Sunday, July 29, 2012

2012 - Are We There Yet?

I'm taking a class in psychic channeling. This is the art of being able to so quiet one's own mind that you can hear voices not your own and hopefully tune in on advice and wisdom coming from a higher consciousness. Our instructor, Rihanna, is a musician who first became aware of her channeling abilities as a child when she was in the habit of singing along with the tunes she heard playing in the back of her head. She didn't realize no one else in her family could hear them until one day when she was involved in a car accident. Fortunately no one was hurt but even so there were police cars and flashing lights and high drama. Noticing that her daughter was watching it all with a look of joy and wonder her mother exclaimed, "Rihanna! This is nothing to be happy about!" "But Mother, " she replied, "Just listen to the music!" I guess the angels were singing something akin to a full on opera that day and she's been telling people about the music ever since. Now she's starting to hear voices too and says that if we care to and pay attention she has received that EVERY SINGLE ONE OF US can be channeling by the end of the year. 

Because I've found that anything I send out over the Internet tends to manifest quicker - it's as if I've written my thoughts on a thousand prayer wheels - I am going to share her teachings with you, Gentle Readers. in hopes we can all participate in the chorus by Dec. 21, 2012.

The first step is to recognize and affirm that hearing messages from other dimensions is possible and that we are already doing it. Come up with a mantra and repeat it often. Mine is, "I am a wide open receiver for helpful inspiration."  Note the "helpful inspiration" part - you don't want to be picking up on just any old chatter! This reminds me of a cartoon I saw where the medium is gazing into a crystal ball and squeals, "I see fire! And I see rain! And I see sunny days I thought would never come again!" the client looks a little nervous and murmurs, "Uh, I think you are picking up on an oldies station..." Exactly, so do be sure to specify what you're willing to tune in on!

 Again, affirm you believe this is possible and that you want it to happen, otherwise your unconscious will simply filter it all out and you'll never know what you've been missing.

Next find or start a group of like-minded individuals. Our class is conducted like a silent prayer circle. We speak as little as possible when we come in, we sit silently for about 15 minutes (that's a looong time if you're new to this!). Rihana then places an envelope on which someone has written a question in the center of our circle. We sit in silence for another minute or two and then she has us go around the circle and say aloud what we "received." Some one might have heard actual words or perhaps they had a thought though they might not be sure if it came from their own mind or a higher source, sometimes people see visions or colors or they may just feel something - sad or elated. No one judges what each says. It's very important to feel it's okay to share your insight, no matter how peculiar. After we have each reported our receiving Rihana opens the envelope and reads the question. It is usually something about a life situation - "What is my true work?" - but sometimes it's very specific like, "Where did I put my reading glasses?" The amazing thing is the answers that come through. Sometimes people get information that is spot on! Another thing that is interesting is how the "right" answers can come to anyone - not necessarily the most experienced. Indeed that's been a powerful lesson for me - wonderful proof that the guides and angels will work through anyone who makes themselves available.

Making yourself available on a regular basis is key. Although you may receive guidance at odd moments now and then - usually when there is some emergency and your higher mind crashes in with a sudden warning - if you are wanting to be able to hear guidance at will you need to train your self to feel safe, relax and go within. This happens best when you are in familiar surroundings with people you trust. Our classes are held twice a week which feels about right although some people add an extra private session. More than that however Rihana says is actually counter-productive. You need to stay grounded on earth and not spend all your time in the clouds!

Finally it is helpful to keep track of your progress. You may not feel you are developing for three or four months at the beginning so a notebook of mini-successes can help keep your resolve strong. In six months you should be feeling tuned in, strong and confident!

Rihanna says psychic channeling is something we are all going to be able to do by the end of the year, the time the Mayan Calendar predicts is the start of a whole new era. However, as in spirit there is no time we can actually do it now if we care to give it a chance so here's a sample of what's coming through now: At our last session one of the questions in the envelope was "Who will be elected president in November?" We got all sorts of different responses, Rihanna - who did not know what the question was - started humming "La Bamba!" Could that mean Obama? You read it here first!

Best wishes, and let's teach the world to sing!

Rosada, EXT 2340

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Sabian Symbols - 360 Degrees of Insights

Every sign of the zodiac is associated with a symbol. Aries is The Ram, Taurus is The Bull and so forth. Knowing what a sign's symbol is gives instant insight into the meaning of the sign. A ram can bash through obstacles with his horns and likewise, Aries people are known for not letting any hurdle hold them back either. Bulls have a reputation for being quiet, calm creatures unless aroused. Similarly Taurus folk are considered to be the most patient and placid of the entire zodiac - unless they're pushed, at which point they behave like the bull in the china shop. The point is memorizing the symbols can give you a terrific quick start to understanding the signs. Now as most people interested in astrology already know the symbols for the signs, this week I am going to take things up a notch and introduce the symbols for the degrees of each sign, The Sabian Symbols. 

The origin of the Sabian Symbols in our time dates back to 1925 when Marc Edmund Jones, an astrologer and author of many classic astrology textbooks, and the clairvoyant Elsie Wheeler spent on incredible day together where she channeled all 360 images (12 signs x 30 degrees = 360 symbols) and he recorded her visions. They believed the information originated with a group known as The Brothers who called themselves Sabians and lived in Mesopotamia centuries ago.

This was not the first time an attempt was made to match a symbol with each astrological degree but these Sabian Symbols have proven over time to so often be appropriate and meaningful that now all serious students of astrology acknowledge their authenticity. 

Sabian Symbols come in handy when one is trying to sum up how a particular astrological configuration might actually manifest. You may know a person was born on a certain date with a certain sign but what does it actually mean? Jesus Christ's birthday is celebrated on December 25th. The Sabian Symbol for that day is "The human soul, in its eagerness for new experience seeks embodiment." Knowing this might lead to some interesting conversations about why Jesus came to earth and what was his true mission - perhaps to show humanity a whole new way of experiencing life? Knowing the symbol for this - or any date - can inspire new ideas and new perspectives. Perhaps knowing the image for the day will cause you to recognize a significance to events you might not have noticed before.

I usually look at the Sabian Symbols for the moon phases. For the new moon last week it seems it was sadly appropriate. At 27 degrees Cancer the Sabian Symbol was "A violent storm in a residential canyon filled with valuable homes." I see this as predicting the tragic events in Aurora where people trapped in a theatre - a canyon - were victims of the shooter's violent emotional storm.

This story of this tragedy seems to evolve in the weeks ahead. This coming Thursday, July 26, the first quarter moon will be at 4 degrees Scorpio. The Sabian Symbol pictures "A youth holding a lighted candle in a devotional ritual and gains a sense of the great 'other world'." Perhaps we will we be seeing our country drawing together in rituals of prayer for the victims and awareness of the spiritual world beyond this one.

The Sabian Symbol for the August 1 full moon at 11 Aquarius will be "During a silent hour, a man receives a new inspiration which may change his life." How amazing is the pattern we're seeing developing here! Could this be a sign that out of this horrific attack will come meditation and soul searching and possibly change?

August 9, the final moon phase, the 3/4 moon - which I find to be just as significant as the full moon for bringing intentions into manifestation - will be at 18 Taurus. The Sabian Symbol for this degree is "A woman airing an old bag through a sunny window to give it air and sunshine." Wow, sounds like here will have some opportunity to put the new inspirations into action. Cleaning out old attitudes, renewal, bringing in the light. I sure hope so.

I have used the shootings in Colorado and the potential we have now as a nation to come together for prayer and transformation to illustrate the possible meanings of these Sabian Symbols. However you may also find the images resonate with events going on in your own personal life story too. You may find this month has brought emotional tensions to the forefront which can now be dispersed with prayer and renewal. You may find it beneficial to do the things described by the symbols on the days of the moon phases:
July 26, first quarter moon: Light a candle and tune in to the great "other world".
August 1: full moon: Spend an hour in silence, honor new insights.
August 9: Shake out the old bags and carpets and let the sunshine in!

Give me a call to learn the meanings of your personal Sabian Symbols - the images describing the day you were born.

Rosada, EXT 2340

Sunday, July 15, 2012

New Moon in Cancer: Exactly What Will Happen Next May Be Rather Uncertain.

 Those of you who have been following this blog know that I am a great believer in noting where you are and what you're doing at the time of the new moon each month. This is because the new moon moment is our opportunity to plant our seeds of intention for the month ahead. Whatever we are doing at the time of the new moon will most likely be a continuing theme throughout the month and particularly at the time of the full moon and the three quarter moon when we reap what we sowed. This week on Wednesday July 19 at 12:24 a.m. we will have a new moon in Cancer at 26 degrees. Unfortunately it's a particularly precarious configuration. The moon at a degree famous for storms both physical and emotional is surrounded by other planets who are also making some harsh aspects. However, hopefully by being aware of these energies we can say a few prayers before going to bed Tuesday night and dilute the drama enough that we experience peace on the full moon next month. 

Seriously, do not watch scary movies Tuesday night and eat only foods that will give you sweet dreams!

Here's why:

First Mars, the god of war is in Libra where he's known for being very passive aggressive. If you find yourself mad at someone and you're not sure why, blame it on Mars itching to start a fight. He'll be trining Jupiter the god of humor Tuesday morning but squaring brutal Pluto Tuesday evening. Thus what starts out as gentle teasing could lead to tempers flaring by nightfall.

At the same time, the moon will be squaring Saturn meaning the powers that be are in no mood to be tolerant. Roudy children will get sent to bed without their supper!

As if that weren't enough, Mars then goes on to oppose Uranus, the god of upset and uncertainty on Wednesday. You can bet some fool is going to claim Saturn's rules don't apply to him, but trust me, now's definitely not the time to speak your truth to authority.

Next comes the tricky part. In the midst of all this stir up of energies and egos we have the new moon. What seeds are you going to be planting here? If you're able to keep your cool you'll do just fine. But if you're still hanging on to a bummer by the time you turn in Tuesday night you could find yourself recreating all these dramas over and over again in the weeks ahead.

So what should one do when the gods are so crazy? Go to bed waaay early? Not necessarily, but staying away from potential trouble spots is a good idea. As the sun is in Cancer the trouble spots are probably going to center around home and family issues. With Saturn involved in a difficult aspect, the father or person acting as the ultimate authority will be seen as being too restrictive, or maybe it's just harsh reality pushing pent up emotions to finally explode. Whatever, I'd make sure you feed every one well this week and have plenty of comfort food on hand Tuesday - Thursday.

Survivors will have reason to celebrate by Friday. The moon will have moved into good hearted Leo, eager to forgive, forget and even be all kissy-face with Venus in light-hearted Gemini.

 I love that expression: Light-hearted, as in a heart filled with light!

Let it be,

Rosada, EXT 2340

Monday, July 9, 2012

Mars and Finding Your Life's Purpose

What with the state of our economy lately I find a lot of you are calling me asking about money and employment issues. i'm finding that many of us have fallen into the trap of looking at work as primarily a way to pay our bills. We don't even expect to be particularly happy or fulfilled by a job anymore even though channeling our energy in a way that is compatible with our talents is the surest route to prosperity and happiness. In fact, most of us don't even know what we want to do or what we might be good at.

Here's where a psychic reading can really be helpful. Astrology particularly can give us guidance in the area of finding and following our life's purpose - or to put it on a more mundane level, a psychic reading can show us what is our true work. If you are doing your true work the Universe seems to always provide, even when the job doesn't come with a paid salary! We instinctively recognize the truth in the expression, "Follow your bliss and the money will follow you," yet the reality of our world today with the high cost of living has intimidated us so that we dare not risk taking time to discover our talents and or to find the vocation that might truly make us happy. Kids pick their career choices based on the paycheck. How many lives are trapped in frustration because the soul finds itself spending it's time doing work it is not suited for?! The Artist will never find success as an accountant and likewise the man who has the knack for numbers will feel lost playing the role of artist - even if he is praised and well paid. 

But help is at hand! To find out things about one's personality we usually look at the sign the sun is in but to find your talent and proper vocation an astrologer looks at the sign you have Mars in.

Mars in Aries people have the gift for getting things started, getting things moving. Work that rewards courage. fast action and the ability to think independently is what an Aries Mars is best suited for. They can can be successful in sales, sports and any kind of competitive activity.

Taurus Mars people know the value of routine and dependability. Work requiring reliability and patience might bore an Aries to distraction, but a Taurus knows how to make waiting pay off.

Gemini Mars people energize communication. Don't ever take a job sitting in an isolated cubicle if you have Mars Gemini! You need a job that has you buzzing about exchanging ideas and making connections.

Cancer Mars people are caregivers. Whether they are looking after others directly or doing a job to earn money to take care of others, Cancer people tap into their talents when their motivation is to provide security.

Leo Mars is here just to have a good time I think. Truly, Leo is the sign that rules Performing and a Leo Mars can do anything they want and make it work as long as they have fun while their doing it - and maybe if they have an audience to offer a little applause. 

Virgo Mars needs to have work where careful attention to detail is required and of course they need to feel their efforts are being of service. If you have a chore that you find tedious but necessary, hire a Mars in Virgo - they won't be satisfied till it's done right.

Libra Mars people often find success in the military. Libra wants peace and Mars in Libra isn't afraid to fight for it! 

Scorpio Mars people thrive where intense focus is required. Jobs that involve danger come under Scorpio's domain. Warning, without a real challenge Mars in Scorpio people may create drama where none exists. 

Sagittarius is the sign of travel and philosophy. A person with Mars in Sagittarius is always wondering what is over the next horizon. They won't stay long on any job that doesn't allow them to get out and move around.

Capricorn Mars may start at the bottom but you can be sure they will eventually work their way to the top. People with Mars in Capricorn should consider taking work where there's opportunity for advancement and where longevity matters.

Aquarian Mars brings energy to group activities. If you have Mars in Aquarius work that requires networking and co-ordinating with others would suit you, but be sure you're authorized to make decisions on your own - Mars in Aquarius always finds work situations that aren't covered in the manual.

Pisces Mars works best in private secluded settings. Work that allows them to follow their intuition suits the Mars in Pisces native.

The moon will be making some strong aspects to Mars this week. making it an opportune time to connect and go with our instincts. If you don't know where your Mars is, give me a call and I'll be glad to look up that detail for you - after all, I have Mars in Virgo!


Rosada, EXT 2340

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Where's The Party?

Jolly Ole Sol is in Cancer this week, the sign of home and family and a great time to have a family reunion or a Fourth of July Party. In fact, this Fourth the moon will be in Aquarius the sign of Friendship and Equality - so it's a particularly good day for celebrating the true meaning of America, the country destined to be the place where all souls, dressed in all colors with all philosophies, can come together to share their experience under the protective banner of The American Flag - The Flag of Freedom, The Flag of Peace.

If you host such a party, here are some of the characters that are sure to show up:

Someone will be channeling Mercury, the god of communication dressed in Super Star Leo. You'll recognize him as the one who is full of fun ideas and entertaining conversation - tell a good joke and it could be you!

Because Venus is hanging out in Gemini- ruling neighborhoods - this week, The Neighbors are acting as her representatives - so be sure to invite some of them.

Mars, the god of energy will be leaving Volunteer Virgo on July third and slipping into Lazy Libra by the fourth. Keep your plans super simple cause you may not have too many Virgo-volunteers offering to help. But if you do need some assistance all you need to do is ask. Mars in Libra doesn't want to volunteer anymore, but he is willing to Libra-negotiate his fee - a Thank-you perhaps? 

Jupiter, the god of expansion and travel will also be in Gemini/The Neighborhood. This party may  expand to last longer than expected - and you might even all end up traveling to your neighbor's house!

Saturn, the god of self-restraint and discipline, has just come out of retrograde/hibernation and is moving direct in Libra the sign of relationships. He may show up as a guest who feels hurt because they weren't formally invited. Create good karma for yourself by telling any guests who look as if they feel unconnected how happy you are they came. 

You needn't worry about formality with Uranus - He never waits for an invitation. No doubt The God of The Unexpected Guest will show up at your party - but only if you don't expect him. You'll know he's around when things don't go according to schedule and since Uranus is an Aries these days, the sign of beginnings, this party is likely to start off with a bang!

Neptune, the god of dreams is in Pisces, his natural home. If you want Neptune to come to the party play some sentimental music that pulls everyone together and makes everyone feel at home.

Finally Pluto, the god of force and power is in Capricorn acting as the doorman. Anyone trying to force their opinion on others will be politely asked to leave.

Now to continue with our study of card reading using the standard playing deck. In week's past I have written about the meanings of the suits and numbers up through the 9 of Spades. You can read those columns in the archives.

Today we focus on card number ten, the number of Mastery. This number indicates mastery of whatever field the suit represents.

10 of Hearts: Mastery of Love. Universal Love. Love of groups, family. Also success with the public and with the arts.

10 of Clubs: Mastery of The Mind. The teacher's card. Success in mental fields. Can mean too much on the mind, a mind that can't turn off.

10 of Diamonds: Mastery of Money. A large sum of money. A great interest in money. Success in dealing with groups of people.

10 of Spades: Mastery of All. The drive to overcome all obstacles.

Best wishes for a safe and
Happy Fourth of July!


Rosada, EXT 2340