Sunday, March 25, 2012

Beauty Tips from The Stars

The sun is in Aries this month - the sign that rules the head and face. It's the ideal time for a beauty make-over!

Aries the leader so don't be shy about setting a new trend. Have you been dressing like a bear in hibernation? Get out of those winter clothes and put on something that says spring! And what about your hair? Some astrologers say Leo rules The Mane, but even so it's an Aries issue because it grows on the head and it's the FIRST thing men notice!

Uranus, the planet of freedom and rebellion is also in Aries - Oh boy, you may be tempted to try something totally unexpected. With Uranus squaring Pluto, the planet of Life and Death, you may even be thinking of something drastic. As everything comes out in the open on the full moon (April 6) I bet we'll be seeing a lot of zany styles on that day. Shaved heads? Tattoos?

Mercury retrograde warns we'll want to rethink those ideas the morning after!

Mars is also retrograde but will be turning direct mid April. This planet will be supporting us in launching a total body make-over then. Start the diet and exercise routine after April 14 and have a bikini body by summer.

Venus and Jupiter are strong in Taurus, the sign of art and beauty this next month.  Along with improving one''s personal look, these vibrations will be helping spruce up our physical surroundings too. It should be easier than ever to create a whole environment of comfort now.

Venus particularly encourages bringing fresh flowers in the home for attracting love into your life. Fresh flowers are best but good quality artificial flowers will also work. Dried flowers suggest hanging on to relationships that are dead so no potpourri!

Don't forget the power of perfume. Neptune has entered Pisces, the sign that rules this subtle seducer. I prefer lavender scents but I've read that men respond most favorably to cinnamon. Of course with Uranus prominent and Mars retro maybe it's time to go back to one of the old favorites from the Age of Aquarius - Patchouli Oil! 

 Neptune also rules music so to manifest your perfect world this month let some beautiful background music evoke just the right feeling tone.

We haven't mentioned dear old Saturn yet. I'm afraid old and wrinkled Father Time doesn't get invited to too many beauty-bashes. Well this month Saturn is retrograde. I wonder if that makes this the ideal season for getting a face-lift? Turning back time, so to speak?

Lots to think about but for now let's just relax.
Remember, the best beauty secret from the stars:

 "God's in his heavens, all is right with the world."

Rosada, EXT 2340

Monday, March 19, 2012

The First Day of The Rest of Your Life.

New moon in Aries March 22 - the first day of spring. A fabulous marker for making this coming Thursday The First Day of The Rest of Your Life!

I try to remember to write down what I'm doing on the new moon day each month because it does turn out that the energies I'm entertaining on the new moon come into grand fruition under the full moon. It's fun to look back and see how - yes indeedy - if a person is eating well on the new moon they'll be feasting on the full. Conversely, I've realized if I'm mad at anyone on the new moon I'm likely to be mad at everyone by the full! Thus I try to live the new moon day very consciously.

 As Aries rules all matters having to do with the self-image and particularly the head, this new moon in Aries will be a powerful one for making up personal affirmations for getting in shape. Aries also rules sports so March 22 would be a great day to initiate a physical activity that becomes a healthy habit. For example if you happen to go for a hike on this new monn you might find you have such a good time you're inspired to make walks a regular part of your daily routine.  

The over all emphasis of this Aries new moon is on empowering individual initiative with the ultimate goal of knowing oneself well enough to then be able to comfortably connect with others as partners (the next full moon will be on April 6th in Libra, the sign of partnership). Any activities that align with the ideals of Be The Best You Can Be and Do Your Own Thing should find support this month. Of course this doesn't mean your partner will be thrilled if you suddenly quit your job or take up playing the trumpet in the bedroom. Claim you freedom quietly but deliberately. Several planets are cautioning us now is the time but also to make haste slowly:

For example, Mercury, the planet ruling the mind's ability to sort and use information, has turned retrograde in the sign Aries, the sign of beginnings. This symbolizes we're getting a whole lot of new information that should point us in new directions, but also because Mercury is retrograde we're being advised to slow down and think things through before we react to the news. Thus you may be learning some startling things this month - maybe even family secrets coming to light - but if you act on the new information with an Aries' impulsiveness you may trigger more worries than results.

Next we've got Uranus the planet of freedom and independence also in Aries. So again the new insights Mercury is bringing us are going to be inspiring us break loose, speak up, speak out - the truth will set us free!!  HOWEVER...

Be aware Pluto, the planet of Life and Death and Transformation, is in tight connection to this disruptive Uranus intensifying situations and possibly making everything more of a crisis than it has to be.

So there we have it: sun, moon, Mercury and Uranus all in Aries and squared by Pluto making the March message Live Free or Die!  And yet.. if we don't take up arms right away, if we use the Mercury retrograde option to calm down, slow down, meditate for a bit, who knows? Given a little time things just might sort themselves out and... everyone lives free and no one dies!

Please Lord,
Give me patience and give it to me now,

Rosada, EXT 2340

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Know Thyself.

We've got a terrific line up of planets this week. Venus, the planet of love, beauty, and partnership, is going to be  conjuncting (in-the-same-space-with) Jupiter, the planet of blessings and abundance on Tuesday. Wednesday and Thursday. PLUS at the same time Mars, the planet of energy and ambition, is going to be trining (making a positive connection) with these two AND the moon will be Scorpio intensifying the whole line-up and making it impossible to ignore.

What does this mean and how can we best utilize the energies?

Venus and Jupiter will be in the sign Taurus. Taurus rules the physical world - energy as solid manifestation. What we see in the world around us is energy aligned in accordance with how we have been directing it. The physical world is a reflection or a solidification of our own thinking. This sounds like it should be a good thing, yes? However although Venus and Jupiter are considered to be "good" planets, they can't always be counted on to bring us our ideal of what is good. Usually they do, but in Taurus they only guarantee we'll see the results, the manifestation, of our habitual thinking patterns so depending on how capable we are of directing our attention - do we focus on what we want to have happen or do we obsess about what might go wrong? - the result may or may not be what we thought we had intended. In other words, we may think we were focusing on the positive but if our emotional attitude has been negative or if we've simply let our thoughts wander we may not like the results. The optimist will see the donut, the pessimist will see the hole.

Which is why this week's line up of planets is such a great opportunity -  it will be abundantly clear by next Sunday how our own attitudes have contributed to the creation of our experience. This can be very helpful feedback! Thus while there isn't a guarantee of bliss - indeed I can see from reading the papers this morning the fear mongers are making a major push to create crisis today - there is definitely the promise that this is the week we will all get to finally, without a doubt, KNOW and SEE how it is our thoughts create our reality. 

So of course this week I'm urging everyone to make a particular effort to call whatever happens a blessing. It may not appear to be one at first, especially if we've gotten into negative thinking patterns and have created some manifestations we're not too pleased with, but fear not! Mars is retrograde (that is, it appears to be moving backwards) in Virgo, the sign of work and self-improvement. Therefor even if what we see isn't exactly what we wanted to get, we will surely be able to see how our own habits contributed to the creation AND now be able to back up, think a fresh thought and turn things around - quickly!

Moon in Scorpio mid-week will be emphasizing this is no superficial project we're taking on. (Scorpio demands quiet and deep reflection to get to the core, the true essence of creation.) It's an opportunity to Know Thyself. Although I just predicted we'll be able to see results right away, this is an ongoing process - the evolution of our consciousness! - and it ought not be rushed. Indeed, we may find our quickest path to enlightenment right now is to slow everything down.
See somethings emerging you're not pleased with? Hold off responding to the manifestation - that just give's it more reality. Take a moment to bless the situation and see the opportunity. THEN consider how best to respond.

Speaking of slowing things down, I should also mention that Mercury turns retrograde Monday March 12. Even though Venus and Jupiter are so encouraging this week, the planet of communication at a standstill may cause some slight problem of communication between you and loved ones. If you haven't taken the trouble to communicate your special love for your partner recently you may see some manifestation of distress. (Healing tip: Venus in delicious Taurus and the moon in intense Scorpio suggests dark chocolate!) Or on the other hand, problems may have arisen due to one of you pushing your own agenda too forcefully and now it's necessary to ease off and re-establish a foundation of friendship before trying to take things to the next level..

In conclusion, these powerful planets in Taurus and Scorpio don't promise we'll necessarily get what we think we want but they do suggest this week can be a time of deepening awareness of how universal forces work and particularly their mysterious potential for attracting beneficial, protective energies for manifesting. Then as we recognize how this all happens we can create what is truly our heart's desire - that is to be active participants in creating a peaceful loving world.

Know thyself - because you're the one creating all this!

Rosada, EXT 2340

Sunday, March 4, 2012

March Madness or What Was It I Came Here For?

Two little old ladies are chatting on a park bench reliving old times but also noting how frustrating it is when one's memory doesn't work as well it used to. "My memory is the worst," declares one friend. "I've known you for twenty years but I have to ask you : What was your name again?"
The second lady looks a bit sheepish and replies, "Uh - Do you have to know now?"

I've been using that phrase a lot lately as I've been feeling forgetful, confused, unsure of what direction to take - so it was very comforting when an astrologer friend of mine reassured me this is all part of the Great Shift in Consciousness the planet is going through this year.
It's as if our old brains have been unplugged for retooling and the new program hasn't been installed yet. In astrological terms this all relates to Uranus and Saturn. Uranus, the planet of new insights is now at at the first degrees of the first sign, Aries meaning a whole new world is on the horizon. However, we're not able to fully function there yet as Saturn, the planet of commitment is at the last degrees of Libra - the sign ruling contracts - impelling us to first complete old agreements, pay off debts, forgive any hurts but most particularly to fulfill our soul contracts.

Now what is a soul contract? 

Glad you asked: 

Supposedly before incarnating in a body we each made a promise, a commitment to do something or other with our time on earth. Trouble is, once our spirit entered the physical plane we all pretty much forgot what it was we agreed to do. This means that for much of our lifetimes we've bumbled about finding ourselves in bizarre situations with impossible people and asking, "Why was it I came here?" Well, now with Saturn exiting Libra and the deadline for rebirth December 21, 2012 coming up at the end of the year it's time to remember our vows and live the life we were created for. Trouble is, before we can remember our true intentions it seems we need to go through a period of releasing our old way of experiencing the world - mainly one in which everything took hard work and no miracles allowed. This belief system is no longer helpful or valid in the new age coming in. However, as most of our memories have been anchored to situations of challenge and stress, as we shift our belief systems from thinking working harder will save us to acknowledging the possibilities of miracles, our entire internal filing system is having to be reorganized. That's what's happening with human consciousness this spring. The changes are causing us all to feel a bit disoriented. Plus We've all been torn apart with very difficult situations these last 2 - 6 months, situations that could not be resolved with work or money. It's as if as a species we'd finally gotten ourselves in so much trouble we are at last willing to look to Spirit and to finally consider the possibility of miracles and divine intervention simply because nothing else is working! And lo! Spirit answers! I'm hearing stories everyday of folks turning to using prayer and visualization because nothing else could solve their problems but then as they do this the prayers are getting answered, the problems are getting solved!

This is wonderful of course, but we don't have this new belief system entirely up and running yet. During this period of transition as we are finally using these tools (and thus at last "getting it" that it really is our feeling tone and our expectations that create our reality) it means we are also having to rethink how we've been living our lives up until now and to re-evaluate what it all means. Thus our memories are literally disconnected this winter and and now we're re-membering, that is our memories are coming back together but in totally different patterns - ones that include the recognition of miracles and divine intervention. When the new understanding comes together we will all be feeling much healthier, smarter and just plain happier, but right now it's been rough, particularly these last two months when we've all been having problems that positively demanded we start believing in the potential of miracles because we had no where else to turn. But if you're reading this blog it means you're already a survivor! You've already recognized a miracle or two helped you make it through tumultuous January and February and now we can use these awarenesses even more profitably this March when even as the challenges get wilder both Venus and Jupiter, the planets of blessing and abundance, are in stable Taurus making it even easier see how thoughts and prayers do indeed become things

In order that you may more easily flow with the tremendous shift taking place I thought this week I'd post a daily To-Do List to help keep us out of confusion and focused on the future:

Try to do some of these every day:

Pray, chant, meditate, use affirmations - whatever is your thing but do something that invites spirit into your life.

Our minds are constantly judging everything going on as "good" or "bad", a very limiting practice. Train yourself to at least start by describing questionable situations as "An opportunity." You don't have to actually see the opportunity or even believe there is one. By saying the word you are calling the opportunity forth.

Then when you see your chance, take it!  Do something everyday that says to the world you are serious about being a part of the new consciousness. Follow your instincts. Your hunches will become stronger, louder, clearer as you start acting on them

Meat takes longer to digest and thus stays in our stomach longer and thus keeps our chi, our energy, centered in the lower chakras of fear and survival. Vegetables are more easily digested and quickly send the chi up to our higher centers of wisdom and love

 Our bodies are going through a huge transformation at this time. All the changes in our world are putting great demands on this our most valuable tool and possession. Resisting transformation or the opposite, trying to change too much too soon puts tremendous stress on this physical manifestation of our spiritual self. Talk to your body like you would any other animal you want to have as your helper and friend. Tell yourself your plans. Out loud. When we think something it stays in one part of the brain but when we say it out loud the idea is transfered to something like 20,000 places in the brain. Start the day by letting your body know your plans!

 Voice your intentions out loud. Then become quiet and feel your body's response. If you feel energized and excited like a dog eager to go for a run that's your body saying "Yes! This is doable. The path is clear." But sometimes the body says "No" and even a reasonable sounding idea doesn't arouse any enthusiasm.
Experience has shown me that when the body says "No" I've got to pay attention. Maybe my plan just needs to be tweaked a bit but often it turns out something was coming up I couldn't have known about but my instincts sensed on the horizon. Whatever, I've learned to pay attention to Mrs.Body!

If you try a few of these suggestions it's amazing how quickly you'll find Spirit helping you to recognize your life's purpose and your soul contract.

If you'd like to become even more clear about your soul contract call me and let's do a personal reading.

Opportunities are everywhere!

Rosada, EXT 2340