this card can be helpful to anyone trying to elevate their emotional state and that message is, "You must stop focusing on the negative. When you do you automatically attract more and more reason to feel bad. You actually strengthen your ability to see the worst in any situation! When you refuse to give attention/energy to those situations they will automatically shrink and no longer have a role in your life story. Focus on what is positive and be amazed at how quickly good things appear."

The Five of Swords is depicted as the aftermath of a battle. A victor wearing a nasty grin holds three swords as he leers at two vanquished opponents. Again Five means change and the Sword suit represents mental energy so drawing this card indicates someone has changed their mind possibly due to a situation where they felt pressured. If this card came up in a reading about relationships it's likely there was an actual quarrel. The advice from this card is that some powerful destructive forces have been involved here and most likely people lost their tempers and that such a response - anger with anger - never gets us anywhere. I think of the poem, "A person convinced against their will is of the same opinion still." As the Swords rule the mind the advice that comes with this card is to calm down until we can think clearly again.

The Two of Pentacles actually has a rather benign looking image. It's  of a dancer hopping from one foot to the other while he juggles two balls in the air. Pictures can be deceiving, however, and unfortunately this one conceals a sad truth. In a question about partnership the two globes represent the two people and while their worlds gaily circle around each other, they never mesh together and become one world. In a reading, especially when one is wondering if the relationship will ever result in a deeper commitment, receiving this card is a warning not expect more than a light-hearted fling.

So those are some of the biggest problems we see coming up in card readings about love and relationships: Focusing on the past when it's time to look to the new, trying to talk when we're too angry to listen, and foolishly hoping a relationship will be something more than it is. The healing advice is don't dwell on the past, wait till you're calm to talk about any difficulties, and don't expect more than is realistically possible.

The good news is Venus will be trining Pluto on Saturday, June 24 - a very positive omen for the rejuvenation of love and romance. So vow to let old hurts go this week and next week we'll focus on opening up to blessings and abundance.

Family First!

Rosada, EXT 2340

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Psychic Impressions of The Week Ahead.

Lots of traffic in the stars this week will keep us busy running here and there and everywhere. Mercury in Gemini brings us messages from all over on Tuesday, June 13. First a jolly tine to Jupiter but then a confusing square to Neptune. Lots of happy talk but none of it may have much substance. Assume you're hearing alternative facts till we see what comes out on June 15, when a Sun-Saturn opposition means the truth will not be hid. If you've been faking it till you make it this is your cut-off date to keep promises and live up to responsibilities before your reputation gets set in stone. If you are feeling you've taken on more than you can carry now's a good time to bow out gracefully.
Neptune turns retrograde on Friday, June 16. Neptune rules visions, dreams and areas of our lives that we're not  consciously aware of. Say special prayer on this day and be amazed by a powerful response.

Monday, June 12. Moon square Uranus. Off on the wrong foot?
 You need more information, understanding before attempting a major step forward. At this time stick to conventional ways of doing things and seek only modest gains. Be cautious, and pay attention to detail!

Tuesday, June 13. Mercury trine Jupiter. Mercury square Neptune. Ideas bouncing off the walls..
Stay calm and be willing to wait until you can see clearly which way to go in order to reach your goal. Be modest and limit yourself to what ever you can realistically achieve. Look for reliable people to assist you.

Wednesday, June 14. Moon sextile Saturn. Moon sextile Uranus. Nice and easy does it.
If you have been too proud or overconfident today is the day you are in danger of running into difficulties. Take precautions, and plan your steps very carefully. Pay attention to small and seemingly insignificant details.

Thursday, June 15. Sun opposition Saturn. TIME OUT!
This day we all need to be extremely cautions in words and actions and maybe even in just our all powerful thoughts. Not the time to try to force your way into anything. Better to be patient and hold back for now. Enjoy life, be confident, and wait for a more auspicious time to proceed.

Friday, June 16. Neptune turns retrograde. Angels walk among us.
 To continue progressing toward your goal, ask for the assistance of the higher beings. You will recognize them in your friends with the honest hearts and creative minds. Listen for and be open to follow their guidance. Express your appreciation.

Saturday, June 17. Moon enters Aries, heads to a square with Mars, then Pluto and finally a conjunction with Uranus­čś▒
OMG - keep a low profile and zip your lip. The temptation to spill your guts and tell it like it is may be vastly amusing over a few glasses of wine, but will you still love me tomorrow?

Have a great week,

Rosada, EXT 2340

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Jupiter Turning Direct - Ask and It Shall Be Given Unto You!

Blessings and lollipops this week folks! Turn up the volume and hear the good news!

Venus is moving in to her home sign of Taurus on Tuesday, June 6, and a couple of hours later Mercury is entering his home sign, Gemini. Time to talk, to enrich one another and learn from each other as we combine for mutual benefit. Great and good things happen when people freely share ideas! This good fortune combination doesn't mean everyone necessarily agrees. It's more like people realize it doesn't matter if everyone agrees. The important thing is people feel they can share their view points this week even when others don't agree at all.

The daily planets go like this:

Monday June 5. The week gets off to a slow start. You may be tempted to drift without focus so take this heads up. Things are going to get very busy very soon and you must use your time to get organized. Be prepared!

Tuesday June 6. The excitement begins. It's time to put your talent and wisdom and resources to work for the greater whole. If you're not directly involved in the political state of the world just now, don't waste your time obsessing about Trump. Real opportunities are opening up and you don't want to miss out!

Wednesday June 7 The Moon enters Sagittarius in the mid-afternoon and Jupiter turns direct. Think big even if you can only give small. Sincere gestures are appreciated.

Thursday June 8. The Moon in makes a positive connection with Jupiter and Neptune today. A wonderful sign line up for blessing and spiritual insight.

Friday June 9 The Moon first meets limiting Saturn but then breaks free with a wake up call from Uranus. Get work and chores completed early and then enjoy an exciting, unexpected rest of the afternoon.

Saturday June 10. The Moon trines Venus -  a promise - a guarantee! - of good fortune for those who refuse to get side tracked. 

 The planets for this week are all encouraging so let's accentuate the positive!

Thanks for reading,

Rosada, EXT 2340