Sunday, December 25, 2011

20. Judgement - Rise and Shine!

The Judgement card shows Gabriel blowing his horn and men women and children all rising from their graves. The card signifies rebirth and renewal. I swear I didn't plan this ahead of time - but what a grand card to be our focus this week as we end 2011 and look forward to a rebirth of positive intentions and opportunities coming in the new year!

Judgement is associated with the planet Pluto, the planet ruling death and rebirth, particularly the rebirth of faith. Although we like to think we always believe in something higher, something greater than the mundane world of work and routine, in reality many of us have forgotten our spiritual mission. When The Judgement card  appears in our reading it's calling, "It's not too late! Awaken!"  

With January first - the time for making New Year's Resolutions - right around the corner, let's intend our study of Judgement to guide us to evaluate our past decisions, particularly in terms of forgiving self and others.

Note the river flowing in the background. It is the same stream we first connected with at the very beginning of our journey with The High Priestess card, suggesting some sort of awareness of a stream of consciousness connecting us all.

If you are doing a reading for another and Judgement comes up you probably are dealing with someone who has had a recent "awakening." Perhaps they are seeing a common thread connecting their past experiences and recognizing how their own attitudes and actions have created their current situation. Advise them they are at a point where they can make some life changing decisions. All the pieces are coming together and their Judgement will be particularly clear at this time. If they need further guidance, suggest they 
reconsider forgotten ambitions and the possibility of renewal.

Bottom line:  It's time for fresh starts and new beginnings! Meditate on this card and make some powerful affirmations for the New Year!

Rosada, EXT 2340

Sunday, December 18, 2011

19. The Sun - The Time to Be Happy is Now.

Last week the Pisces card, The Moon, pictured lots of strange omens with no understanding of what they all meant: a landscape of confusion and uncertainty. This week's card, The Sun depicts the magical moment when this scary realm of darkness and dreams suddenly becomes decipherable. Like the sun rising in the morning bringing light, The Sun card's appearance in a reading reassures us that fresh insights will dissolve old fears and we can be happy again taking life one day at a time.

We have seen this pattern of highs and lows, darkness and then light several times now:

 The Fool starts out high, literally. He is on a mountain top but being oblivious to his surroundings it appears he is about to stumble over the edge of a cliff and fall to the bottom. The next cards describe his journey to  return to the mountain top, which he finally does in card 9 only by then he is no longer an unconscious fool, but now he is The Hermit - the wise one who has made the ascent fully conscious - fully aware of where he is and what it took to get there..

Notice, however, The Hermit is not the last card in the deck. Life does not stop just because one reaches a goal. Even though The Hermit describes a man who has made his ascent wisely and without folly, the next card, The Wheel of Fortune, shows fortunes change, what seemed like an upper now becomes a downer. The Hermit does not fall off the mountain as The Fool may have, but most likely comes to decide "It's lonely at the top."  Or perhaps achievements are forgotten as the soul seeks new challenge. The next several cards describe these ups and downs, particularly Temperance - the joy of creating - The Devil - the boredom that sets in when the creation is complete and The Tower - the shake up of the status quo that leads to The Star, and the hope for a new life but then The Moon, the fear that we don't know how we'll be in this new life, we're back to being Fools again...

So up and down, up and down...Ultimately - after repeating this cycle for about a zillion lifetimes - the realization kicks in that it is not the destination that is is important, it's the joy in the journey. Or as The Sun illustrates, it's finding the joy in each moment. 

The Sun has a beautiful baby as it's symbol. What a grand card to be focusing on this week as we approach the birthday of baby Jesus!

Merry Christmas Everyone,

Rosada, EXT 2340

Sunday, December 11, 2011

18. The Moon - Naughty or Nice?

Card 18. The Moon, features a scowling full moon, a howling wolf, a dog and a creepy crayfish crawling out of the primordial goo. Scary and disgusting - definitely the opposite in feeling from last week's cheery Star card! The sequence is telling us that when you have a vision, a dream, a Star to follow for the future, well then you you can dare to open your eyes a little bit wider and actually see how yucky things are in the present - for make no mistake, The Moon predicts a difficult circumstance. Yet it's a good card too. The Moon card appears when we are recovering from major changes (The Tower) and although we may have a clue as to where we want to go next (The Star) we aren't sure yet how to proceed. The path ahead seems poorly lit - the light coming from the full moon is not direct light -the wolf and the dog have strong instincts but we don't understand them, and that crayfish looks just plain weird. So guidance from the outer world is unreliable and The Moon card says you can't trust it! The Moon advises relying on your psychic intuition and warns against getting caught up in fear about the way things may appear to be. 

To understand this card a bit better let's look at the sequence of the past few cards:

15. The Devil with the bodies chained in slavery could represent someone feeling trapped. I think of a child born in poverty with no way out.

16. The Lightening Struck Tower means something happening to shake up that situation.  The child may be removed from his home and placed in foster care, thus giving him a lightening flash of insight into a better world.

17. The Star is the feeling of hopefulness - the child sees this better life and vows to make it his own.

18. If you don't know how to deal with a problem ultimately you'll try to ignore it. We saw this in the Ignorance is bliss!" attitude in the Fool. However, if you feel confident that what you are on the inside is stronger than anything you see on the outside - well, then you open your eyes and fearlessly recognize the truth. I think of the Bible quotation, "Yea though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I shall fear no evil, for Thou art with me." The vision of something greater being possible gives one the courage to see things as they are now. So if in the past one has been in denial because it would have been unbearable to admit how truly precarious, unreliable and just plain messed up their life path had been, now after the experience of hope and faith being instilled with The Star, one can look at their world around them and see it for what it is and not feel afraid. So The Moon card actually means seeing the unpleasant truths, things like security is an illusion and there are no guarantees. Can we handle knowing this? Can we handle knowing the truth - that everything is in a state of flux? that is seeing all the instability and deception we didn't dare allow ourselves to see before. We can do this successfully if we have a sense of hope or inner purpose, or a strong sense of who we are. Without that anchor, however, The Moon describes a very dangerous situation - knowing too much.

When The Moon appears in a reading it portends there is some sort of deception going on. Let it be your cue to give your client a pep talk about ignoring what the world tells them they should believe and trusting their own inner knowingness.

Trying to fit this card in with the days ahead with Christmas around the corner, this is probably a good reminder to ignore all the advertisements out there threatening us that if we don't buy what they tell us Christmas will flop. The Moon says that's all lies and deception and that the inner spirit of Christmas will prevail no matter what!

Meanwhile it just occurred to me I've been wracking my brain trying to figure out what my grandson would like under the tree. Now, I just realized, I already know darn well what he wants - he wants this creepy crayfish dinosaur robot! I've been resisting his wish because I think it's disgusting but maybe this card is an omen, a prompting from my inner knowingness to ignore what I think and get the kid what he wants. Yeah, that feels about right and with the Moon card your feelings are the only thing you can trust!


Rosada, EXT 2340

Sunday, December 4, 2011

17. The Star - Wisemen Follow It

Card 17. The Star is the card of hope and it comes when we need it most! We've experienced 12. Hanging, 13. Death, 15. Bondage and 16.Catastrophe in the last five cards. Even 14.Temperance,  the card with the angel tossing ideas about could only offer as much relief as our own belief system would permit. But now 17. The Star appears to tell us that when things are at their worst, when everything has fallen to pieces, we find we are in our best position ever! No more dragging around that long tail of disappointments and unkept promises. No more trying to figure out what we should have done differently. The Star says "Today is the first day of the rest of your life! Make a wish - then follow the lead that comes to you." The Star's appearance means we are now truly ready to let go and let God.

How does this manifest in real life? My experience has been that when it comes to miracles and blessings we only acknowledge the really big stuff and disregard the little ones that are even more important for helping us stay on our path. We think if angels are real they'll give us something huge - winning lottery numbers! - and we discount every day miracles like green lights and parking places. And so we forget to acknowledge our angels, we forget we can call on them, we try to manage everything from our own limited understanding until inevitably something catastrophic happens like losing a home or health issues. Suddenly we realize we cannot control ANYTHING, that we must trust in Life for EVERYTHING. By recognizing that even the tiniest bits of good fortune are not of our doing, but come by Grace, then at last we appreciate even the smallest gifts we are given. To Appreciate means to make more of something. In times of crisis sometimes it seems like there aren't even the smallest blessings but then something comes along, maybe just an unexpected dab of toothpaste left in what we thought was an empty tube. But we thank God for it, we appreciate it, and when we  appreciate our Higher Power, we are signaling our unconscious to allow even more, and more, and more, of these blessings in our lives.

So when The Star appears, it means appreciate what you've got - just as the figure is pouring water on the land - and appreciate the good things you know are coming - just as she also pours water into the river. 


Now I would like to respond to a comment one of you was good enough to post last month with concerns about when we come to a card that obviously does not describe a pleasant experience. Must we focus on such a card for the whole week? 
Absolutely not! If you find that focusing on The Devil or The Tower seems to be drawing bad experiences to you then put the card away immediately. My hope is that this exercise will bring you just enough of what each card represents so you'll be able to understand the card when it comes up in your readings, but no need to become an expert!
Furthermore, If you are wanting to erase an influence from your mind, put The High Priestess and The Fool our where you'll see them. They will quickly restore your natural equilibrium. 

Having said that, I don't think anyone will be troubled having 17. The Star card supporting them this week. Indeed, it's perfect timing that this card appears in our study just as we are celebrating the Three Kings following The Star to the manger! As for wishing on a star, this is the time of year for writing wishes to Santa and also for sending cards wishing each other all good things. So it should not be difficult to get in tune with The Star this week!

I wish you all a wonderful holiday season,

Rosada, EXT 2340

Saturday, November 26, 2011

16. The Tower - Enlightenment Strikes!

When card 16. The Tower appears in the spread I pause and take a deep breath. Experience has shown me that you just can't predict what will happen with this card  - but whatever happens will change everything! Whatever plans you're making, The Tower card says something will come along and pull the rug out. Indeed, when I sat down to write this column earlier today I couldn't access the Internet - the power had gone out all over the city! That's The Tower for you. Luckily the power wasn't out for long and now I'm writing a way with new and hopefully even better insights!

 When we consider the sequence of the cards we can understand The Tower a bit better:

13. Death. Game over.
14. Temperance. A miracle! The situation is revitalized and comes back to life.
An example of this would be someone who literally was thought to be dead being brought back to life but it could also describe a business venture about to go under when a new source of money is found that then keeps the doors open.
But whether it's renewed health or new money the result is...

15. The Devil. Debt.
The soul brought back to life may have months of therapy ahead of them. The business that takes out a new loan will of course have to pay it back.

Now consider combining the Temperance card with The Devil = a Miracle combined with Harsh Reality leads to a major shake up in the structure of things, and thus..

16. The Tower. Crisis / Enlightenment.
This card indicates that whatever the sense of debt and bondage the soul was experiencing with the previous card, something now has happened that totally dwarfs that experience. It could be something very positive. The patient might learn of a new therapy that cuts their recovery time in half. Or it may at first appear to be negative. In the case of the business person struggling to pay back a loan, The Tower could mean something that closes down the business - like a fire or flood! - but at the same time frees him from all his debts. 

When we were kids in school I can remember being assigned to write stories and the tales would become so complicated we wouldn't know how to end them so we'd resort to ditching the whole thing by turning it into a dream and end with the line, "And then I woke up!" - a perfect example of a whole new consciousness -The Tower experience- setting one free!

The Tower is associated with the planet Mars, the planet associated with personal insight and free will. Mars refuses to be restricted by anything or anyone. I think of the story of The Emperor's New Clothes and how one boy shook up the whole establishment by simply speaking his truth.

Another good Tower line, "Nothing can stop an idea whose time has come."

When The Tower appears in a spread, note the surrounding cards. The one on the left describes the old structure that must change, the one on the right suggests what the new structure will be.
For example:

The Fool, The Tower, The Magician.
A careless attitude will certainly lead to disaster so please start using better judgement now..

The Wheel of Fortune, The Tower, The Hanged Man.
Luck is changing, leave the casino and suspend your gambling habit!

The Lovers, The Tower, The Hierophant.
Cupids arrow has struck, better get her to the alter, before she changes her mind!

The key thing to remember with The Tower is that it indicates clearing away old restrictive conditions and while this may create a crisis it ultimately leads to a better life.

If life gets a little hectic this week just remind yourself it's only a dream and then..

Wake up!


Rosada, EXT 2340

Friday, November 18, 2011

15. The Devil - Reality Hits With A Thud

Last week I mentioned that card 14.Temperance was my favorite card.  This week's card, 15. The Devil, is the one I like the least. With Temperance we had a sense of rejuvenation after the previous card, Death. Temperance encouraged exploring all possibilities and even situations that at first appeared to be dead and over and done with showed they still had life when Temparance revealed new points of view.. Well...with The Devil card we see that all the options have been explored and we're left with harsh reality. "No more loop holes," says The Devil, "What you see is what you get." Notice how the image with The Devil is very similar to the drawing on The Lovers card only there an angel is blessing a loving couple and here a devil keeps two souls in chains. I think of the line, "Marriages are made in heaven...but we have to live them here on earth."

The Devil is associated with the sign Capricorn which has to do with personal responsibility, physical reality and particularly with debt and karma. The idea is that what ever manifests in our lives is the exact result of our own actions and thinking patterns. Thus The Devil card doesn't necessarily have to be a bad card but how many of us would be thrilled to hear God is going to give us just what we deserve? Not me! When The Devil shows up in a reading advise your client that the situation they are in is their own creation and only total honesty can set them free.. If things appear to go against them they mustn't waste time trying to rebel or blaming others but rather they should ask themselves how the situation is serving them? A sore throat can excuse us from having to say things we'd rather not, or perhaps it serves us because it forces us to stop talking and listen. Likewise a stalled car might turn out to have protected us from a traffic accident. Often when we look at our situations from this perspective amazing new insights come to mind.

Of course, just because a person recognizes how they themselves created their problems doesn't mean they are given a clean slate and the situation will no longer exist. After the sore throat heals one mustn't jump back into talking too much and the car with the broken clutch needs to go to the garage! The Devil has the couple in chains and freedom will only come when the lessons are learned. The Temperance angel promises we have a cure - The Devil says yes, but you still have to take your medicine.

When the Devil card is combined with other cards it tends to alert us to the negative potentials of those cards. The Devil next to The Empress cautions that appears to be a generous opportunity may not be the easy money we imagine. Next to The Hermit, The Devil warns we aren't going to get any leniency from the wise old man. Next to The Wheel of Fortune, The Devil reminds me, "If it weren't for bad luck I'd have no luck at all."

Where The Devil appears in a spread tells us what cannot be ignored or wished away. As a foundation card he is warning that nothing good can happen till we've covered the basics - the rent, food etc. Maybe the question involves applying for a job. The Devil says you must have the legal qualifications. Perhaps we're asking about a romance, The Devil asks is the loved one single and available? As a final outcome card The Devil is very clear: you will get out of your situation exactly what you have put into it.

There IS a positive side to the old goat. If we have learned the lesson of the previous card, Temperance, which says toss ideas back and forth, then we know that when we get negative news from The Devil while we can't deny reality, we don't have to give it more value than it deserves. The truth may be you are in a tight spot, but we have respond-abilities. Respond to what's good. Thoughts become things.

Here's to manifesting the good ones,

Rosada, EXT 2340

Friday, November 11, 2011

14. Temperance - Tossing Ideas Back and Forth

Card number 14. Temperance is probably my favorite card of the whole deck. It represents miracles happening which makes sense when you consider the previous card was Death and for there to be anything more coming after death would certainly be considered a miracle! The picture is of an angel pouring water from one jug to another as if to say, "You don't have to stop here - toss some ideas back and forth, let's see what else we can come up with."

Temperance is associated with the sign Sagittarius which rules long distance travel and philosophy. When this angel appears in a reading she is telling you to see your situation from a larger perspective. Things don't have to work out all in favor of one side or the other. Discuss matters. Consider ways to create a win-win. There's been a lot of buzz this week about the presidential primary debates. Looking at this card it occurs to me it would be a more interesting discussion if they would give the candidates a problem and have them show how they would be capable of working together to find a solution. Any fool can make the other fellow look bad. We need leaders who can make us all look good!

Because of the card's emphasis on communication, particularly notice what cards appear on either side of Temperance. They represent two people, or viewpoints, that need to be better acquainted. Temperance always shows a need for better communication. Thus if The Lovers is on the left of Temperance and The Emperor is on the right it could mean a great plan (The Lovers) needs to be more carefully considered (Temperance) to be sure it fits the needs of the individual (The Emperor). 

This week while we are focusing on Temperance expect miracles! Temperance says the old ways of thinking needn't restrict us. Think BIG, think different, have faith. Temperance says anything can happen.
I got an email today from a friend who's son was in a coma. She wrote to say he woke up this morning healthy and with all his memory and body in tact. A true miracle.

I look forward to hearing your most outrageous ideas!

Did you hear about the psychic midget who broke out of jail?
The headlines read, "Small Medium at Large!"
Rosada, EXT 2340

Thursday, November 3, 2011

13. Death - It's Just A Card!

I'm sorry I didn't pay attention to the calendar and post this card a couple of days ago - it's the perfect image to be studying this Halloween week! Card number 13 is the card titled Death but I suggest you call it "Death and REBIRTH", just to calm your clients when Mr Skeleton pops up in their spread. Otherwise you'll have people calling you back for days worried that getting this card means the end is near. But meanwhile just between you and me this card does mean Death and it freaks me out too. However, it doesn't necessarily mean the person you are reading for is going to die. Rather it means the end of something but just what depends on the question. It could mean a literal death but more likely it refers to the end of an era. Something - a job, a romance - has run it's course and it's time to let it go. 

This makes more sense when we reflect back on the sequence. Our previous card The Hanged Man was about surrendering ones hold, just letting it all go, and so of course, when we're no longer putting energy into a situation it ceases to exist, thus the next card is Death. Even so, it's probably better not to use the D word when doing a reading. "Run out of enthusiasm," and "Time to recharge your batteries" are my prefered phrases.

Card 13 is associated with the sign Scorpio which is the sign of intense, life changing experiences. When this card comes up, the meaning of whatever card it appears next to is also intensified. The Lovers usually indicates a light hearted romance but next to the Scorpio card it means a soul mate - till death do us part! - relationship. The High Priestess suggests silence. Next to this card it means taking a secret to the grave.

This week as we focus on The Death card I anticipate we'll all be particularly aware of time marching on what with the temperature dropping and Winter coming fast upon us. You may be packing away the summer clothes - the end of the old you! You may be starting to review the past year, you may be recognizing time is running out before Christmas. There are lots of ways to be aware of death short of losing a loved one!

Meanwhile, this is a short column this week. I guess I need to recharge my batteries...

May all your transitions flow smoothly,
Rosada, EXT 2340

Friday, October 28, 2011

12. The Hanged Man - A Near Death Experience

Tarot card number 12 is a picture of a man hanging upside down by one foot. From the expression on his face we can tell he is not suffering but is in a state of bliss. He has completely surrendered all concern about his earthly life. Instead he looks to his visions and dreams. It is a near death experience. 

Focusing on this card today it occurs to me that there have been items in the news lately about Berry Madoff, the con man who bilked thousands out of billions and who is now serving a life sentence. In an interview with Barbara Walters he claims he had been living in hell for the past 20 years fearing he would be caught and now that he is in prison with no control over his life at all he has at last found peace. Even though I'm not pleased to think of this man in a state of contentment, still he does make a good example of Hanged Man Consciousness. He has given up everything and no longer suffering. 

The Hanged Man follows the Libra card, Justice. The Hanged Man is associated with the planet Neptune and a feeling of surrender. This sequence informs us that when we realize life is just - and Madoff commented he felt his sentence was just - when we accept that every thing at every moment is in perfect karmic balance, then we can relax, quit fighting, surrender to the moment - and fine peace. The card following the Hanged Man is the card Death, which is why I call this card The Near Death Experience. It signifies that state of mind when one realizes resistance is futile but then rather than actually dying, the person is transformed. When the Hanged Man appears in a reading the message is to stop trying to control things, see things from the other side's point of view, "die" to the old life and then just go with the flow.

Because The Hanged Man is associated with planet Neptune, the planet of visions and dreams, where ever you find him in a reading there's a strong emphasis on other worldly fantasy. Will I become rich? Does my partner love me? Should I learn to dance? The Hanged Man would answer all these questions with a smile and a sigh but not much enthusiasm to actually make it happen. Sometimes a fantasy is better than the real thing. 

This week when the Hanged man is around you may feel everything is in limbo and you're not sure what to do, it may be there's not much you CAN do, except "hang in there." If you must do some
thing, consider what you can do without. Give up attachments, give up negative thinking. Go on a 24-hour fast. Give it all up graciously. You may find once you've cleared some of the gluck out of your house, your mind and your body, your old world may die but you wake up to fresh life giving insights coming in.

Examples of The Hanged Man combined with other cards:
The Magician and The Hanged Man: Conscious + Dreaming - an artist who can visualize/create a better world.
The High Priestess and The Hanged Man: Unconscious + Dreaming - these dreams aren't ready to come true.
The Empress and The Hanged Man : Abundance + Dreaming - wouldn't it be nice? But look out, there may be deception.
The Emperor and The Hanged Man: Self-confidence + Dreaming - ooh, I wouldn't follow this leader.
The Hierophant and The Hanged Man: A well tested system + Dreaming - here you can let go and let God.
The Lovers and The Hanged Man: Fantasies about love and death - dangerous combination.
The Chariot and The Hanged Man:a trip may be suspended or without a clear destination.
Strength and The Hanged Man: The power of surrender.
The Hermit and The Hanged Man: Better not to share your wisdom.
The Wheel of Fortune and The Hanged Man: Things may turn against you, don't let it get to you.
Justice and The Hanged Man: Everything will balance out if you don't interfere. 
The Fool and The Hanged Man: Lost in space, some folks never learn.

I hope you are practicing giving yourself and your friends readings even though we have only covered part of the deck. Just as we'd never get anything accomplished in this life if we waited until we knew everything before we started, likewise you don't need to know every card before you can start getting insights from the ones you do know.

So "hang in there" this week. I will be particularly interested in hearing about your dreams.

Rosada, EXT 2340

Friday, October 21, 2011

11. Justice - Are You a Real Psychic?

If you decide to actually go out into the world and give readings, one of the first questions you will be asked is, "Are you a real psychic?" It's an odd beginning, don't you think? I mean, what do they expect us to say? "No. I'm here waiting for a streetcar "?
The question always left me puzzled - but then one day I got an insight! People aren't trying to bully us, they just want to know how seriously we take what we're doing so they can know how seriously to take what we're telling them. I now see this question as an important part of the opening ritual along with shuffling the cards three times and asking the querent to choose which stack to read from. If someone asks if you are a real psychic, you should  respond firmly, "I am a real psychic," Then do your part of the ritual by asking "Are you willing to hear the truth?" By saying "Yes." they are actually programing their unconscious to hear truth - even if the words aren't spoken
It's kinda like being sworn in. You promise to tell the truth, they promise to hear the truth. You both promise to honor the process.

 Doing these affirmations at the beginning of a reading may feel a little awkward at first, but with practice you'll discover it's really powerful. It calms the gigglies and sets a positive tone that opens up a richer experience. 

I say this now because our card for the week is Justice and the message is Be Clear in Agreements.
Most decks show Justice as a woman (NOT blindfolded) holding a sword in one hand and a scale in the other. She is female meaning our feminine side, our unconscious, sees everything and will bring our inner unconscious world and out outer visible world into perfect balance. This means if you've consciously made an agreement, like it or not your unconscious will follow through and keep it. If you unconsciously feel you are rich, you will eventually be rich. If you feel you are undeserving, you will be poor and even lose money even when luck brings it to you. When it comes to the Conscious and the Unconscious, the unconscious always wins.

 Therefore, when Justice appears in a reading emphasize the importance of making clear and fair contracts with others. What you feel, what you were intending on an inner level, is what you will get. It's a warning to be Karma-Clean!

Justice is associated with the sign Libra, the sign of partnership and fair play. When you align Justice with the other cards you tend to find a pattern emphasizing the importance of considering the other person's point of view:

The Wheel of Fortune / Justice: Use your good fortune to pay off old debts and help others.

The High Priestess / Justice: Your plans may not be considered. Speak up or you'll be over ruled.

The Empress / Justice: You get what you pay for.

Of course, these are not the only ways to interpret these cards. You will come up with more  precise interpretations when you do a reading. Some times people ask, "Why all this memory work? Why not just write out the meanings on each card?" The thing is the cards "mean" something different for every time we look at them. Indeed, sometimes I think the cards have no meanings at all, they are just something to distract our minds so new ideas can get through! So study the cards, practice putting what comes to you into words, but most of all trust your inner knowingness. That's being a real psychic!

Till next time,

Rosada, EXT 2340

Thursday, October 13, 2011

10. The Wheel of Fortune - Altitude Adjustment

"When I was a boy of 14, my father was so ignorant I could hardly stand to have the old man around, but when I got to be 21 I was amazed at how much the old man had learned in seven years." - Mark Twain

We've been studying the tarot cards with the idea that they are describing a journey, the spiritual awakening of a young soul with each card representing a significant realization on the path. We began with our hero being a young Fool who had no appreciation of where he was (on top of a mountain) and what it took for him to get there (his whole life). Foolishly he was about to step over the edge of a cliff. The next card, The Magician, illustrated his first moment of awakening with the realization that even though this world may be an illusion, we must stay focused and keep the magic happening. Other cards followed until finally we came to The Hermit who represented the Fool after he'd climbed the mountain to the edge of the cliff again, only this time he has experienced how much effort it took to arrive at this point and he's not about to waste it. As the Hermit he has a lifetime of experience behind him and unlike the Fool he pauses to carefully consider the world before plunging in. I call this an altitude adjustment, because by seeing things from this higher perspective we can have a complete change of attitude. No longer careless, no longer believing good fortune is eternal. 

So The Hermit now sees things differently and has a new appreciation for life because of his new perspective. Yes, luck still enters in, but we no longer trust everything to blind chance. The idea that change follows cycles that can be studied and used to our advantage is represented by card number ten: The Wheel of Fortune. The wheel illustrates that luck changes, but in predictable cycles

The Wheel of Fortune is associated with the planet Jupiter, the planet that rules study and philosophy and while it generally portends good luck, it also cautions that all things change. We may have good luck today but as we see from the figures strapped to the wheel, what goes up must come down. The underlying theme is that Man is bound by Fate, but when this accepted with Wisdom we can survive all the changes.

When The Wheel appears in a reading I see it as a sign there is a strong element of luck,  or outside circumstances influencing the situation. A person may actually be considering playing the lottery or doing something considered a gamble. The Wheel of Fortune says it's risky but no reason not to play. When I draw this card I remind myself "Luck favors the prepared." 

This week as we focus on The Wheel of Fortune I suggest paying particular attention to where luck and good fortune are popping up in your life. See if you can count at least one lucky thing happening each day. It doesn't have to be major but try to view whatever is going on from a "higher perspective." See yourself as lucky. Start small and start early - I bet by the end of the day you'll be laughing like Jupiter!

Good Fortune to Us All,

Rosada, EXT 2340

Saturday, October 8, 2011

9. The Hermit - The View

"Wise men say only Fools rush in..." and sure enough with card number 9, The Hermit, we encounter a wise old soul on that same hill top where we first met him in The Fool card at the beginning of our journey, only now he's been around the mountain a few times and now he looks very carefully before leaping and definitely no rushing. Note the differences and similarities of these two cards. The Fool gazed off into the clouds oblivious to his surroundings and about to step off the edge of a cliff. The Hermit stands still and very carefully surveys his view of the countryside and indeed, he is holding up a lantern to not only help himself see things more clearly, but to help others benefit from his experience. The Hermit is a man who looks after himself and also serves as a role model for others.

We can understand The Hermit better by considering the whole sequence of the tarot thus far:
0 - The Fool(rushing in!): The Uranus card that heralds surprises and predicts that anything can happen. Circumstances can change in an instant.
1 - The Magician. The Mercury card emphasizes focusing attention on these new circumstance.
2 - The High Priestess. The Moon card advises patience and waiting, something unseen may reveal itself.
3 - The Empress. The Venus card says now we can see the new world of opportunities manifesting.
4 - The Emperor. The Aries card encourages not waiting further, begin with what you know.
5 - The Hierophant. The Taurus card indicates it's time to stabilize and establish a routine.
6 - The Lovers. The Gemini card promises that once we have this routine, this basic understanding, new choices will appear.
7 - The Chariot. The Cancer card tells us we can now consciously make choices (not just fall into them as with The Fool). Once having chosen our path The Chariot warns there will be temptations to waver (Cancer is the sign that's known for longing for the past and what might have been) but if we stay on track our success is assured!
8 - Strength. The Leo card warns us inner temptations must also be tamed and directed.
9 - The Hermit. The Virgo card shows us that if we can do all this we need not continually lose our footing as new adventures and new insights beckon. We can learn from our experience and the experience of others.

The Hermit is associated with the sign Virgo, a sign I've come to have more and more respect for. As a teenager I thought Virgo with it's focus on health, purity and good work habits had to be the most boring sign of the zodiac. I thought Libra and Love and maybe Pisces and Spiritual Awareness were the grooviest signs to be born under. I thought my Mars in Virgo doomed me to life of cleaning house and weeding the garden. Not so! The Hermit it turns out is probably the ideal we should all be shooting for. I think of the expression, "The unexamined life is not worth living..." The Hermit examines his life. He sees it all and he's not afraid to recognize mistakes and work for improvement. It's not that he renounces love and relationships, he just knows that even when he is with a partner, he still has to live with himself. And as for Pisces and all that spiritual knowledge vs. The Virgo Hermit signifying wisdom for taking care of the physical body - well eventually we all come to know that until you're actually in the spirit world, while you're still on earth, good health trumps it all.

When he appears in your reading, The Hermit is usually advising staying single, being self-sufficient and listening to your own inner guidance. If he is describing someone you are interested in then the Hermit could be telling you the person is not currently in a committed relationship or if you are asking how the friend feels about the two of you The Hermit could be a warning your friend may be a confirmed bachelor. I have also had The Hermit indicate one should not seek out advice from a just a friend but from an experienced guide, someone who has real life experience.

As we focus on The Hermit card this week I expect we'll find ourselves being aware of older wiser guides who know their business not only because they've read a lot of maps, but because they've hiked the mountain from the ground up. Boldly ask them to share their insights. Likewise this could be the week you can gain experience sharing what you've learned about the cards. No need to memorize them all before you try giving a reading. Use a deck of just the ten we've covered. You may be surprised how much you'll be able to see! However comeback next week...

We haven't seen it all yet!

Rosada, EXT 2340

Thursday, September 29, 2011

8. Strength - The Lion Whisperer

Aesop tells a fable about the Sun and the Wind debating who was the more powerful. They spotted a farmer walking through his fields and decided to have a contest to see who could get his coat. Wind declared, "I am the most powerful for I can blow that man's jacket right off his back!" With that Wind blasted the fellow with such a gush of cold air he nearly fell to the ground but oddly enough he didn't let go of his jacket and indeed, he wrapped it so snugly about him that no matter how hard Wind blew, he wasn't able to rip it away. Then Sun took her turn. Gently she aimed her warm beams at the shivering man and as he became more and more comfortable under her soothing care he himself unbuttoned the coat and cast it aside with ease! Warmth and gentleness won over force. This is the message of tarot card number 8, Strength. Like the Sun, the woman is using gentleness and warmth to tame the fierce lion and he then happily obeys.

The Strength card is similar to last week's card, The Chariot in that they both deal with handling impulses and emotions. The Chariot was about dealing with challenges that come from the outer world and promised us that by staying focused on our goals we would be able get past any roadblocks. We experienced success by refusing to give up, but what happens when it's time to reign in the horses? Do we know how to put the brakes on sheer will power? Thus we come to Strength, the card where the challenges are of a different sort, they come from within and require self-control. No longer does sheer stick-to-itiveness guarantee success. Now we are confronted with situations that can only be mastered with kindness and patience and thus we must master our own lion-like animal natures. 

The sign Leo is associated with the Strength card which is the sign that rules children and creativity. Children obviously need to be raised with patience but also the creative juices must be tamed with practice and patience least the artist experience burn-out or be destroyed in some wild and reckless display.

In a reading when Strength appears it's a tip off that we're involved in a situation where we might like to confront an adversary but we would be wise to exercise control of our passions and consider a softer approach. For example I had a recent caller ask if he would win his up-coming court case. We did a three card spread. The Chariot came up on the right, the place that tells us where we are at the moment. The Chariot here indicated he strongly felt he was in the right and most likely had the resources to pursue his goal. The High Priestess came up on the left and represented the probable outcome. The High Priestess is rarely a good card as a final outcome indicator as she represents a vague unresolved situation. The middle position - the obstacle card - revealed the problem. It was the Strength card and told us that the man should control his passion because if he won through force the High Priestess as the outcome tells us he would not get any reward for his efforts. Sure enough, it turned out the fellow was considering suing his indigent sister. Although his anger was no doubt justified he agreed with the cards that he would most likely be better off putting the breaks on Strength for the sake of the family and also because as The High Priestess outcome card revealed, nothing would be resolved in this manner and even if he the courts decided in his favor as The Chariot predicted, she didn't have any money so nothing would come of his winning.

This week as we focus on the Strength card you may start seeing some of the problems that come following The Chariot/Success. You may find you have overcome some restrictions but now new ones appear. You can't win every battle with force. This is the week to practice your charm.

Nice and Easy Does It,

Rosada, EXT 2340

Friday, September 23, 2011

7. The Chariot - Going For It!

Sometimes I write notes on my cards - something to remind me of what I can count on whenever that card appears. My key word for The Chariot is "Success!" You can also pretty much guarantee travel coming with The Chariot too. This is all because The Chariot card marks the moment when a decision has been made. The die has been cast, the train has left the station, we've hit the road and it's too late to turn back now. When The Chariot comes up in a reading, we're no longer playing games as in the Gemini Lovers card, we've made a commitment and that's what creates success - and adventure!

The sign Cancer, ruler of the emotions, is associated with this card. The image on card is of a man in a chariot controlling a pair of sphinx. Some older cards have him handling five horses. The symbols of the man and the sphinx represent the mind controlling the emotions - both positive and negative (one sphinx is white, one black), or as with the horses, the five senses. If you consider that The Chariot follows The Lovers you see the message that once we have made a comment to a loved one - or a job, or a life path - then we must control the urge to constantly question if we made the right choice. Our eyes and ears may continue to signal us that there are better and worse opportunities out there, but we control any impulse to stray from our course. It may help to remember the song, Walk On By!

Cancer also rules the home and family. Note The Chariot is usually drawn with a sort of roof over the driver's head. At first it may seem curious that the sign of home is represented by the card associated with travel.  The idea is that where ever we travel, we are taking our family values with us. On a more mundane level the card can signify that we will be traveling and staying some place over night - literally moving our home.

When the Chariot comes up in a client's reading I think you can confidently tell them they should continue on the path they have chosen and also that while they may find themselves tempted to second guess their decision, this card indicates changing the course at this time would be inappropriate.

Speaking of changing courses, I usually begin my readings by dividing the deck into three piles and having the client pick which to read from - right, left or center. Occasionally people will wonder after saying "right" if they shouldn't have said "left" or "center." This happened so often I finally did an experiment once where I read from all three piles. They all gave pretty much the same answer but from a slightly different perspective! So I encourage you when you are doing your readings to reassure folks that they can't pick the wrong pile!

As we focus on The Chariot this week I predict we'll be aware of travel, maybe taking some overnight trips ourselves, but most of all experiencing making some decisive choices that turn out well!

I wish you much success,

Rosada, EXT 2340

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

6. Everyone Loves The Lovers

The Lovers card in the deck I prefer, the Rider-Waite deck, has a man - Adam - looking towards a woman - Eve - symbolizing the conscious mind impressing an idea on the unconscious. She is shown looking upwards towards an angel, Raphael, meaning the unconscious then aligns with the super conscious resulting in blessings manifesting for all. A beautiful card and a lovely sentiment! However, it wasn't always thus...
The Lovers card has gone through many changes over the years. Some of the older decks show a man torn between two woman (His girlfriend and his mother? His wife and his mistress?) so the card hasn't always featured the loving couple we see illustrated in the decks popular today. Indeed, it originally referred to very tough choices and the wrong one would get you tossed out of The Garden of Eden. Even so, everyone feels a tingle of good fortune when The Lovers come up in a reading. There is such a sense of playfulness and good will about it! With the man looking to the women with such devotion and the angel extending blessings we just have to believe one more time that maybe this time they wont get evicted, maybe this time love will find a way...

The Lovers card is associated with the astrological sign Gemini, the sign synonymous with  light-hearted connections and fickle flirtations. Curious then that this sign so notorious for short lived romance is represented in the tarot by The Lovers with their symbol of soul mates protected by a guardian angel. However, consider that the previous card, The Hierophant was all about commitment to a predictable routine and that each new card somehow represents something opposite of the one before. The Lovers then represent the opposite of unquestioning commitment of The Hierophant. His routine has gone on long enough and now we're itching to get out and practice what he's been preaching. Which means we're starting to see the choices that exist even within a structured belief system. The Hierophant may preach that man and woman should go forth and multiply but once we accept this it leads to having to make decisions. With The Lovers we come to see we make the choice of whom do we go forth with, where and for how long? What exactly is the commitment? The Hierophant says "Learn the rules." The Lover's card says, "Once you know the rules, how you play is up to you!" Thus The Lovers card with it's picture of the heart's desire being fulfilled only represents entering the game of love - of life! - it does not necessarily represent stability. In a reading the card evokes all the joy and possibilities of first love but it cannot promise the feelings last.

As you watch for The Lovers to appear in your world this week, you may find yourself made aware of simple gestures of kindness. Someone lets another go first in line, the boss drops their officious manner and says something friendly, situations pop up where we don't have rules to be nice but happily we choose to be kind anyway.

A few examples of songs I've heard in the back of my mind when this card has appeared in combination with others we've studied recently:

The Fool/The Lovers: Unexpected/Attraction = Fooled Around and Fell In Love!

The Magician/The Lovers: Focused/Attraction = You've Got Me Under Your Spell!

The High Priestess/The Lovers: Waiting/Attraction = Walking After Midnight Searching For You.

May you see the love in your life this week!

Rosada, EXT 2340

Thursday, September 8, 2011

5. The Heirophant - Get With The Program!

You'll never hear the word Hierophant unless you're talking to a tarot reader. The Hierophant was a priest in ancient Greece but he lives on today on the fifth card in the major arcana tarot deck. He is the symbol of conformity and tradition and he follows the pioneering Aries Emperor whose revolutionary ideas have now evolved into an established pattern. The Hierophant's job is to be priest like in maintaining the routine - without question and without change. When The Heirophant appears in your spread he's telling you your dealing with an entrenched belief system and if you're going to be successful you better get with the program..

As we focus on The Heirophant this week you may find yourself recognizing there are certain formalities that must be followed if your life is going to evolve beyond childish games to higher levels of understanding. You may have brilliant natural abilities, but you still need to follow the rules, take the classes, put in the time to get society's rewards and recognition . 

The Heirophant represents the sign Taurus, the sign of stability. It's as if the innovative Emperor in the last card is ever going to establish a real empire he's going to have to stop exploring and make a map - develop a predictable world of rules and routine. It used to be passing on the knowledge and rules of community living was the job of the church. Nowadays we don't look to the priests so much to dictate our daily lives, so Heirophant energy in today's world often manifests in the form of the rituals around work. The Hierophant will often represent your job, especially if you work for a large company where there is a chain of command and specific requirements that cannot be side stepped. The picture on the card shows two devoted neophytes listening to the priest's teachings. The idea is that by learning the rules one will become a member of the community.

If you are looking for employment, receiving the Heirophant is a very positive omen for getting work with a large established organization - though you'll still have to fill out the application and smile for the interview. If he is surrounded with negative cards you might be getting a warning that the new job will require your complete devotion or that the boss wants to be worshipped as a god.

The Heirophant is the partner of The High Priestess. She represents patience and waiting. He symbolizes faith and ritual. Together they instruct us to be patient and faithfully attend to our daily rituals. Interestingly, as the High Priestess represents the Moon and the Heirophant is connected with the sign Taurus, together we have Moon in Taurus, the most positive placement for the moon and indicating the manifestation of abundance and good fortune. Perhaps this is a  promise that quiet devotion will bring reward? A quick peek to next week's card -The Lovers! - reveals just what that reward might be.

Until then, keep the faith -
Rosada, EXT 2340

Thursday, September 1, 2011

4. The Emperor - Who's In Charge Here?

The Emperor is usually depicted as a strong man obviously in charge. Older versions of this card show him in profile. However, more recent decks show him face forward which I feel is an error. By illustrating The Emperor in profile as the older decks do, we are reminded that this is a man who doesn't try to please the whole world. He focuses on his point of view. In order to achieve something The Emperor reminds us we must not be wishy-washy. We must be decisive and set our course.

Many new age thinkers talk about the importance of affirmations, of seeing yourself as successful before the world will see you this way too. The Emperor represents this sort of philosophy. He doesn't wait for the world to tell him what he's worth, he tells the world. Thus it makes sense that The Emperor represents the sign Aries, the sign known for not needing any outside permission or confirmation. The Emperor is that genius who knows from birth he was born to rule!

In a reading this card says watch for someone who makes their own rules. If the card represents you, it affirms your right to your own opinion and advises not getting dragged down by outside influences.

In this week ahead as we focus on this card you may find yourself coming in contact with cheerful, self-confident types. If they are true Emperors they are probably self-employed or doing what they choose to do. They may strike you as having a bit of an ego, somewhat self-centered but probably not to an extreme. For heavens sake though, don't make little jokes about their work or say anything disparaging about their families. They definitely won't see things from that point of view! Instead, recognize this maybe a person who can help you cut through the Gordian knot or at least a bunch of red tape. Be bold and ask for their help! Emperors love to lead others out of trouble.

Jack Nickleson gives a great impersonation of the Emperor type in the movie Hoffa. Note the scene where he is brought in before the mob boss. Although he is only a truck driver and they could snuff him out in a second, he pays no attention to their threats and instead orders them to bring him coffee! A natural born Emperor.

If you are into astrology, one of the interesting things you can do with the Tarot cards is to use them to give you a visual image of the aspects. For example, right now Uranus, the planet of Impulsive Action is in Aries, the sign of Self and Strong Intentions. Now just saying that can give you a few ideas, but if you pull out the Uranus card, The Fool, and place it next to the Aries card, The Emperor, you get a strong visual of what these energies together can create. The Fool is about to charge over the cliff and The Emperor says "no one can stop me!" With the visual from the cards we get a much stronger impression of just how crazy - and even self destructive - Uranus in Aries can be.

Looking at what the other cards we've been studying might mean next to The Emperor:
If The Magician comes up with The Emperor we have Mercury in Aries:  clear thinking and new ideas.
The High Priestess next to The Emperor, The Moon in Aries: Patiently waiting for your chance.
The Empress next to The Emperor, Venus in Aries - the original power couple! : The Emperor empowers all the possibilities suggested by The Empress. You draw what you need to you like a magnet.

Until next time,
You're in charge!


Rosada, EXT 2340

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

3. The Empress - Something Good on The Horizon

The most effective way to memorize the meanings of the tarot cards is to study them in order as we're doing here and to link together a story from one card to the next. So far we have The Fool, about to step off a cliff, then The Magician saying, "Focus on where you are right now," and next the High Priestess meaning, "Wait patiently." To connect these three you could say, "One day a Fool went out for a stroll. He wasn't particularly paying attention to anything when suddenly something caught his eye. There was a Man (Magician) waving his arms. 'Pay attention!' the man cried. The Fool stopped and waited, as quiet as a High Priestess. And then..."

And then we come to The Empress card. The Empress is one of the most positive cards in the deck. She is a beautiful woman, obviously pregnant, sitting contentedly in her beautiful garden. The feeling is that we are surrounded with opportunity and that something wonderful is about to happen. She tells us the world is supportive of our hopes and wishes. In our story we could say that when the Fool paused and started to pay attention to his surroundings he became aware of possibilities he's never noticed before.

In a reading The Empress promises you your period of waiting is about to bare fruit. Of course this could be a warning to be careful what you focus on, because primarily the meaning of this card is simply that any idea given enough time and attention will manifest in physical reality even the negative ones. (Speak of the devil and he appears!) However, in general you can assume The Empress, who's planetary association is Venus, is an omen of Good Fortune and Abundance. 

I hope you will refer back often to this card this week because The Empress teaches that what we focus on manifests and as you allow her to share your world these next seven days you absolutely should get clear evidence this is true.

To help yourself really get in tune with her energy look at what The Empress is doing and see if you can do something similar. Dress lavishly and invite some friends over. Prepare to serve them fresh fruit. Maybe share some small gifts. Small is a key thought here by the way: The Empress creates not by taking on the whole world, but by APPRECIATING each individual moment. 

And I very much appreciate you reading this blog!

Rosada, EXT 2340

Thursday, August 18, 2011

2. The High Priestess - Let It Be

This week we are looking at The High Priestess, the beautiful lady representing The Unconscious. She sits before a curtain concealing a river, the stream of consciousness. Some artists have depicted her as Pandora, the queen of the underworld. She also resembles the Virgin Mary. I have a deck that compares her to the Mona Lisa because her smile seems to know everything but reveals nothing.

To understand her better, let's begin by reviewing the cards we've covered so far.

We began our tarot study with The Fool, the card associated with the planet Uranus that represents free will and spontaneous action. Timing wise The Fool indicates disruption, sudden unexpected surprises, untimed events, 

The Magician means just the opposite. He is the Mercury card depicting a man raising one hand to heaven and the other pointing to earth. Nothing impulsive here, he speaks with clear intention and consciousness guides his will. As a timing indicator The Magician represents being focused in the moment, The Now.

The High Priestess next is the opposite of The Magician card. He is Consciousness. She is the Unconscious.

She does not communicate directly. The High Priestess' planet is The Moon and like the moon, she is silent, her meaning is unfathomable.

If The Magician means Now, The High Priestess means the opposite: Not Now, and thus wait, be patient.

I often feel uncomfortable when The High Priestess comes up in a reading because her appearance indicates there are factors not yet apparent that will have an important bearing on the outcome of a situation. Her presence suggests we should pause, let things develop further. The High Priestess means it's not yet time to take action.

This week as we watch for evidence of The High Priestess in our lives, be aware of times when you can simply Let It Be. Whether you are using her wisdom to keep you calm while awaiting important decisions or just letting her peace keep you patient while standing in a line, when you connect with The High Priestess know that you are safe and everything will work out fine.

I apologize for being a bit behind schedule posting this week's blog. Every time I asked my inner High Priestess if she'd tell me what to write she put me off with her stock answer, "Soon..but Not Now."

Best wishes,

Rosada, EXT 2340

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

1. The Magician - As Above So Below

Amazing week we just survived friends. Lots of unexpected things happened in my life, as is fitting for the week we studied The Fool, the card representing sudden change. On the national scene it was reassuring we did not "go over the edge" as The Fool appeared about to do, and after many days of brinkmanship congress reached an agreement and the country did not default on it's loans. This non-event has inspired me to more fully appreciate that in a reading although The Fool looks like he is about to fail, somehow he will land on his feet. I think of the expression, "Everything works out okay in the end - if it's not okay, it's not the end!"
This week we will study The Magician. Each card tends to mean something completely opposite from the card before. Thus, while The Fool beats all the odds and gets by on luck, The Magician represents our ability to consciously create our circumstances. When you look at his picture you notice that while The Fool had no idea where he was looking or which direction his feet were heading, The Magician is very deliberately pointing one hand to heaven and the other hand to earth. The message is "As above - so below," meaning that what we focus our thoughts on in our mind, we will see manifesting in the world around us - a totally different approach from that of the "Oh, whatever..." Fool!
The Magician is associated with the planet Mercury, ruler of ideas and thinking. He is considered to be the most powerful card in the whole deck, second only to The Fool (second because nothing beats Dumb Luck! )  meaning that when the Magician shows up in a reading the issue under consideration will be determined by the person's ability to visualize what they would like to see.
On the national scene we have an example of The Magician in the recent down grading of our triple A credit rating. The credit rating is only words, but the idea rocked the stock market.
To better experience how Magician energy works, make a point this week of keeping track of your intentions. Make a list before you go to the store. You may be very pleasantly surprised when you get there to find everything in your size and in your price range! Then develop your manifesting skills even further and buy something for a friend. Visualize how happy the friend will be to receive your gift. You will probably find It's easier to imagine making someone else happy than it is to know what we want for ourselves so this is a fun and simple assignment. Now notice what happens when you actually give your friend the gift- I bet you'll find they are even more pleased than you imagined. Visualizing events before they happen seems to bring in more perfection than you could have even thought to ask for. In fact your friend may tell you, "This is just what I've been wanting! How did you know? Where did you find it?" As a true Magician never reveals his secrets, just say you had an idea and created it out of thin air - which is exactly what you did!
Mercury, The Magician's planet is retrograde this month. Mixed messages, confused records and just poor communication in general are expected when Mercury is looking backwards. I wonder if our studying The Magician this week will help mitigate some of this negativity? Bring him out and put him some place where you'll see him often. Let me know if you find thinking about The Magician helps you focus. At the very least he should make you more aware of your words and how powerful they are.
Rosada, EXT 2340

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

0. Fool's Rush In

Today we begin our online Tarot Workshop. If you have not yet purchased a tarot deck there are hundreds to choose from. With my Capricorn rising I go for the more traditionally drawn cards so I recommend the Waite-Rider version. It is a beautifully drawn deck and widely available. Of course you should pick a deck with pictures you enjoy and feel comfortable with. (I make a point of mentioning this because someone once gave me a very fancy deck where all the characters were nude. The friend was disappointed I didn't care to read using this deck but, geeze, I couldn't keep a straight face in front of clients while flipping over all these pictures of naked ladies!) You should also secure a nice scarf to wrap your cards in. It's very important to treat your cards as you would a valued friend. As you take the cards seriously you'll find you are programing your unconscious to take them seriously too, thus increasing your ability to receive more profound insights from them. I would particularly avoid letting anyone who does not share your respect for tarot handle your cards.
There are 78 cards in the tarot which are divided into two decks. The first deck is known as The Major Arcana. It is made up of 22 cards representing the ten planets and the twelve signs of the zodiac. The second deck, known as The Minor Arcana, is made up of 56 cards and is the basis for the standard deck of playing cards we are all familiar with today.
We will begin our study with The Fool, the first card of The Major Arcana. Pause now and pull it out of your deck. (I know you will be tempted to skip this step and just read the column but if you're going to get the most out of this study you need to have your own card from your own deck in front of you!) Key elements to notice in the picture are the fact The Fool is looking off into the clouds and not watching where he is going or listening to his dog who barks to warn him he is about to step over the edge of the cliff. The impression is that something is about to happen, something that we didn't see coming and that no one could have prepared us for. However, the card is considered to be very positive. Some decks have the Fool stepping off the cliff onto a rainbow bridge indicating that while we may not know where we are going, the future will materialize as we move forward to meet it. The message of The Fool is "Follow your bliss!"
 The Fool is associated with the planet Uranus, the planet known for unexpected flashes of insight, sudden events that can change your life forever.
 The Fool card is numbered zero meaning the Fool is not connected to the worldly order of things, has no preconceived agenda and thus has a purity, an innocence, he represents "Beginner's Luck."
 If you've ever played a card game that used the joker you are already familiar with the meaning of this card, the only one of the major arcana included with the standard playing deck. The Fool or Joker is known as the "Wild Card" and in a game to draw this card is considered lucky. Likewise, in a reading it signifies some unexpected or fortunate event, some unanticipated twist of fate that works out in your favor.
What if the Fool comes up reversed?  Reversed cards don't necessarily mean the exact opposite of their upright meaning. If the Fool right side up means "Good Luck," reversed he does not automatically mean "Bad Luck." Rather the Fool upside down means beware of foolish optimism. The Fool signifies a leap of faith but reversed the magic doesn't happen. When reversed The Fool warns it's better to not be too trusting, to not take the plunge, to not "be a fool".  
Now for our study assignment. Each week we are going to focus on one card with the idea that what we put our attention on inwardly manifests in our world outwardly. This week we will be focusing on The Fool. Watch for - and keep a record - of coincidences, good luck and the unexpected.  Little things count, like finding a parking place in the shade or a piece of chocolate in the cupboard. The point is, notice good things happening - especially where there might have been a crisis but there wasn't. Like the Fool who looks as if he is about to fall but at the last minute gets distracted and looks at a butterfly instead, you may find after studying The Fool you too see where the angels caused you to pause or take a different route and saved you from catastrophe.
To put yourself in tune with The Fool experience this week, do what The Fool is doing on your tarot card. Dress up, put on a colorful shirt and pack a sack lunch.Take a chance, take a walk and take time to smell the roses! You'll discover we are living in a world of miracles.
Please post your experiences here or call me and I will post them for you.
We're off to a great start!

Rosada, EXT 2340

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Tarot Talk

Astrology is my first love, but I must admit, Tarot comes in a close second. While an astrological chart can reveal any secret you care to look for, you do need to know the dates and times and birthplaces for the people you're asking about and some times the whole process of getting the information and setting up the horoscope seems to require more trouble than the question is worth. Plus it's a sort of lonely hobby because, while a lot more people are aware of their birth charts nowadays, usually there aren't too many folks in the room that are as obsessed with the placement of the stars as I am! Not so many people worry about my soul or my sanity or think astrologers are all going to the devil the way they used to, but still astrology is not a widely understood craft. Tarot card reading on the other hand is something everyone can learn to do fairly easily. I don't mean people will understand all the symbols and subtleties of the cards right away - that's a multi-lifetime commitment! - but the signs are clear enough that without a great deal of prodding folks can catch on to the game. With a little encouragement people's minds start linking together and where at first the cards seemed to be merely a random assortment of pictures, soon patterns start forming. Before long everyone can see there really is a connection between our inner thoughts and what manifests in our outer world. Conversations quickly become more meaningful, amazing and fun!

To learn to read Tarot I have devised a study method where we take the cards in order and focus on one card each week. During the week we watch for any people or events that we feel could somehow be a refection of the card we are focusing on. My experience has been that as we do this, the connections become more and more obvious as the weeks go by. For example, in one class I taught, by the eigth week when we were focusing on The Chariot - the card symbolizing cars and travel - some members of the group were manifesting the meanings of the cards so proficiently that two people had to miss class entirely as they suddenly had opportunities to go on trips and one lady even got a new car! Invariably the final week when we study The World card - the last most positive card of the whole deck - everyone reports wonderful stories of good fortune and perfect timing.

So! Does this study sound like something you would like to be involved in? The class will officially begin next week Thursday August 4. The Sun will be making a beautiful sextile to Saturn that day which should encourage stick-to-it-tivness and the Moon will be trining Neptune - wonderful for seeing a cohesive pattern in a fluid whole. If you would like to be a part of this class please send me an email here at this site or give me a call. Of course you can follow along with us even if you don't care to announce your intention to be part of the group, but I do think there is something powerful that happens when we make a commitment. It's as if when you state your intention you then show up on God's radar screen and the angels clear your path!

The first card we will be focusing on is The Fool. If you are the sort who likes to jump into things a little a head of time - note he is about to step off the edge of the cliff! - The Fool is your avatar. You can start tuning into him right now by pulling him out of your tarot deck and placing him by your bed or on your mirror. We will be discussing him in detail next week.

I am looking forward to it!

New Moon in Leo July 30. It's a particularly positive one for manefesting your creative talents. Seize this day and write out your boldest affirmations ever!

Rosada, EXT 2340

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Talking to Diana

Last week we discussed the idea of understanding the influence of the planets by seeing them as representing living entities just as the ancient Greeks and Romans did. With this thought in mind - that we can relate to the planets like we do people - let's see what our cast of characters is up to this week:
Consider the Moon Goddess, also known as Diana, the huntress, the virgin goddess and the protector of woman and children. Perhaps we can best identify with this archetype by remembering Princess Diana, born in the month of the moon's sign, Cancer, who is remembered for her refusal to play the submissive wife, for her love of children, and who ultimately died when her car crashed as she was being hunted by photographers. Princess Diana refused to keep the abusive conditions of her marriage secret and likewise where ever the moon travels, the secrets of that sign are brought out in the open.
Today Diana, the moon, is traveling through Aries resonating with all that is in us that desires to be bold, assertive and competitive. Diana has also been speaking to the God of Freedom and Independence, Uranus this week, who is also in Aries just now. Iif you have been eavesdropping you may feel you too can jump over tall buildings with a single bound so please be careful if you're considering going off on a journey without a map or taking foolish chances.
Friday, July 22, the moon will be entering Taurus. One of the ways to learn the meaning of the signs is to recognize that each sign is in some way the opposite of the previous sign. Aries loves to initiate. Taurus is the opposite. It is a fixed sign and has a terrible time getting new things started but once the project is launched Taurus people will stick with it. Aries is a traveler who carries only the clothes on his back. Taurus puts down roots and has a hard time parting even with out worn clothes. When Diana visits Taurus she'll be calling on us to slow down, get comfortable and will show us where we can find the most nutritious food and drink, especially this weekend when she'll be connecting with Jupiter, the God of Abundance. Even the most simple foods can be come a party when those two get together!
Monday, July 25, Diana moves on again, this time into Gemini, She'll be activating the restless side of our natures and those who are sensitive to her will no longer be content to just sit and relax. I expect we'll find ourselves eager to get back to work and as Gemini rules communication eager to talk.
I shall be eager to listen!
Have a great week,
 EXT 2340

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

What Would Aphrodite Do?

The quickest way to understand the significance of the planets in the sky and in an astrological chart, is to think of them not as symbols but as living breathing entities. Then when the calendar is telling you the sun is in Cancer, you wont have to rush to some 10,000 word textbook to try to figure out what this could possibly mean for you. Instead you can just consider that Apollo, the sun god, is visiting home and family (Cancer's arena) this month and bringing the Life Force with him. The think about it, what happens when somebody totally fabulous comes to your house bringing light and love? Isn't home the best place to be while he's there? Yes, whatever sign the sun is in, you know that's where the party is. So don't get hung up worrying about what Cancer represents - home, security, old folks, food, real estate etc. etc. - or what the sun in this sign symbolizes and what is the appropriate way to respond. Just think of the sun as being this all powerful warm hearted well meaning guy - a handsome king perhaps  coming to the area the sign rules, in this case, Home and then look for him there. Talk to him in your mind. Create a relationship with the planet as you would with a living entity. They want you to!
Let's look at a few of the other planets floating about:
Mercury is the god in charge of communication. If you want a message delivered get in touch with your inner Mercury. For most of this month he's hanging out in Leo aka. The Theatre. When Mercury is in Leo he's on stage and thus the truth may get hidden under some grease paint and drama. Mercury in Leo falls in love with his own voice now and what you hear from him these days may be more show than tell. If you see people acting out  in the grocery stor or speaking loudly in the elevator or somehow just trying to include the whole world in their private lives - you've just witness Mercury in Leo.
Next we come to Venus, or Aphrodite as the Greeks called her. Venus is visiting Cancer too this month so if you're looking for Love, this is where you'll find her. What does this actually mean you should do? Just consider that a beautiful lady - a real goddess in fact - may be coming to your house. Would Aphrodite go anywhere she wasn't welcome? Doubtful. So the first thing you want to do is make your home the sort of place this goddess would want to visit. Aphrodite particularly likes harmony, balance, beauty, personal belongings, ease and comfort. Bring these into your home and Aphrodite will come right along with them!
Mars who is known for his energy, his confidence, his self assertion and aggression is running around in Gemini these days. If you want to form a relationship with him right now be ready to get up and start moving. When Mars is in Gemini he wants to go off on trips, errands and just see and be seen. If this force is with you you'll find yourself getting antsy if you have to stay lock step with anyone. You'll prefer to be able to come and go as you please. If you're trying to co-ordinate your efforts with other mortals you may find everyone is happier buzzing about on their own and then meeting up later to compare notes.
I used to describe Saturn as the Giant Squelch of The Universe but I've decided not to do that anymore. Now that I'm recognizing the planets as real live entities I want to acknowledge that Saturn is the hardest working god in the whole solar system. If you want to get along with Saturn, recognize that he's the referee, It's a tough job but some planet has got to do it. He doesn't make the laws, he just has to enforce them. Saturn is set up in Libra now, the land of balance and fair play. Saturn is in his element here so if you think life has mistreated you, talk it over with Saturn. If you're right he'll make an adjustment - some good karma will come your way. If your just a whiner he wont do a darn thing for you but even so just pleading your case with Saturn will help you see where you need to do more to hold up your end of the bargain. He's not such a bad guy. He's more like a banker who says everything we have in life came to us on cosmic loan - what are we doing to pay it back?
Uranus is supposed to be friends with everyone, but he's not a particularly loyal friend. I think a more useful description of Uranus is to realize here is a god who doesn't play favorites. He may bring you flashes of insight like the lightening he is said to direct, but he'll also change plans and pull the rug out from under you if he thinks someone else has a better idea. It's wonderfully exciting to connect with Uranus but know with Uri everything can change in an instant so no commitments, no regrets. Uranus charged into Aries this year where his ideas about personal freedom and man's right to determine his own fate are shaking up the global political scene big time. He's turned retrograde now but that doesn't mean he's backing down. On the contrary, he's just waiting for the rest of the universe to catch up and see he's right. Meanwhile he and Saturn are having some pretty heavy negotiations. If Uranus is your co-pilot you may find yourself insisting you be given more control of your resources - and eventually you will be.  Saturn is just delaying things to be sure you'll be able to handle it. The more responsibly you handle your resources now the more quickly authority will be handed over to you in the months ahead.
This is a lot to absorb. I hope you'll play around with these "New Friends" some and we'll introduce the rest of the team next week.
Meanwhile, if you need any help, just call on these gods the way you would call on a personal friend. Or ask yourself, "What would Aphrodite do?"
And of course you can always call on me!
Until next time,
Rosada, EXT 2340

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Funny You Should Ask

"Wear my den chairs!" The caller sounded frantic. 
"Could you repeat that?" I asked. Her voice was mumbled and I could barely make out her words but she was obviously in great distress. My cards indicated something about bedrooms but that made no sense. Finally I figured out the question - it helps to be psychic! - the dear soul wasn't promoting wearing furniture, she was trying to find her lost teeth: "Where are my dentures?" After we got her put back together (the missing teeth had fallen behind the night stand) and enjoyed a good laugh, I got to thinking it might be fun to write out some of the other crazy questions folks have come up with over the years.

One that I think even spooked my spirit guides was the fellow who called wanting to know the winner for that afternoon's dog race. I think I've mentioned before how often my information comes through to me as songs playing in the back of my mind. As soon as the man stated the question I started hearing Danny Boy. "Read me the list of dogs that are running and I'll tell you what I pick up on, " I suggested. He did and sure enough, while there was no dog named Danny in the race that day, entrant number 8 was Wistful Tune. I figured that fit the message so I gave him my answer but I cautioned him that I personally was not a gambler and that I couldn't guarantee my angels knew anything about dog races either. We then said goodbye and I didn't give it anymore thought. Well, guess what? The next day he calls me back and not only had the dog won, but now he has his entire family in the living room waiting for me to just say the word - they were all going to bet their life's savings on the next race based on my advice! Youch! I don't know if it truly was a message from my guides or my own fears talking but I immediately started hearing the song, "Hit The Road, Jack!" and told him I had to get off the phone. I think it was the responsible thing to say but of course now I'm forever wondering what if there was a dog named Jack running that day...?

Sometimes people want to know even before their baby is big enough for an ultra sound if the child is going to be a boy or a girl. I tell them what I see in the cards but I also suggest trying the String and Ring test. This is where you thread your wedding ring on a string and have the baby's father hold it like a pendulum over your tummy. If it moves back and forth in a straight line it's a boy, if it goes in a circle it's a girl. One caller was concerned though because she didn't know who the father was and could I please look at the cards and describe him? As she had introduced herself as being married I wondered silently if she was hinting there had been an unauthorized one night stand... Well, the cards can usually describe a person quite accurately so I laid them out hoping what I saw would point to the husband. This time however I didn't know what to say. The cards were describing a very intelligent, handsome, healthy... stranger! Someone far away whom she'd never even met! As I stuttered and stalled she filled in the blanks. It seems she and her husband had been trying unsuccessfully for years to become pregnant and they had finally decided to go for artificial insemination. She was delighted to hear the it appeared the baby would have very healthy genes. I was pleased to know that once again my cards are always right - even if I didn't always interpret them right! Whew!

Well enough silly stories, back to work:
This week leading up to the full moon the sun is in Cancer the sign of home and family and friends who are like family. The recent eclipses have brought secrets out in the open and Saturn is insisting life be looked at with out any roses colored glasses but Jupiter in harmonious Taurus promises if we do all can be forgiven.

Thanks for asking,

Rosada, EXT 2340

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

While The Cat's Away The Mice Go Crazy.

If you've been reading my blog you know I'm not one for making negative predictions. I believe in the maxims "Where attention goes, energy flows" and, "Thoughts become things so pick the good ones." However the upcoming new moon eclipse in Cancer July 1st is so fraught with potential difficulties I've decided to break my own rule. This week we need to stop with the making happy talk and focus on what's real. There's not a moment to lose!

This upcoming new moon will take place in the sign Cancer which rules families and particularly mothers and babies. Ordinarily we can count on this time of year to offer opportunities for strengthening family ties. School is out and the long lazy days of summer lie ahead - or do they? That may not be the case this time. The eclipse taking place Friday symbolizes the steadying hand of the parent being absent or inconsequential and the emotions, symbolized by the moon, running wild. Personally I'm now trying to make my mantra "Keep calm" -  but I keep thinking of the ditty, "When in trouble or in doubt, run in circles, scream and shout!" 

In layman's terms the sun being eclipsed by the moon in Cancer means whomever we have looked to as the outside authority in our lives, the parent, the one we could always turn to for guidance and approval or the one we could always blame, is being eclipsed and may no longer be willing or able to play that authority role. This could manifest literally with a parent saying, "Your a grown up now, don't expect me to keep bailing you out!" Or an adult child saying, "Stop trying to manage my life!" Or - as is the case with so many of the Baby Boomers - with our parents having health issues making it so not only are they unable to be there for us as parents, but we are now having to take on the role of looking after them. These unasked for changes may trigger some fear and insecurity on both sides so the pouting and shouting potential this month is at an all time high.

 With our parents "eclipsed" and thus we no longer having an outside authority to cry to, the first challenge we're likely to be faced with is what to do with all the ungrounded emotions coming to the surface. Problems we should have taken responsibility for in the past come back to haunt us and feelings we used to repress now refuse to be silenced. It's easy to imagine some pretty bitter arguments manifesting at this time and with Uranus continuing to square Pluto they could grow into a family feud of epic proportions. If you wish to avoid quarrels no one can win, the moment misunderstandings appear don't fan the fires! Set about restoring trust!

 Now the good news. Jupiter, the planet of wisdom is trining Pluto, the planet of transformation. Once we have mastered the Cancerian impulse to indulge in drama, the way forward should emerge pretty quickly. In other words, when we stop the childish way of placing blame and accept the wise parent role of simply doing what needs to be done we should find our way out of difficulties with a minimum of pain and hardship.

 But if it ain't all that easy please know you can write to me here or give me a call! 
It's good to have friends!

Rosada, EXT 2340

Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Planets This Week

Thank heavens the planets move! Mars finally got out of it's stuck zone in Taurus and is buzzing alive in Gemini. Have you noticed the shift? Connections are finally coming together and it looks like progress is being made. Still a few slip ups to look out for - Mars in Gemini can perform like the knight in Alice in Wonderland who wanted to jump on his horse and speed off in all directions at once. To make the most of this burst of energy, break projects into small steps and don't burn out trying to plan things too far into the future.. You will probably find that you are being confronted with new choices (Gemini) and need to make fresh decisions (Mars) each step of the way this week.
I like to look at the planets in order of their degree. That is, rather than looking at the sun, then the moon, then Mercury etc., I look at which planet is at the earliest degree of the sign it is in. This tellsmes what sort of energy we will be connecting with first in the day. Mars is now at 0 degrees Gemini, so I bet a lot of us are finding ourselves starting our day doing Gemini things such as planning and making lists. Neptune is at 0 degrees Pisces so next we look at Neptune, the planet ruling patience and surrender which has entered Pisces but turned retrograde meaning it appears to be moving backwards. (It's not really, it just looks that way from the earth.) Neptune retrograde in Pisces signifies a time when change is happening so quickly we find ourselves needing to rely on our ability to just surrender to the moment and go with the flow. Mystical Neptune paired now with mental Gemini Mars makes for a tricky combination. We quickly find all our plans and lists need revision. To avoid angry outbursts I think this quote from Marilyn Monroe gives the best advice for when if feels like there is just too much going on: "Did you ever notice How 'What the hell?' is always the right answer?"!
Jupiter began its year long sojourn in Taurus this month. Those of you born in the first degrees of Taurus (April 22 -26) should be experiencing a time of expanding your sense of what's possible and finding yourselves able to draw good fortune to you. The rest of us can benefit from this planet of wisdom in the earthly sign too, we just have to do it a bit more consciously. Jupiter in Taurus says think about what you are wanting, inwardly scan who or what you know could help you, and then follow the lead that comes to you.
Uranus encourages teamwork but in Aries this week it cautions team members need their individual responsibilities. Give yourself and everyone else space to do their thing. Love relationships particularly can experience stress if one partner is insisting that if you really love them you'll do things their way.
Which brings us to Pluto in Capricorn. Uranus in Aries is making a harsh connection to Pluto and this push-coming-to-shove line up is going to be with us for several months yet. We're seeing it play out particularly in the world of international finance with various countries on the brink of bankruptcy. Because Pluto brings power plays and restructuring I am expecting that at the very last minute we'll be seeing currency being re valuated to save the world from ruin. For us individuals I suspect we are going to need to keep an eye on congress to protect the Social Security program. In our daily lives the advice is to as much as possible avoid power struggles. You my find yourself feeling really resentful of anyone who tries to control you. Consider the lesson here maybe it's time to learn self control.
Happily, Saturn has turned direct in Libra. The shenanigans created by the Uranus-Pluto stand off will be dealt with by the ruler of cosmic justice and fair play. This means if for a moment there you were thinking you might be able to pull a fast one, please be warned pay back's a bummer. Play it straight these days and if something of yours is taken you could find it's soon replaced - perhaps with something even better.
Mercury in Cancer means family matters are on the forefront this week. Indeed you may find yourself more psychically intune with your relatives at this time so act on any intuitions to call or send a friendly email.
The planet of last degree for the next six days will be Venus in Gemini. This is a very positive omen for there always being a way for things to end on  a fair and friendly note.
In brief:
Mars in Gemini - Lots to think about. Make lists.
Neptune in Pisces - But things are in a state of flux, so be willing to adapt.
Jupiter in Taurus - Many options if you look.
Uranus in Aries/ Pluto in Capricorn - Don't take it all on at once or try to fight city hall.
Saturn in Libra - A solution could come that's better than any you try to force.
Mercury in Cancer - It's all about family.
Venus in Gemini - So end each day with a kind word.
Talk to you super soon,
Rosada, EXT 2340