Sunday, October 26, 2014

Scorpio Sun - Awareness of Change

  1. This post is titled AWARENESS of Change because while we are taught Scorpio means
    change, I find it's not just that something significant happens on the exact day
     a planet enters the sign, but rather that the change may have been there
    for sometime - we just didn't become aware of it until the Scorpio connection kicks
    in - like the frog in the slowly heating water, maybe we don't realize things are
    different until they reach a certain point and the month of Scorpio is often the time
    when we finally realize something is indeed different, and we need to change our
    thinking to keep up.

    Like you suddenly realize your children aren't little kids anymore. When did they get
    so big? Gotta change the thinking habits.
    Or you realize you're not a size 12 anymore, oops, when did I get so big? Gotta change
    the eating habits.

    Anyway, I'm surmising that over the next few weeks we're going to find ourselves
    recognizing patterns and seeing where things are heading - resulting in a sense of "I
    can't pretend the old routines work anymore. Obviously things have changed from how
    they used to be."

    Scorpio brings out secrets and hidden truths but be forewarned the reason things are
    hidden is usually because some part of us didn't want to know the full story. For
    example a lot of truths about how our government operates may come out this fall,
    but do we really want to know? Like it or not though, this month truth will out.

    On the other hand, if one does want to know the full story and takes advantage of
    the lifting of the vail this Sun in Scorpio time offers, a lot of confusion could be cleared
    up quickly this month.  A great opportunity time for getting a truly meaningful psychic
    reading, btw!

    Saturn is an important player these days too. Saturn is also in Scorpio close to the
    end of the sign. In fact, it is The Planet of Last Degree now and will be for the next month
    or so. By this I mean that there are 30 degrees to each sign and currently Saturn is at
    23 degrees in the sign Scorpio and there are no other planets at more advanced degrees
    in whatever sign they are in.

    This means that as the Moon circles the globe, its final aspect in each sign will most often
    be some sort of connection - a conjunction, sextile, square opposition - to Saturn. For
    example, today the Moon is in Scorpio and over the next couple of days it will move through
    Scorpio making connections with Venus, the Sun, Jupiter and so forth. Eventually it will
    reach 22 degrees where Saturn is (a connection, aspect, called a conjunction), after that it
    won't connect with any other planets until it leaves the sign at 30 Scorpio. So the last planet
    the Moon connects with before leaving Scorpio will be Saturn.

    Astrologically this means that any activity begun in the preceding two days while the Moon
    was in Scorpio, will end on a Saturn serious, need-to-be-responsible note. Also, as Saturn
    rules structure and limitations this suggests that promises and commitments made at this
    time must be fulfilled before new opportunities can be taken advantage of. The trend is
    towards seriousness and even depression. The manifestation of harsh reality. And as Saturn
    is the planet of last degree and will be for some weeks until Venus and Mars and the Sun
    move forward a bit, even as the Moon moves on to other signs the Moon's final aspect will
    still continue to be some connection with Saturn.

    We're in for a prolonged period where we're probably needing to keep our emotions calm
    and our expectations realistic in order for us to move ahead smoothly.
    As Scorpio rules shared resources and Saturn has to do with things of a practical nature,
    perhaps this New Moon will offer opportunities for where we can hook up with friends and
    neighbors in very practical ways - build co-ops, share knowledge etc.

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Rosada, EXT 2340

Sunday, October 19, 2014

New Moon Solar Eclipse in Scorpio, Mars into Capricorn = New Year's Resolutions Revisited

The Sun enters Scorpio this week, the sign of death and transformation. In everyday life this is often the time when we look back and say, "Boy, this year really flew by!" Of course we've still got almost a quarter of a year to go and yet as the days grow shorter and the fall chill nips the air the Scorpio month feels like the time for reviewing the past and making course corrections - and not the time not for launching brand new beginnings.

In addition, Venus will quickly follow the Sun into Scorpio on Thursday October 23. The planet of Love is not at peace in Scorpio as her hidden tendencies to jealousy and possessiveness are exacerbated in this life or death sign. Possible manifestations include ramped up threats of war as "Have" and "Have-Not" nations become increasingly aware of the disparities in the distribution of shared resources. Hopefully Venus' original indignation will transform to become an inner reserve of strength.

The Moon adds to the pile on making for a New Moon conjunct Venus Solar Eclipse in Scorpio. Wowza. 

Individually this line up of planets gives an opportunity for making personal transformations:

Sun/Venus/Moon in Scorpio says ask yourself, "With all your resources, are you creating the life you want?"

Scorpio times call for intense focus. EVERYTHING must revolve around a clear central objective. Venus in Scorpio particularly reminds us our inner and outer resources must be in alignment. It's time for an all out all or nothing effort.

On the international level, could this line up mean we are finally entering the era when governments acknowledge the destruction of the environment and finally corrective measures will be taken?

On the local level people may be running out of patience. You may find yourself saying, "Pick up your stuff or I'm throwing it out!"

On a personal level, this New Moon signifies a time for personal revaluation. For example, perhaps you made a New Year's resolution last January to lose ten pounds by the end of this December. As the holiday feasting season approaches you now review your efforts and probably recognize they have not been as successful as you had hoped. So now the Sun and Moon in Scorpio urge you that it is not too late, you can INTENSIFY your efforts and still meet your goal. Venus in Scorpio helps by urging you to be fully committed, to spend what ever it costs, to do what ever it takes.

Following this New Year's Resolution Redux we have even more powerful help emerging to insure this time our will-power doesn't falter. Mars ran through Sagittarius all last month - perhaps urging us to take up a jogging regime ourselves? - and now it's entering habit forming Capricorn. Positive routines initiated this week have a very good chance of becoming part of our daily rituals.

Sun into Scorpio -  Make a soul searching self-inventory.
New Moon eclipse in Scorpio - Clarify your goal. 
Venus into Scorpio - Invest in your success.
Mars into Capricorn - Make good habits a habit! 

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Rosada, EXT 2340

Friday, October 10, 2014

Love, Tolerance and the Bach Flower Essence Beech

After the major shake up with the eclipse last Wednesday, things will be a bit calmer this week with an easy air trine between the Sun and Moon soothing jangled nerves on Monday. The pleasant pairing of the Sun in peaceful Libra and the Moon in talkative Gemini encourages honest communication. Further good vibrations will come from Mercury - the god of communication - hooking up with Venus the goddess of love on Friday. So there appears to be real potential for friendly negotiations if people remember to think before they speak. I say IF because mid-week the Moon will be in tradition loving Cancer and clashing with Uranus in let's-do-something--different Aries so there exists the possibility of power struggles between the old and new. If people can't flow with the changes, real frustration could emerge when the Moon carries grudges on into drama queen Leo and comes up against immovable resistance when it squares stubborn Saturn in Scorpio on Thursday.

 Navigating these emotional rapids will require not losing sight of the ultimate goal which is always defined by the Sun's sign placement, As the Sun is in currently in Libra, this week's winners will be those who personify peace and fair play. Thus if plans are being blocked this is not the week to push your demands. Sometimes the best thing is to accept the inevitable and quit while you're ahead.

The Bach Flower Essence Beech can be particularly effective for handling this sort of oppositional energy pattern. The balanced Beech personality is characterized as a feeling of openness and tolerance - a live and let live attitude. An unbalanced Beech condition occurs when one feels forced to ACT AS IF they are tolerant while secretly spending a huge amount of psychic energy to conceal their true feelings. The result is a low grade intolerance for everything - a sort of irritable undertone - develops and worse sometimes mental and emotional intolerance leads to physical intolerance and we develop allergies.

 Beech is recommended for those times when you feel obligated to fake a more tolerant and empathetic attitude than is really you. An example would be when we tell social white lies like telling folks they look great when they don't or pretending their jokes are amusing when we're bored to tears. These little fibs usually don't cause us any problems but sometimes the role we're forced to play is so out of alignment with our true feelings that it makes us ill. When we stifle our true concerns and pretend to like something we don't, or when we mentally trivialize problems instead of speaking up, we create stress within ourselves that is then expressed by finding fault with all sorts of little things. We become "Beechy"! . If we can't admit the true cause of our irritations, it's thought that the body will go further to express the ignored conflict by manifesting allergies, a serious medical condition.

In brief:
The balanced Beech personality is characterized as a feeling of openness and tolerance - a live and let live attitude. An unbalanced Beech condition occurs when one is either feeling forced to ACT tolerant while secretly stifling true emotions, or when we recognize we're being intolerant and want some help to be more accepting.

This week the Moon starts out in Gemini pleasantly trining the Sun in Libra while Mercury is hugging Venus saying, "Let's talk openly as true friends." But before long the Moon moves on to square Uranus and Saturn and starts to mutter, "A true friend would do things my way." That's when a few drops of Beech can help dissolve the intolerance and keep you from closing yourself off.

Open wide!

Rosada, EXT 2340

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Sun Opposition Uranus. Total Lunar Eclipse. Mercury retrograde into Libra.

Although an aspect between planets is only exact for a moment, the effects can be felt for the five degrees leading up to the exact contact and continue for 3-5 degrees after the planets separate. Thus we can look at the Sun opposition Uranus aspect on Tuesday October 7 as having been in effect all last week and we can also assume the connection will continue to be influential for at least the week or so after the Sun moves on. Thus we have been experiencing the drama of the Sun opposing Uranus since the beginning of October and we most likely will continue to sense it's presence until at least the middle of the month.

 The Sun is in Libra, the sign of partnership opposing Uranus is in Aries, the sign of independent action,  means we can anticipate a lot of us this week are going to be reconsidering our relationship agreements, recognizing where we've gotten out of sync and evaluating how to go forward from here. For example, on the global level, My Country Right or Wrong thinking will be strongly challenged. More and more private citizens - independent Uranus types - are recognizing global warming is a fact, no matter how hard governments try to maintain harmony - Sun in Libra - by denying it. On a personal level, relationships that are not fulfilling their purpose will be abandoned as partners no longer see the value in maintaining a facade.

Those of us most directly effected by this Sun opposition Uranus will be folks who have planets around 14 degrees of cardinal signs. I have my Cancer Sun at 11 degrees and so this line up has been shaking up my world as I look to form new relationships. My husband of 44 years passed away in 2011. Since then Uranus in Aries has been challenging me to strike out on my own, to think of myself not as a widow (Sun in Libra), that is, a person in a relationship with a deceased husband, but as an independent woman (Uranus in Aries). This week I formed a new partnership with a new love. Naturally I feel very good about it, but my kids, are wondering just what the heck the old lady is up to. Uranus is shaking up the old relationships. As another example, I have a girlfriend who's adult son has been living in her home without helping out with chore or money for rent. She's tried to do her part and play the role of Good Mother - Sun in Libra - but he's not doing anything to hold up his end of that bargain so now - Uranus in Aries - she's no longer enchanted by the partnership and is ready to kick him out.

Fortunately there is a total Lunar Eclipse of the Moon in Aries coming up on October 8 so right after the Uranus opposition we'll find a lot of facts and information and truths coming into the open which should illuminate just how necessary the global and personal changes are at this time - and how doing things differently will serve everyone involved.

For those trying to figure out how to navigate all this disruptive energy, the key idea here is to maintain freedom and detachment. Now is the time to make decisions based on what you believe today, not on what you thought was true in the past. So whether you're considering changing your politics, religion or just deciding to get a hot dog instead of a hamburger, this is the week when doing things the old way is no longer working and changing your habits brings you new life.

Once you recognize which patterns no longer serve you, Mercury retrograding into Libra Friday October 10 will help you renegotiate so no need to fear speaking up..

Bottom line, this is the week to stop unproductive habits, announce you are no longer going to keep agreements that don't serve the highest good and confidently renegotiate your contracts.

Sun in Libra loves win-win partnerships and this week we see where really need them!

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It's time for a change!

Rosada, EXT 2340