Sunday, December 28, 2014

New Years Predictions for 2015

What a great year we have ahead! The tides are turning and the world is awakening! 
2015 is a power number meaning the digits add up to 8, the number indicating grand achievement. Where will it manifest in your life? The planetary transits tell where to look:

The Sun's position shows where we shine. This week the Sun is in Capricorn, the sign of official duties so those following proper protocol will get special recognition . This means don't delay in sending out your ThankYou notes for gifts received over the holidays. Performing this ritual now while the Sun is in Capricorn will make an especially strong positive impression.

The Moon's position touches off emotional reactions. This week the Moon starts out in Aries so we may be particularly bold and energetic but also feisty and competitive Sunday and Monday. Tuesday things calm down a bit when the Moon enters Taurus and makes a lovely trine to the Sun. You could have the house back in shape and be enjoying a blissfully peaceful evening by Tuesday night if you care to catch this wave.

Mercury creates activity in whatever area of life it's visiting. In Capricorn Mercury is telling us how we can be more organized and efficient. Your ideas this week may be all about how you can simplify your routine and streamline responsibilities. 

Venus is The Law of Attraction personified. The house and sign she is visiting tell us what we can most easily manifest at this time. Venus is in Capricorn until mid January meaning she's happy to give us practical gifts and may not supply us with money if we're intending to blow it on frivolities. Long term investments are what's favored.

Mars indicates where the high energy is buzzing. This week Mars is in Aquarius, the sign of freedom and independence. We'll feel he's support if we decided to make changes, move the furniture around and get out of old ruts.

Jupiter encourages travel, enlarging the boundaries. In Leo this week he's encouraging us to be more outgoing - to let our inner child stand up and cheer.

When we consider these five planets a definite pattern emerges that effects all of us no matter what our individual birth charts signify. To recap - we have the Sun, Mercury and Venus all in Capricorn putting a special emphasis on organization and tradition, while Mars is in Aquarius opposing Jupiter in Leo suggesting a bit of a tug of war between the inner urge to be creative and outgoing, and the outer world looking to reward the more stable and predictable among us. You can harmonize these seemingly conflicting energies by surrounding yourself with the most supportive encouraging people you know. Then let your creative light shine. The people who matter will love you for it.

New Year's Day comes Thursday January 1st. There's a strong possibility of over doing it on New Year's Eve when the Moon in pleasure seeking Taurus is squaring no-limits Jupiter along with reckless Mars. If you intend to drink this would  be the time to have a designated driver.

Saturn is at the first degrees of Sagittarius - a terrific influence for composing some New Year's Resolutions we'll actually stick with.

Happy New Year,

Rosada, EXT 2340

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Saturn Leaves Scorpio - Enters Sagittarius. The Sky's The Limit!

The planet Saturn is the physical manifestation of the God Saturn, the one who rules time and space and manifestation. 

Without Saturn, the God Jupiter would just keep making promises but nothing would ever come of them. People who have weak Saturn connections in their charts tend to have lots of ideas and good intentions but they're unable to get their acts together. Time slips by for these folks. Without Saturn they miss deadlines and they don't pay their bills. On the other hand, those who have strong Saturn aspects are rewarded for their dedication to duty and while they may get accused of being overly practical or too rigid, these souls tend to get what they're after because of their ability to keep agreements and follow the rules. 

This week Saturn is making himself felt in our lives as he is changing signs and thus creating a sense that the rules and routines are changing. To understand what this means let us first consider Saturn in the sign it is leaving, Scorpio:
Scorpio is the sign of power and control, secrets and hidden things. Scorpio natives are famous for their self-control and their ability to keep their opinions to themselves. They silently watch while those around them carelessly let it all hang out. Saturn in this sign these last three years has put a limit to that and caused hidden things, vague rumors, to gain attention until finally guilty secrets are no longer able to stay in the dark. As Scorpio rules intense situations, life and death issues, it is fitting that during the last couple of years the public has learned much more about how our government works - particularly things those in power would have preferred to have kept secret. However, since Saturn rules commitments and our government is set up with the commitment that The People have the right to know, Saturn in Scorpio enforces that these commitments will be fulfilled. Saturn at the very last degrees of Scorpio where it has been this last week has really put the pressure on people in authority to bring out the truth. Thus we are finally getting the truth about the United States government's policy on torture. 

Many people are experiencing truths coming out in their personal lives this week. I have received an unusual amount of callers concerned with wanting to heal relationships. Perhaps that is part of the Christmas spirit but I also sense that we are recognizing on a major global scale that we just don't want to continue carrying hurts and bad feelings - whether it's between nations or family members - on into the new year. This could be due to Saturn leaving Scorpio going into Sagittarius on Tuesday December 23 and saying, "The hurt stops here, time to travel forward" 

The question is, can we just say, "Oops, some bad things happened but that's all behind us so let's not talk about it, let's just move on"? We may be recognizing we cannot go back and undo the sins of the past and Saturn at 0 Sagittarius is a wonderful opportunity for a Karma-Clean fresh start, but still if we do not recognize the wrongs of history are we not bound to repeat them? Saturn will be turning retrograde and going back into Scorpio this spring and it won't be full speed ahead into Sagittarius until next fall. I think this is a strong omen that all the national issues we've been dealing with this year that the government would prefer to sweep under the carpet, particularly police and military abuse, are NOT going to be allowed to just be considered yesterday's news. Until the whole truth is fully brought out and dealt with, Saturn (limits) in Sagittarius (travel) is going to hold us back.

In our personal lives this Saturn sign change can portend some very positive things. It will be very helpful for those wanting to adopt a simpler (Saturn) philosophy (Sagittarius) and to create lives with less distraction and more focus on what's really important. Because Saturn rules practical usefulness and Sagittarius rules religion, the combination could bring about significant insights into how to make religious beliefs really work. I believe more and more people will be recognizing The Law of Attraction - that what we focus our attention on we make manifest - and putting it into practice. We may stumble around with it a bit for the first 6 months of 2015 but I think by Christmas next year we'll have figured out how to make the harsh rules of Saturn work for us.

But why wait? Start now. As Saturn leaves the turmoil of Scorpio put your house in order, you know what's needed and what to ask for. There is no need to be anxious or try too hard. Saturn says slow and steady wins the day. And when Saturn enters Sag for Christmas Thursday, recognize how the simple pleasures of good friends and good conversation make everything merry and bright! A wonderful starting point for future growth!

Merry Christmas,
Rosada, EXT 2340

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Mercury into Capricorn - Venus Conjunct Pluto in Capricorn - Uranus Direct in Aries: Enlightenment For The Masses.

Everything is about to change - in fact it has already but this is the week we see it on a global scale.

Individually we have all been struggling this last year with questions about who can we trust? Whether it's about our government, our jobs or our relationships, we've all had to experience the massive Pluto square Uranus shake-up somewhere in our lives. Things have reached the tipping point now as Saturn comes to the end of Scorpio meaning long hidden realities coming to the surface and can no longer be ignored.

 Perhaps this is the meaning of Enlightenment. I used to think Enlightenment meant a ball of light would descend upon me like it does on characters in movies making me suddenly wise and all knowing. I used to pray for it and tried all sorts of odd rituals - fasting, chanting, etc. - hoping to finally achieve this ultimate blessing. Now however I believe Enlightenment is not a special insight given to the favored few, but a state of knowingness that comes to all of us in time. Each day we learn something new. Maybe just something simple, like where to buy shoes, but with each new fact we integrate, we are less in the dark about our world and therefore more enlightened. As we open ourselves up to more experience we can tolerate, understand, forgive more and thus become more and more able to see the truth. I say "able" because what's been holding the process up all these lifetimes is that while really we have always been able to see the truth - we  have also been afraid to. Who wants to  realize that Daddy or the Boss or the President doesn't know any better than we do when our very lives depend on them? It takes courage to become enlightened. Fairytales led us to believe enlightenment would mean we would see the good in everything but now this year with all the dramas of the Pluto / Uranus squares we're realizing Enlightenment means not seeing rosy vistas but seeing things exactly as they are. So, are we strong enough to take it? This week we'll find out.

I say things have already changed because the light reaching our planet now left the stars eons ago. What we are experiencing today was scripted back at the time of The Big Bang of creation before time began. We have been waking up to this slowly but in the next seven days we'll see the scales tipping from being a universe in which the majority of people are asleep to one where enough people are awake to turn this shared experience around from a ride down hill in a hand basket to a consciously created flight on a magic carpet.

You can join the Awakened Ones. Here's what you need to do to help yourself wake up:

Making conscious choices is the quickest, surest way to awakening. Don't be afraid of making a wrong choice, the Universe won't let you get too far off track without giving you an opportunity to chose again. But if you just say, "I'll have what she's having" you never learn, never grow, never awaken to the power you hold.

To help you get clear about choices, Mercury, the God of communication is leaving visionary Sagittarius and going into realistic Capricorn Tuesday evening December 16. This means that for the next month or so the Universe is going to take your instructions completely literally. So be careful. If you say, "I'm feeling blue" you may actually spill blue paint on yourself (Cancel! Cancel!)! Mercury in Capricorn also makes it easy - unavoidable in fact - for us to recognize how our thoughts/words result in manifestation and thus this helps us to recognize how our thoughts are creating this world we live in.

On Saturday December 20, Venus, the Goddess of feelings, confronts Pluto, the God of death and transformation. This is the cut off point. Feelings won't lie. Relationships that are founded on truth transform into something even better. Partnerships that were based on falsehoods and manipulation will crash and burn. Government officials and their spin doctors will have no place to hide.

The major new beginning starts when Uranus turns direct in Aries on Sunday December 21 which is also the day of the New Moon and the Winter Solstice. Our awareness of our own inner feelings and thus our own inner guidance becomes strong enough for us to follow with confidence. This could spell trouble for dictators as now only the leaders who can hear and follow their inner/higher guidance will be trusted. Those stuck in the lower vibrations of greed and fear and those who numbly follow orders from the outside will fall into insignificance.

The hard news is the December 21 New Moon and the Winter Solstice both happening at 0 Capricorn creates a sense of starting at the bottom, but the good news is all of us eventually find ourselves at the top.

Fasten your seat belts, it's going to be one heck of a sleigh ride,

Rosada, EXT 2340

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Jupiter Retrograde in Leo - Is The Party Over Already?

Jupiter is called The Greater Benefic (Venus is known as The Lesser Benefic), and he is the god whose understanding is so vast and his contacts so wide that he can disentangle any problem you bring to him. Especially if you are feeling a sense of lack, a talk with Jupiter will cause you to recognize the wealth of goods and opportunities surrounding you. Currently Jupiter is in Leo where he's been having a grand time trining with Venus this last ten days or so and thus encouraging folks to enjoy holiday parties and to ignore the heavier problems in our lives and in the world and to just focus on being thankful for what is working right. Jupiter brings a feeling of protection and a sense that it's not wrong to enjoy oneself even when times are tough. So it was a great line up of planets for Thanksgiving and the first week of Christmas celebrating. However, this is all about to change...

On Monday December 8 Jupiter will stop his forward movement in Leo and turn retrograde for the next four months. This "backing up" means Jupiter is putting the brakes on expansion while in the sign of Leo fun. Thus we're entering a prolonged period where having a good time doesn't automatically mean "anything goes". Indeed, as ultimately Jupiter is going to be squaring Saturn - although this won't be exact until next fall - there is an underlying awareness building that we just don't enjoy wasting anything anymore. Whether it's spending money on overpriced Christmas presents or allowing Congress to squander our tax dollars, we're entering a period where we just aren't going to be so gullible about giving.

Personally this sense of pulling back could manifest in people not being able to be as spontaneous as they may want to be. Weekend get aways that used to simply be a matter of putting gas in the car may now require planning with babysitters and motel reservations. People particularly affected by this planet - that is those who have planets at 22 degrees of Leo or any fixed sign - could even experience freak accidents especially if they're being care-free to the point of care-less. The tolerant guardian angel is saying no more free rides, wake up and pay attention!

Ultimately this Jupiter turning retrograde is a signal that it's time for us to be more conscious of how our Leo urge to be creative actually works. If in the past we found eating a big breakfast made the day better, now we may be realizing eating big only makes us feel good when we eat the right foods. So Jupiter retrograde doesn't mean the fun stops here, it just cautions that more isn't always best and lasting happiness often requires a bit of holding back and planning. 

Speaking of Jupiter and creating happiness, I recently read about a study I thought deserved wider attention. The experimenters wanted to see if it really is more blessed to give than to receive. They got together a group of people and asked them to evaluate their feelings on a scale of 1 to 10, I meaning gloomy and 10 being joyous. The average response was 7. They gave each of the people $20 and asked them to spend the money on themselves. They then got together a second group and again the average response to the happiness question was 7. They gave each of the people in this group $20 but instructed these folks to spend $5 on themselves and $15 on someone else. At the end of the day they retested the groups and the findings were significant. The group who spent the money on themselves still scored 7 on the happiness scale. The money they had been given just sort of got absorbed into their daily budget, maybe they paid a bill, maybe that bought a latte, but the purchases didn't lift their spirits particularly. However, when the group who was to spend their money on others - a few dollars to the homeless, a fun gift for a friend etc. - when they took the happiness test again this time their new score went from 7 to a solid 8! Giving to others raises the happiness level a measurable 10%! 

So if you want to do something to lift your spirits and improve your luck, follow the lesson of Jupiter retrograde in Leo squaring Saturn: don't just blow your resources on yourself- seek some creative way of giving!

You look like the Good Karma Kid to me!

Rosada, EXT 2340

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Sagittarius Sun Trining Aries Moon = Light Up The Skies!

Wonderful line up of planets this week if you know how to recognize an opportunity:

Monday December 1 the Moon in self empowering Aries will make us eager to jump into Christmas. Make a list, check it twice and it'll all turn out really, really nice. First thing in the morning we're having a trine to the Sun in Sagittarius inspiring good will and good deeds. I'm on call for jury duty that morning so I'm thinking that could be my good deed. At the same time there will be a Mars in Capricorn sextile to Saturn so there may be some serious case for us to evaluate. However the Moon will also be conjuncting Uranus and squaring Pluto so once again I probably won't get picked when the judge finds out I'm a Certified Psychic. What do you think? ;-)
Tuesday December 2, the Moon begins with a trine to Jupiter in Leo the sign for children. There's still time to get your favorite youngster an Advent Calendar. And if you're planning to send out Christmas cards this would be an excellent day to write out some jovial greetings. The last aspect of the day is a square to Mars - avoid the impulse to cram too much into your schedule when the crowds are feeling cranky.

Wednesday December 3, the Moon changes into something comfortable - Taurus with a trine to Pluto PLUS Venus is about to trine Jupiter. Look for opportunities to give to those in need. Not only will your gifts do some real good today but YOU will get some very nice good karma payback tomorrow.

Thursday December 4, the Sun trines Uranus just as Mars enters Uranus' home sign Aquarius. Those who simplified their lives and completed their chores yesterday should see opportunities to fly today. Get out of the house, go where the action is, and…enjoy the miracles!

Friday December 5, Mercury trines Uranus awakening us with lots of bright ideas and solutions. The full Moon tonight suggests cheerful shoppers out late in a festive mood.

Saturday December 6, with the Moon in Gemini sextiling Jupiter in Leo until the Moon goes void of course early Sunday morning we'll be having a really excellent day for whatever you want to accomplish AND tonight the full Moon sets the stage for the best Christmas party of the year!

God Bless Us Everyone,

Rosada, EXT 2340

Monday, November 24, 2014

Sun, Venus and Mercury in Sagittarius. It's All Good.

Although it's good to know your own astrological birth chart, it's not really necessary to plot how the planets are touching you specifically each and every day. Just knowing where the planets are now can give you a leg up.(You're not going to remember all those personal details anyway! Keep it simple!)

Here's what we're working with this week:

Sun and Venus in Sagittarius:
During this time of year we are rewarded when we broaden our horizons. Good fortune comes when we GET OUT OF THE HOUSE!  There are other minds creating this shared experience. Meet new people and find out about these other ways of experiencing life.

Mercury and Saturn in Scorpio:
The planet representing our mental processes has been shlepping about in deep dark murkiness this last month and joining up with Saturn the planet of reality on Tuesday. We've probably all bumped up against some harsh truths in our personal lives lately. Could be a little depressing - Saturn is never the life of the party - but fortunately Mercury will quickly travel on to Sagittarius meaning after seeing the raw truths we won't wallow in drama but are going to want to look for solutions. Mercury in Sagittarius is good for all kinds of conversation and communications. 

Mars and Pluto in Capricorn:
Arouses ambition so now that we've seen the truth, gathered the facts now we are moved to find a project to personally identify with, to work hard and get it done.

Jupiter in Leo:
The planet of blessings and good fortune in the natural sign of children, theatre and creativity makes us extra lucky when we support these causes, or just have an open attitude.

Uranus in Aries:
Old limitations can no longer hold us back.

Neptune in Pisces:
There's a guardian angel right beside each and every one of us.

So how does this all add up for you personally? Well, we've got the Sun and Venus in Sag so we know right off travel is rewarded. Interesting isn't it that Thanksgiving Day which always comes when the Sun is in Sagittarius, is the most traveled time of the year? With Mars and Pluto in Capricorn we may be particularly interested in starting and promoting some family traditions that will last and strengthen our ties in the years ahead. Mercury with Saturn can be depressing at the first part of the week but if we're not afraid to have some heavy conversations then some useful information could come to light. Maybe you travel to be with family, then learn how your relatives are doing these days, and start brain storming about how we can all help each other. Jupiter in Leo supports "playing" with ideas and Uranus in Aries says try something new. Neptune in Pisces gives compassion to strengthen even the weakest links.

In short, explore, get the truth, make a plan and have fun with it!

Everything turns out okay in the end-
If it's not okay, it's not the end!


Rosada, EXT 2340

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Sun Conjunct Saturn - Ready for Your Close Up?

It's time for a reality check. Tuesday, November 17 is the day when the Sun conjunct's Saturn. This only happens once a year but it could have some far-reaching long lasting results. It's the day we look at our lives without any rosy colored glasses and see things as they really are. Saturn rules commitments and responsibilities  meaning the world we see will be the manifestation of how well we are living up to our agreements. Hopefully this will be a day we will find ourselves looking about and saying, "Hmm..I'm feeling healthy, I don't have any overdue bills, my car is running, my house is clean and tidy, I have a job I love that it pays me well and my relationships are all running smoothly = Life is good!"
However, if that's not you, if something hurts, if the creditors are dinging you, if your house is a mess and you hate your job and your friends too…well, this could be the week you're deciding "Enough with rock bottom! I'm going to make a change!" Happily once we've had this moment of truth the Sun will be moving on into Sagittarius on Saturday meaning things will get a lot brightener and we'll be feeling a lot more cheerful and optimistic as we move forward with our self improvement program. The important thing to get from this opportunity to see our unfinished work is that we don't just move on - but rather that we actually begin making the corrections we see are necessary and THEN go forward with good cheer. Otherwise Saturn will be retrograding to this point again mid 2015 so unfinished work we ignore now could call us all the way back to square one 6 months from down the line.

The New Moon in Sagittarius happens on Saturday too, a double omen for optimistic fresh starts. It will be trining Venus, Uranus and Jupiter but also squaring Neptune so lots of reasons to dream big and see life as a grand adventure - although that square to Neptune could be a warning not to dream too big! 

If you're starting to think about the holiday season you couldn't pick a better time to make lists and check them twice. The heavy Saturn influence could create a vague sense of Bah! Humbug! in the darker recesses, but once you start getting into the routine - mailing the cards, decorating the house - Saturn's flair for organization will kick in and you'll be sensing this could turn out to be the best Thanksgiving/Christmas ever.

Merry and Bright,

Rosada, EXT 2340

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Mars Conjunct Pluto - I Do Believe It's Getting Better.

 Monday November 10 Mars the planet of personal power will meet up with Pluto, the planet of super-power. It's a rare opportunity to align our personal desires with the universal life force to transform our lives - if you know how to do it. Here's how.

Focus on what you want, ignore what you don't want. We've all heard about the Law of Attraction - the idea that "where attention goes energy flows" and some of us have played around with it and recognized a bit of success. Well, this is the week to follow this law with all your heart and soul. Where you aim your personal energy - Mars - this week is going to be activating adventures for many moons to come.

If you aren't sure just what you want to energize, then take some time to fill your mind with positive images of all sorts. Here's a suggestion for you - I just watched a video about Saint Hildegarde of Bengin called Vision. It was such an interesting movie that I then looked her up on Wickipedia and set up her astrological chart. An absolutely amazing woman. Born in the 12th century, from the time she was a small child she received visions that gave her insights into all sorts of things including healing cures made with plants and herbs that are still used today. She heard music in these visions and wrote down what she heard becoming the first known composer. (We know of other earlier music but we don't know who wrote it.) She wrote morality plays and in her late sixties and seventies she toured the country on horse back preaching the gospel. She also recorded some intriguing prophesies. So if you are looking for a good read I recommend her. But that's not why I'm writing about her here today. I'm writing about her because after focusing on her as I did - not ponderously studying her, but just reading about her in a pleasant sort of way - I found miracles happening in my own life. For the next three days I experienced insights myself and other good fortune. I focused on the spiritual perspectives of St. Hildegarde and found my own life took on a higher spiritual perspective. We tend to share the views of those who are around us and by consciously seeking out those with better, higher understanding to surround ourselves with we find ourselves lifted effortlessly. Now that's Mars/Pluto empowerment!

The down side of Mars joining Pluto is the potential for power struggles. Furthermore on Monday the Moon will be squaring Uranus - never an easy transit. David taking on Goliath stories will no doubt be prominent in the news. In our personal lives we should give ourselves plenty of time to get where we're going - don't race the clock - and don't fight the law. Still, if we find there are areas where we must surrender our hopes and wishes, even so this line up suggests grief will transform into good fortune. The Moon will move on to trine the Sun then Venus and finally Saturn all in Scorpio so lots of potential for something positive to come from recent upheavals.

Wednesday Venus conjuncts Saturn, a serious sober alignment that could bring you some well deserved reward if you've kept your promises. Otherwise you may be feeling short changed as Saturn doesn't give gifts freely. Mainly I sense its going to be a time to complete assignments and then move on for better or worse.

Mars will square Uranus Wednesday night - those who felt slighted earlier may be mad as hell by now so again, try to surround yourself with good vibrations this week. Also the more flexible your plans are the less likely the changes this coupling brings will disrupt your calm.

Something to look forward to - Venus emerges from the Scorpio drama pit Sunday November 16 and hits the road big time in Sagittarius. Pack up all your cares and woe and bye bye Black Bird here we go!

The moment is potent,

Rosada, EXT 2340

Monday, November 3, 2014

Full Moon in Taurus: The More You Know - The More You Have.

What has astrology done for you lately? I hardly ever talk to anyone anymore who doesn't already know their Sun sign and, thanks to the wonders of computer generated charts, many people also know their Moon sign and their rising sign too. Yet even as astrology becomes more widely recognized as having something of value to it, few of us seem to know how to put this wisdom to use. With the full Moon coming up Thursday in Taurus, the sign of practical knowledge and possessions, I'm guided to write about specific things you can do to create a great life for yourself using Astrology.

Astrology Helps You to Know Thyself. 
I find it useful to think of myself as a spiritual being riding around in a physical body. Astrology is the "owner's manual" for this body because by knowing where the stars were when I was born, I can know how this "machine" has been programed - and thus I'm more able to direct my life successfully. For example, I have the planet Mars, the planet of energy and enthusiasm, in Virgo, the sign of teaching and service in the ninth house of distant lands and travel. The combination points to an energy pattern that thrives on exploring foreign ideas (such as astrology and tarot) - especially if that involves a chance to connect with distant people (over the phone) and to somehow be of service (as an astrologer and tarot reader). Now as it happens I come from a family of educators. In fact, so many adults in my family worked in schools that as a child I assumed that everyone became a teacher when they grew up. I remember asking a new classmate, "What does your daddy teach?" and being very surprised when she said her father owned a gas station. When I realized my mistake I resolved that I was NOT going to be railroaded into the family business, I was NOT going to be a teacher, and as a result I wasted a lot of time poking around in jobs I had no instincts for. When I learned about astrology and had my chart done I got that whether I chose to work in a traditional classroom or as a phone psychic, my true happiness was dependent on my doing things of a teaching nature. Once I recognized how I had always gravitated towards learning and teaching situations I quit fighting my stars and DNA. I began consciously looking for jobs in the education field. Immediately opportunities presented themselves and it was obvious teaching was my true calling. How much wasted time I could have saved had I known astrology! Indeed, to help one find their right employment is one of the best uses for astrology.

Astrology Helps You to Find Your Soulmate.
Frankly, I don't like the idea that there is one perfect partner out there waiting for each of us if we could only locate them…and yet… I have seen over and over again where people have found true love when they were following what Venus in their astrological chart advised them to do. When you know what Venus wants and make "her" happy she'll draw in more and more happiness for you.
Venus in Aries? Your Venus wants you to be active, to take up a physical sport, and particularly to love (Venus) yourself (Aries).
Venus in Taurus says, "Surround yourself with beauty and nature and I'll make sure you have a steady reliable partner."
In Gemini Venus delights in talk and conversation and will bring you love where ever ideas are being exchanged.
Venus in Cancer cares about home and family and may even bring you your special someone through a family tie. However, beware family ties don't bock you from making new friends.
Venus in Leo wants to shine and be fabulous! Your perfect lover will appear when you are being your most creative and theatrical self.
Venus in Virgo can be a bit fussy and you may be painfully aware that if the partner isn't a perfect fit you are happier single. Still as Virgo rules work and service, you may find happiness through your work or actually meet someone on the job.
Venus in Libra knows how to get along with everyone and if Venus is in Libra in your horoscope your lover probably really will be your soul mate!
Venus in Scorpio loves passion so these folks get entangled in all or nothing dramas. If you have Venus in this sign I doubt if you'll have any trouble finding someone to obsess over but be sure they are single and available. Scorpio Venus seems to attract love affairs fraught with secrets and soap operas.
Venus in Sagittarius means you'll find love when you travel. In fact long distance relationships probably work out better for you than having someone by your side 24/7. If you're looking for love get out of your home neighborhood and go someplace out of your usual routine to activate that Love/Travel connection.
Venus in Capricorn creates May-December partnerships. Don't shy away from a date even when there's a considerable age difference. Furthermore, you may not fall in love until you yourself are "older" or somehow feel you have accomplished something in your career and have some status.
Venus in Aquarius loves people period. "To find a friend - be one!" is her motto - just don't expect one person to satisfy all your curiosities. Venus in Aquarius people may not stay married for life but they often remain friends with ex-partners.
Finally check to see if you have Venus in Pisces. Amazingly idealistic when it comes to romance, when Venus is in Pisces she  finds something to love in everyone. To have a good solid practical relationship,  look for kindred spirits who are kindhearted compassionate people too - perhaps you'll meet up while you are both doing some sort of volunteer activity - but beware of taking on lost souls that can only drain you.

Astrology Helps You Go Forth and Multiply!
One of the most powerful uses for astrology is to help launch projects at just the right time. Whether  you're wanting to do something as mundane as making a purchase or as important as starting a family, astrology can give you the most auspicious times to take the first steps. The Moon gives the basic keys for successful timing. New Moons are for launching new projects, full Moons mark their culmination and are good for attracting attention, waning Moons release the past and clear out the old. If you compare your project to this energy cycle you can easily gauge your best time to begin. Let's suppose you are intending to hold a garage sale. Are you hoping this will be the start of something, perhaps you are wanting to raise money for a bigger project? That is, are you hoping something more will grow from of this? Then hold the sale near the beginning of the lunar cycle just after the new Moon. However if you're simply wanting to get rid of the stuff and not expecting to make a big profit, then having the sale during the waning Moon would be more suitable. If you are wanting to draw a large crowd hold the sale right before the full Moon.

These are just a few examples of how an awareness of the stars can enhance any situation. For specific guidance for using astrology to help you have a better life right now give me a call:

888 - 889 - 9897

Ask for Rosada ext.2340.

The more you know the more you have and all your future is spelled out in your chart!

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Scorpio Sun - Awareness of Change

  1. This post is titled AWARENESS of Change because while we are taught Scorpio means
    change, I find it's not just that something significant happens on the exact day
     a planet enters the sign, but rather that the change may have been there
    for sometime - we just didn't become aware of it until the Scorpio connection kicks
    in - like the frog in the slowly heating water, maybe we don't realize things are
    different until they reach a certain point and the month of Scorpio is often the time
    when we finally realize something is indeed different, and we need to change our
    thinking to keep up.

    Like you suddenly realize your children aren't little kids anymore. When did they get
    so big? Gotta change the thinking habits.
    Or you realize you're not a size 12 anymore, oops, when did I get so big? Gotta change
    the eating habits.

    Anyway, I'm surmising that over the next few weeks we're going to find ourselves
    recognizing patterns and seeing where things are heading - resulting in a sense of "I
    can't pretend the old routines work anymore. Obviously things have changed from how
    they used to be."

    Scorpio brings out secrets and hidden truths but be forewarned the reason things are
    hidden is usually because some part of us didn't want to know the full story. For
    example a lot of truths about how our government operates may come out this fall,
    but do we really want to know? Like it or not though, this month truth will out.

    On the other hand, if one does want to know the full story and takes advantage of
    the lifting of the vail this Sun in Scorpio time offers, a lot of confusion could be cleared
    up quickly this month.  A great opportunity time for getting a truly meaningful psychic
    reading, btw!

    Saturn is an important player these days too. Saturn is also in Scorpio close to the
    end of the sign. In fact, it is The Planet of Last Degree now and will be for the next month
    or so. By this I mean that there are 30 degrees to each sign and currently Saturn is at
    23 degrees in the sign Scorpio and there are no other planets at more advanced degrees
    in whatever sign they are in.

    This means that as the Moon circles the globe, its final aspect in each sign will most often
    be some sort of connection - a conjunction, sextile, square opposition - to Saturn. For
    example, today the Moon is in Scorpio and over the next couple of days it will move through
    Scorpio making connections with Venus, the Sun, Jupiter and so forth. Eventually it will
    reach 22 degrees where Saturn is (a connection, aspect, called a conjunction), after that it
    won't connect with any other planets until it leaves the sign at 30 Scorpio. So the last planet
    the Moon connects with before leaving Scorpio will be Saturn.

    Astrologically this means that any activity begun in the preceding two days while the Moon
    was in Scorpio, will end on a Saturn serious, need-to-be-responsible note. Also, as Saturn
    rules structure and limitations this suggests that promises and commitments made at this
    time must be fulfilled before new opportunities can be taken advantage of. The trend is
    towards seriousness and even depression. The manifestation of harsh reality. And as Saturn
    is the planet of last degree and will be for some weeks until Venus and Mars and the Sun
    move forward a bit, even as the Moon moves on to other signs the Moon's final aspect will
    still continue to be some connection with Saturn.

    We're in for a prolonged period where we're probably needing to keep our emotions calm
    and our expectations realistic in order for us to move ahead smoothly.
    As Scorpio rules shared resources and Saturn has to do with things of a practical nature,
    perhaps this New Moon will offer opportunities for where we can hook up with friends and
    neighbors in very practical ways - build co-ops, share knowledge etc.

    Hook up with me by calling
    1-888-889-9897  ext.2340,


Rosada, EXT 2340

Sunday, October 19, 2014

New Moon Solar Eclipse in Scorpio, Mars into Capricorn = New Year's Resolutions Revisited

The Sun enters Scorpio this week, the sign of death and transformation. In everyday life this is often the time when we look back and say, "Boy, this year really flew by!" Of course we've still got almost a quarter of a year to go and yet as the days grow shorter and the fall chill nips the air the Scorpio month feels like the time for reviewing the past and making course corrections - and not the time not for launching brand new beginnings.

In addition, Venus will quickly follow the Sun into Scorpio on Thursday October 23. The planet of Love is not at peace in Scorpio as her hidden tendencies to jealousy and possessiveness are exacerbated in this life or death sign. Possible manifestations include ramped up threats of war as "Have" and "Have-Not" nations become increasingly aware of the disparities in the distribution of shared resources. Hopefully Venus' original indignation will transform to become an inner reserve of strength.

The Moon adds to the pile on making for a New Moon conjunct Venus Solar Eclipse in Scorpio. Wowza. 

Individually this line up of planets gives an opportunity for making personal transformations:

Sun/Venus/Moon in Scorpio says ask yourself, "With all your resources, are you creating the life you want?"

Scorpio times call for intense focus. EVERYTHING must revolve around a clear central objective. Venus in Scorpio particularly reminds us our inner and outer resources must be in alignment. It's time for an all out all or nothing effort.

On the international level, could this line up mean we are finally entering the era when governments acknowledge the destruction of the environment and finally corrective measures will be taken?

On the local level people may be running out of patience. You may find yourself saying, "Pick up your stuff or I'm throwing it out!"

On a personal level, this New Moon signifies a time for personal revaluation. For example, perhaps you made a New Year's resolution last January to lose ten pounds by the end of this December. As the holiday feasting season approaches you now review your efforts and probably recognize they have not been as successful as you had hoped. So now the Sun and Moon in Scorpio urge you that it is not too late, you can INTENSIFY your efforts and still meet your goal. Venus in Scorpio helps by urging you to be fully committed, to spend what ever it costs, to do what ever it takes.

Following this New Year's Resolution Redux we have even more powerful help emerging to insure this time our will-power doesn't falter. Mars ran through Sagittarius all last month - perhaps urging us to take up a jogging regime ourselves? - and now it's entering habit forming Capricorn. Positive routines initiated this week have a very good chance of becoming part of our daily rituals.

Sun into Scorpio -  Make a soul searching self-inventory.
New Moon eclipse in Scorpio - Clarify your goal. 
Venus into Scorpio - Invest in your success.
Mars into Capricorn - Make good habits a habit! 

A recent fire in my neighborhood disrupted our phone service. If you haven't been able to reach me this week my phone service has now been restored. You can then call me at 1888 889 9897.
Ask for extension 2340.

Have a great week,

Rosada, EXT 2340

Friday, October 10, 2014

Love, Tolerance and the Bach Flower Essence Beech

After the major shake up with the eclipse last Wednesday, things will be a bit calmer this week with an easy air trine between the Sun and Moon soothing jangled nerves on Monday. The pleasant pairing of the Sun in peaceful Libra and the Moon in talkative Gemini encourages honest communication. Further good vibrations will come from Mercury - the god of communication - hooking up with Venus the goddess of love on Friday. So there appears to be real potential for friendly negotiations if people remember to think before they speak. I say IF because mid-week the Moon will be in tradition loving Cancer and clashing with Uranus in let's-do-something--different Aries so there exists the possibility of power struggles between the old and new. If people can't flow with the changes, real frustration could emerge when the Moon carries grudges on into drama queen Leo and comes up against immovable resistance when it squares stubborn Saturn in Scorpio on Thursday.

 Navigating these emotional rapids will require not losing sight of the ultimate goal which is always defined by the Sun's sign placement, As the Sun is in currently in Libra, this week's winners will be those who personify peace and fair play. Thus if plans are being blocked this is not the week to push your demands. Sometimes the best thing is to accept the inevitable and quit while you're ahead.

The Bach Flower Essence Beech can be particularly effective for handling this sort of oppositional energy pattern. The balanced Beech personality is characterized as a feeling of openness and tolerance - a live and let live attitude. An unbalanced Beech condition occurs when one feels forced to ACT AS IF they are tolerant while secretly spending a huge amount of psychic energy to conceal their true feelings. The result is a low grade intolerance for everything - a sort of irritable undertone - develops and worse sometimes mental and emotional intolerance leads to physical intolerance and we develop allergies.

 Beech is recommended for those times when you feel obligated to fake a more tolerant and empathetic attitude than is really you. An example would be when we tell social white lies like telling folks they look great when they don't or pretending their jokes are amusing when we're bored to tears. These little fibs usually don't cause us any problems but sometimes the role we're forced to play is so out of alignment with our true feelings that it makes us ill. When we stifle our true concerns and pretend to like something we don't, or when we mentally trivialize problems instead of speaking up, we create stress within ourselves that is then expressed by finding fault with all sorts of little things. We become "Beechy"! . If we can't admit the true cause of our irritations, it's thought that the body will go further to express the ignored conflict by manifesting allergies, a serious medical condition.

In brief:
The balanced Beech personality is characterized as a feeling of openness and tolerance - a live and let live attitude. An unbalanced Beech condition occurs when one is either feeling forced to ACT tolerant while secretly stifling true emotions, or when we recognize we're being intolerant and want some help to be more accepting.

This week the Moon starts out in Gemini pleasantly trining the Sun in Libra while Mercury is hugging Venus saying, "Let's talk openly as true friends." But before long the Moon moves on to square Uranus and Saturn and starts to mutter, "A true friend would do things my way." That's when a few drops of Beech can help dissolve the intolerance and keep you from closing yourself off.

Open wide!

Rosada, EXT 2340

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Sun Opposition Uranus. Total Lunar Eclipse. Mercury retrograde into Libra.

Although an aspect between planets is only exact for a moment, the effects can be felt for the five degrees leading up to the exact contact and continue for 3-5 degrees after the planets separate. Thus we can look at the Sun opposition Uranus aspect on Tuesday October 7 as having been in effect all last week and we can also assume the connection will continue to be influential for at least the week or so after the Sun moves on. Thus we have been experiencing the drama of the Sun opposing Uranus since the beginning of October and we most likely will continue to sense it's presence until at least the middle of the month.

 The Sun is in Libra, the sign of partnership opposing Uranus is in Aries, the sign of independent action,  means we can anticipate a lot of us this week are going to be reconsidering our relationship agreements, recognizing where we've gotten out of sync and evaluating how to go forward from here. For example, on the global level, My Country Right or Wrong thinking will be strongly challenged. More and more private citizens - independent Uranus types - are recognizing global warming is a fact, no matter how hard governments try to maintain harmony - Sun in Libra - by denying it. On a personal level, relationships that are not fulfilling their purpose will be abandoned as partners no longer see the value in maintaining a facade.

Those of us most directly effected by this Sun opposition Uranus will be folks who have planets around 14 degrees of cardinal signs. I have my Cancer Sun at 11 degrees and so this line up has been shaking up my world as I look to form new relationships. My husband of 44 years passed away in 2011. Since then Uranus in Aries has been challenging me to strike out on my own, to think of myself not as a widow (Sun in Libra), that is, a person in a relationship with a deceased husband, but as an independent woman (Uranus in Aries). This week I formed a new partnership with a new love. Naturally I feel very good about it, but my kids, are wondering just what the heck the old lady is up to. Uranus is shaking up the old relationships. As another example, I have a girlfriend who's adult son has been living in her home without helping out with chore or money for rent. She's tried to do her part and play the role of Good Mother - Sun in Libra - but he's not doing anything to hold up his end of that bargain so now - Uranus in Aries - she's no longer enchanted by the partnership and is ready to kick him out.

Fortunately there is a total Lunar Eclipse of the Moon in Aries coming up on October 8 so right after the Uranus opposition we'll find a lot of facts and information and truths coming into the open which should illuminate just how necessary the global and personal changes are at this time - and how doing things differently will serve everyone involved.

For those trying to figure out how to navigate all this disruptive energy, the key idea here is to maintain freedom and detachment. Now is the time to make decisions based on what you believe today, not on what you thought was true in the past. So whether you're considering changing your politics, religion or just deciding to get a hot dog instead of a hamburger, this is the week when doing things the old way is no longer working and changing your habits brings you new life.

Once you recognize which patterns no longer serve you, Mercury retrograding into Libra Friday October 10 will help you renegotiate so no need to fear speaking up..

Bottom line, this is the week to stop unproductive habits, announce you are no longer going to keep agreements that don't serve the highest good and confidently renegotiate your contracts.

Sun in Libra loves win-win partnerships and this week we see where really need them!

For a personal consultation call me at 888-889-9897.

It's time for a change!

Rosada, EXT 2340

Friday, September 26, 2014

Venus In Libra: Relationships, Lawsuits and Social Networking.

Lots of exciting aspects happening as we enter October:

 Pluto recently turned direct empowering all efforts to transform old patterns and to start living a more authentic life. Monday the Moon is in Sagittarius conjuncting Mars so there's another super magnet pulling us out of inertia and steering us to explore new possibilities. Then Venus adds the final touch by shedding prudish Virgo and slipping something a bit more comfortable - silky Libra. It all adds up to a delicious wave of supportive energy so today start Living Large and be the person you always knew you came here to be. 

Then keep it up!...Tuesday the Moon continues in Sag so you may get to continue celebrating excess far into Tuesday night! Don't fight it - laugh out loud, get outdoors, be spontaneous! 

But then cool it because…Wednesday the Moon hunkers down in Capricorn where she becomes organized and practical. Early in the evening she has her monthly meet-up with Pluto, an aspect I find to be as important and informative as The New Moon. When the Moon conjuncts Pluto the changes that have been evolving underground now become obvious. Thus, if you've been doing something but not seeing any results, the day after the Moon connects with Pluto you will see the changes. Sometimes something dramatic happens right on the day, but usually this energy manifests more subtly. If you've been dieting without results now is when you see a change on the scales or if you've been working with out recognition this could be the day your efforts are noticed. Of course, if you've been getting away with something this planetary line-up could get you caught.

The Moon next squares Uranus but then makes a friendly final aspect to Saturn Thursday morning - this would indicate that surprising upsets could actually lead to some improved arrangements. Maybe a good day for marching in a protest or writing a few letters to the editor!

Friday night the Moon will be in the super friendly sign Aquarius and moving to trine Venus in Libra. Its a very optimistic meeting but be wary of trying to push your luck. Venus in Libra wants contracts to work out as win-wins for everyone and with Mercury turning retrograde on Saturday morning, people will back out of any foolish promises made that don't hold up in the light of day.

Saturn is particularly prominent this month as it's moving to the end of Scorpio and will frequently be the planet of last degree, meaning it will be the last planet the Moon aligns with as the Moon exits each sign every couple of days. Saturn is a sober vibration so there could be a feeling of serious obligations depressing more lighthearted activities. It doesn't have to manifest in a negative way way. Just make a point of giving your plans a bit of forethought and even the craziest ideas should turn out well. For example, on Halloween the Moon' s last aspect will be a square to Saturn meaning if you don't plan ahead you might not feel particularly inspired to dress up. On the other hand, with a little planning this year the celebration could make your -Saturn! - reputation. I'm giving a Come As You Were Party where everyone will be asked to dress as someone they were in a past life.

Have a Fun One!


Rosada, EXT 2340

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Sun in Libra. Fall Equinox. Pluto Direct. Jupiter/Uranus Trine. Mercury Changes Signs.

The Sun leaves summer and enters fall on Monday, September 22. Coincidentally Pluto, the planet of transformation, will be turning direct that day emphasizing the potential for us to actually feel the shift. As the flow changes focus, you may find your interests change. Indeed, you may find you have no energy for subjects that hold no real meaning for you. You may simply forget appointments. Ordinarily when we experience these temporary "power outages" we over ride them. We force ourselves to stay on task and in a day or two we're back into our routine. This week I suggest we make a point of NOT immediately trying to soldier on when our enthusiasm wanes and instead, if you don't feel like doing something, especially if it's something you usually enjoy doing, pause and ask yourself if the flow of energy in your life is subtly changing. If you receive an affirmative (like your head nods or you feel like smiling or just feel a bit uplifted), then consciously ask that you be aligned with the new direction.

 The Bachflower essence Walnut is specifically for cutting ties to the past and adjusting to the new. You may get benefit from taking some this week.

Sun is going into Libra with a new Moon at 1 degree Libra on Tuesday, September 23. As Libra rules balance this is the time to hit the pause bottom and evaluate: What's our state of balance? Who or what are we surrounding ourselves with to create harmony?

The Libra New Moon gives an opportunity to start new partnerships, particularly business rather than romantic because the emphasis here is on equality and conscious agreements. So the more clearly agreements are spelled out - the more we consciously understand what we are committing to - the better our chances of having an enjoyable experience this month. 

Art is also accentuated under Libra's rulership because the principals of balance have so much to do with whether an arrangement is experienced as beautiful.

Thursday Jupiter trines Uranus - an excellent day for signing documents as the principal of expansion will stretch to include and protect even the most unusual and unexpected of circumstances.

We round out the week with Mercury leaving communicative Libra and entering secretive Scorpio. Make progress in communicating with friends and loved ones before this happens or you may find that the door to understanding has slammed shut.

Wonderful opportunity for family gatherings and parties on Sunday September 28. Couples who chose to marry on this day will feel their union is divinely blessed.

May we all recognize our blessings and be thankful!
Rosada, EXT 2340

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Bach Flower Essences On Line Study Course: Aspen

My house nearly caught fire last night. I live up in Mendocino where we've had  record draught this  year. The hills are covered with brown brush and people make jokes about how this politically aware community has had to tone down our debates because even a heated discussion poses a fire threat!

It's possible this fire was started by an off the grid meth lab exploding. I wonder if Neptune, Uranus and Pluto had anything to do with that? Personally I note how Mars (fire) was at the last degrees of Scorpio making a very dangerous inconjunct to Uranus in my own chart - thus the possible threat in my own backyard.

 Anytime a planet is at the last degrees it seems we get some sort of crash course in whatever lessons we're needing to complete before the planet enters the new sign.. Mars in Scorpio has been manifesting in my community with an unprecedented number of public events emphasizing fire prevention. I hadn't done much with the information so it seems fitting karma that as Mars was about to leave the sign I was personally getting a life lesson on the the necessity of fire prevention. That is, because I'd postponed doing anything, yesterday afternoon found me out exhausting myself raking all the leaves in a couple of hours that I could have - should have cleared slowly over the last month.
Even so, I was peacefully calm through the whole ordeal. I think I know why….

This week our focus has been on the Bach flower essence Aspen. Aspen is the remedy prescribed when one is suffering from fears of an unknown origin. You can remember Aspen = vague fears by considering that Aspen leaves appear to tremble, as in trembling with fear.

 Although usually we only take essences for a particular need, in an effort to learn it is appropriate to take them just to experience what effect they might have. So while I don't consider myself to be of a nervous disposition, I started taking Aspen at the beginning of last week.

The first thing I noticed was how intentionally our news stories frame their reports to create feelings of worry! Wow, if I were trying to sell cures for anxiety I'd advertise right after the evening news. So Aspen made me aware of how habituated we are by the news to feel vaguely uncomfortable all the time. It's so subtle an influence we're used to the way it makes us feel. We don't even realize that going about the day a bit uncertain and a bit fearful is not a normal balanced way to be. 

Next evidence of the effect of Aspen came later in the week when a friend commented to me that she suffered from vague fears. We talked for a bit and I learned that she even has to leave the lights on to be able to sleep at night. I don't know if she was worried about intruders or ghosts or dreams or what, but I think it's interesting that as I was taking Aspen I was able to connect with - and not be pulled off center by - someone who suffered from just the condition Aspen was supposed to help. I told her about the essence so hopefully she'll be able to get some relief.

The final proof of the benefits of Aspen came to me yesterday when the fire alarms started wailing. Smoke clouds were swirling across the sky while planes and helicopters dive bombed the neighborhood with bright orange flame retardant. Nobody seemed to know what was going on. People around me were in a state of panic yet I managed to stay calm. We got through it without incident and this morning I'm hearing reports from neighbors about how they discovered they'd loaded their cars with the craziest things and wondered what in the world they were thinking that caused them to grab what they did. I had been able to think clearly enough to be able to pack just a bagful of essentials - particularly my Bach Flower Essences - and today while others are sorting through chaos I've been able to put things back in order very quickly. Yea Aspen!

 Hmm…ever notice how "essence" means "essential" ?

Next week we'll be exploring Beech.
And yes, it is for intolerance, criticism and all those things that make us say, "Son of a Beech!"

Talk to you soon,

Rosada, EXT 2340

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Bach Flower Essences On Line Study Course: Agrimony

Today we focus on the flower essence Agrimony, the essence to chose when you're feeling forced to conceal your true feelings behind an outward show..

The healthy well-balanced AGRIMONY type is the optimal optimist. They deal with their problems by not focusing on them and instead, secure in the knowledge that all things work together for good, they put their attention on the positive possibilities and sail through life - a joy to all who know them. The unbalanced AGRIMONY personality only appears to be cheerful while beneath the surface they hide a world of churning emotions. It can be hard to recognize this Agrimony condition because these folks are so agreeable and they don't tell you about the troubles behind their smiles. Inevitably a time comes however when a light-hearted joke is an inappropriate response. When a more serious attitude is required, those needing Agrimony find they are unclear how to respond. It's as if after years of hiding anger and sadness they have become numb to their emotions and don't know how to navigate. Agrimony helps reconnect the feelings with the outer expression.

In daily life, Agrimony is a good essence to have handy if you've got a job working with the public where you're required to follow a script or mumble some phrase like, "It's our pleasure to serve you!" until it has no meaning. Agrimony also helps when you're in a position where you have to put up with a lot of minor agrivations and interruptions till your patience is exhausted yet you must keep smiling because it would be worse to "come unglued". 

In more extreme situations, Agrimony can help where there has been a history of severe abuse that has been concealed. Children of alcoholics often tell stories of having had to hide the truth about their home life and to put on a happy face for school to the point where they didn't even know what their feelings are anymore. Likewise, unhappy couples staying together for the sake of the children are probably candidates for Agrimony.

Results to expect:
When people start taking a few drops of Agrimony through out the day they report they sense themselves becoming more aware of their moods, feelings and intuitive impressions - but rather than feeling overwhelmed by a flood of turbulent feelings, they find their enhanced emotional sensitivity makes them confident they can accurately gauge situations and handle them successfully - this gives the true optimism Agrimony is known for.

Remember AGRIMONY by thinking of it as lighting the path from AGRIvation to harMONY.

Full Moon in Pisces Monday September 8. A lot of hidden emotions wanting to come out - A great time to put Agrimony to the test!


P.S. Next week:Aspen

Rosada, EXT 2340

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Mercury Venus Mutual Reception - Try a Little Tenderness

Mercury and Venus are changing signs this week. Mercury will be going into Venus' home sign Libra on Tuesday September 2 and Venus will be going into Mercury's home sign Virgo on Thursday September 5. When planets are in each other's signs they are said to be in "Mutual Reception" and this supposedly creates a sort of friendly understanding between the two vibrations. Like strangers who are now walking a mile in the other man's shoes, this change in perspective could signal greater understanding now evolving for all of us as we find ourselves more willing to consider alternative points of view. It's as if last month we had Venus in Leo demanding "I deserve cake!" and Mercury in Virgo responding, "You can't afford the calories!" This week those stubborn attitudes will change perhaps because Venus in Virgo won't be so insistent and Mercury in Libra will want to find a compromise.

 On the world scene Venus leaving the Leo party sign suggests we may find leaders are finally willing to leave their scripted responses. Those who didn't dare promote anything other than the party line are starting to recognize the folly of their former opinions, and are now desiring to behave with less flamboyance - Venus in Leo - and demonstrate good sense -Venus in Virgo - which may lead to more equitable solutions - Mercury in Libra.

 In our personal lives this planetary change allows us all to gracefully release old prejudices and to find ways to create win-win situations. 

Use this planetary guide to help you make the most of this opportunity:

Monday September 1;
The Moon enters Sagittarius. See the big picture and see it for yourself. Don't let other's impose their limited beliefs on you.

Tuesday September 2:
Mercury goes into Libra. Now try to see things from the other guys point of view. In each situation ask, "How can we make this work for everyone?"

Wednesday September 3:
The Sun trines Pluto. This transformative aspect only happens once a year. Wonderful opportunities for healing and improvements. Some may try to use this power to coerce others. The more enlightened know true change comes from within.

Thursday September 4:
The Moon enters the sign Capricorn. Over the next two days the Moon will be connecting with every planet giving us a rare chance to get a glimpse of where our new attitudes are leading. If you've used this week's insights to promote peace and understanding in your world you may be very nicely rewarded. If the day doesn't go so well - STOP AND THINK! For good or ill, Moon in Saturn's home sign only gives you exactly what you deserve.

Friday September 5:
Venus enters Virgo. Did you behave yourself this summer? Hope so cause this weekend is all about cleaning up and getting ready for fall.

Peeking a head a bit to the Full Moon coming up next Monday September 8:
The Moon will be in Pisces putting a spotlight on those who areas we've ignored. Another reason to clean up our act today!

Next week we'll be Back to Bach - flower essences that is:
Think Agrimony,


Rosada, EXT 2340

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Sun/Neptune Opposition. Who Do You Trust?

Taking a break from the flower essences today to write about the significant planetary line up heading our way this week:

We've got a New Moon opportunity happening Monday August 25 at 10 a.m. eastern time. It's in Virgo at 2 degrees meaning anyone born within two or three days of this date or who's rising sign is in the early degrees of Virgo is going to be particularly affected in the month ahead by the energy this line up generates. While usually we think of Virgo as having a fairly benign vibration - it's the sign ruling decency and the desire to have things in good order - this New Moon comes with a warning label because the aspects following it - which tell us what energies this Moon will be promoting - are all very tricky and intense:

First just after the Sun/Moon meet up on Monday we'll have a Mars/Saturn conjunction. This puts the spotlight on Rules and Commitments. If the people represented by the Virgo Sun have been ignoring their duties, drawing a paycheck without doing their work, this is the time when Saturn, the boss, is going to call for an accounting.

 On a personal level, I see the Saturn/Mars crackdown happening here locally with a neighbor's gardener discovered putting out a salt lick to attract deer for hunting purposes while the neighbor is out of town. This is not only illegal but immoral. The fish and game people are coming out to inspect the property tomorrow - thus Authority/Saturn squelching Hunting/Mars.

 In the drama surrounding Ferguson, Missouri, the facts of that case will no doubt be coming out in more detail - Sun and Moon in facts oriented Virgo - with a subsequent demand for Authority/Saturn to take Action/Mars.

A few hours later the Moon will oppose confusing Neptune so we maybe hard pressed to get straight answers.
 In my examples the game warden probably won't be able to do anything as they won't catch the gardener in the act. Neptune will help him disappear.
 In Ferguson "the facts" will probably give more confusion than clarity.

However more truth should come out when the Moon trines Pluto early Tuesday morning.

I say "should" because while ordinarily a trine to Pluto can bring renewed enthusiasm this may not be such a good thing Tuesday. Venus - the Goddess of Love and Fair Play - is in dramatic Leo and moving towards a harsh square to inflammable Mars. Rather than diffusing anger this combination could intensify the potential for violence.

The gardener accused of setting out deer traps and the police and protesters in Ferguson may just all become more angry and defensive.

The Moon conjuncts Mercury Tuesday night which might help bring out important information - or it could just mean lots more talk but no resolution.

Wednesday and Thursday's patterns don't offer much relief. We're have the Moon entering Libra which could help but only if people are willing to play fair and acknowledge truth. This seems unlikely to happen as the Moon then goes on to square Pluto and oppose Uranus on Thursday meaning both sides of any question will be screaming, "Be reasonable - see things my way."

The final planetary aspect we look at as we evaluate the week ahead is the Sun opposition Neptune happening Thursday making a clear honest presentation of the truth highly unlikely. Knowing who to trust will be very difficult around this time.

The gardener will probably claim he didn't know about the hunters, the witnesses in Ferguson will have totally conflicting stories.

With the strong Neptune potential for misunderstandings, the best advice as an astrologer that I can offer for this week is to suggest we all try to stay clear and informed and to speak the truth ourselves as nearly as we can. The New Moon in Virgo promises playing it straight generates the vibration that will see us through the coming storm.

Meanwhile, let's continue to learn about the Bachflower essences. This may be the week when the whole world could use some Rescue Remedy.

Let's give Peace a chance!

Rosada, EXT 2340

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Bach Flower Remedies Online Study Group. Clematis, Cherry Plum, Impatiens.

Rather than devote an entire column to one essence, this week I am intending to cover briefly the remaining three flower essences used in the Rescue Remedy compound. I am doing this because I've found that it is not really very helpful to read a lot of words about something without having experienced it personally. We can read volumes but one experience is worth a thousand words. So I'm stepping up the pace here a bit so we can cover the basics and then get on into the actual experiences of what the essences do.

The compound Rescue Remedy is a collection of five essences Bach found the most helpful in emergency situations. It is interesting to consider their benefits as together we get a picture of just what causes an emergency and what is needed to get things back on track.

Star of Bethlehem as we discussed last week is for over-coming the "deer caught in the headlights" reaction brought on by the initial shock. Something unexpected can cause us to freeze up. Just like the biblical star of Bethlehem, this essence gets a person up and looking forward to the future. Incidentally, if ever you are using the essences but feel the healing just hasn't "kicked-in", add a drop of Star of Bethlehem and see things get moving.

Rock Rose for those emergency situations where the vibration of fear is pounding like a bass drum. Rock Rose transforms a reign of terror into a gentle rain of rose petals.

Clematis is the flower essence getting back into the present moment. This essence is also prescribed for gentle day-dreamers who need to focus more on the here and now. In a life threatening emergency situation however, Clematis is a Godsend for bringing the soul back into the body! In a less traumatic scenario Clematis is helpful when you realize you're doing things to avoid life - like sleeping all day.

Cherry Plum deals with one of the scariest of situations - those times when we fear we may completely lose control. I went through a period after my husband died where I didn't dare go out in public because I never knew when some simple comment would set me off and I would burst into tears. Cherry Plum helped me keep a stiff upper lip. Incidentally, along with their ability to balance a negative expression all flower essences have a positive expression to them too. An imbalanced Cherry Plum energy may express as weeping and wailing but a positive Cherry Plum person may develop a beautiful singing voice. So you can take Cherry plum for controling emotional outbursts and also for enhancing singing.

Finally Impatiens is perhaps the most important of the five emergency helpers. Like it's name, this flower helps when we need to be patient just a little bit longer. If your frequent prayer is "Lord give me patience and give it to me NOW!" this is the remedy for you!

These brief descriptions of the flower essences in Rescue Remedy barely introduce them but more words won't add to our understanding at this point. We can't truly know them until we try them, so I hope this week you will get yourself a bottle and see what you experience. While ordinarily one might not take Rescue Remedy unless there were a real crisis, while we are studying and learning about the essences it is appropriate to take them for even mild disturbances. Feeling pressed for time, searching for a lost item, dealing with a slight injury, these are all situations that will respond well to Rescue Remedy and give you a chance to feel for yourself how our inner vibrations resonate and change.

Stay tuned!
Rosada, EXT 2340

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Bach Remedies Online Study Group. Star of Bethlehem and Rock Rose.

When it comes to manifesting, the important thing to remember is that it is not our thoughts but our FEELINGS that ultimately connect us with our desires. If we are feeling optimistic, we instinctively recognize the opportunity in every situation. If we are feeling discouraged we can only manifest continued discouragement. While most of us recognize this truth, it is still often very difficult to raise our spirits in the face of harsh "reality". The mind cannot heal the heart! Bach Flower Essences, however, offer a means to balance the emotions and raise the spirits better than any sermon or drug. Here's how...

The key to using the essences effectively is to know what the 38 Remedies do and how to recognize the right one for your current situation.

Although I would be hard put to explain in scientific terms how the remedies achieve their results, I find it useful to think of them as being like tuning forks. When you are feeling "off-key" taking the appropriate essence gives you the proper "tone" to resonate with - and as a result the world around you changes and aligns with your new vibration. For example, if you are feeling lonely and take the proper essence, you not only find you are no longer obsessed with thoughts of isolation but then - without you having to do anything different - the phone starts ringing and invitations come pouring in! It's as if the essences are like magic potions - they change our inner light and then this changes what we see in our outer world.

Last week we discussed Star of Bethlehem - the essence to take when you've been stunned by some shocking news or event. Star of Bethlehem is to get you going again. To remember this essence I visualize the three kings following the star to Bethlehem - only in my vision one of them has fallen off his camel - shock! - and is seeing a whole swirl of stars about his head. The camel then gives him a gentle nudge (a kick start!) and like Star of Bethlehem, gets him up and moving. 

Today we shall consider Rock Rose the next ingredient in Bach's widely used Rescue Remedy, the five essence formula for all emergency situations:

Rock Rose is called for when a person is experiencing a sense of terror. Considering that the world around us is an out picturing of our own inner vibration, I wonder if the situation in the middle east could be helped if along with our prayers we were to each of us take Rock Rose? If we each of us could calm our own inner fears wouldn't it follow that mankind would cease to create - to out picture - terror? Maybe we should encourage churches to put a few drops of Rock Rose in the Communion wine!

To memorize the meaning of Rock Rose you can think of rocks raining down from the sky - a reign of terror! - but then see the rocks becoming rose petals - a soothing gentle blessing. Curiously, while researching the benefits of this flower and thinking of rocks and roses and rainfall, I read of an Indian healer who recommends Rock Rose essence for villages experiencing draught. He wrote of one village where thirty people in that town followed his advice to take Rock Rose. Within the month the town had had sufficient rainfall.

I have also heard of Rock Rose being useful when one has been terrorized on a lesser scale. If you  lose something or think you may have been robbed, take Rock Rose before the negative belief has a chance to set in. The missing item will be found or easily replaced.

All these experiences serve to remind us that this so called physical world is not a solid but a vibration. Once we totally get that we don't even need to take the flowers physically, we just need to vibrate on their feeling tone. So while it would be good if you could start building your own personal library of essences but if that is not possible do not despair. You can experience the benefits by simply intending to feel them if you can quiet your mind and focus on the essences for as little as 60 seconds through out your day.

Rock Rose taken regularly for a month will reduce conflict in your world because you simply won't be interested - you won't be vibrating on the terror wave length. 
What if they gave a war and nobody came?


Rosada, EXT 2340

Monday, August 4, 2014

Bach Flower Remedies Online Study Group. Rescue Remedy

For the next few weeks is going to be focusing on the flower essences discovered by Dr. Edward Bach. I hope you'll follow along and participate in our study by trying the essences yourself and reporting your experiences here in the comments section.

 Flower essences are potions created by letting flowers soak in water under prescribed conditions that are believed to allow the water to become infused with the energy or essence of the flowers and which when then taken internally are said to have a healing effect.

Dr. Bach believed that illness and unfortunate conditions in life were primarily caused by some imbalance in the flow of the body's life force. He never intended his remedies to be therapeutic in the sense of primarily curing physical disease, but rather as an aid for overcoming the mental attitudes that then manifest the symptoms of the disease. He believed that by strengthening the mind and emotions, the physical symptoms would adjust by themselves. Thus his approach was not to focus on a disease, but on the character of the patient. For example, a high strung nervous type suffering from a cold would be prescribed a remedy for balancing an anxious nature where as a slow-moving sluggish sort suffering from the same cold would be given a different remedy entirely.

Dr. Bach found that he only needed 38 different flowers to address and balance - heal - every emotional and mental condition. The trick is to be able to recognize which emotion a person is experiencing and thus which remedy is called for. In this study course we are going to be discussing each of the essences and I am hoping in this way we will all gain more confidence in our abilities to self-diagnose and then to take advantage of these miraculous healers.
The good news is there is nothing chemical in the essences so irregardless of which one you try you won't cause any harm.

The first step to success with Bach Flowers is to become aware of all 38 essences. We're going to start by discussing Star of Bethlehem which is one of the key essences in Rescue Remedy, a "family" of five flower essences  that all work together to sooth emergency situations. Rescue Remedy is the most commonly known of the Bach Flower remedies and the one many of us carry in our purses to have handy in case there is some disruptive event where we need to change the channel quick!

Star of Bethlehem, for neutralizing shock:

Shock causes the life force energy flow to stop and freeze up. If you've ever caught an animal by surprise you know how they will immediately become still - and then run like the dickens! Likewise, when we are surprised our bodies at some level tend to instinctively freeze - but we don't always remember to start up again. This is why whenever a condition is not responding to the remedy prescribed it is well to take Star of Bethlehem, it might be just the thing to kick start the energy flow once more.

Star of Bethlehem is always appropriate when there has been an accident. If the shock is neutralized, bodily recuperation is accelerated to a great degree.

A mental shock can also create disruption in the flow. However, sometimes the effects of a mental shock don't manifest for sometime as in the case of the woman who received a harsh criticism in an email. She was upset of course, but she told herself she was over reacting. So rather than making phone calls or doing anything to deal with or dissolve the situation, she instead decided to ignored the incident and went about her day. An hour later she had a bad fall! She told me she felt the fall had literally been "an after shock."

 Sometimes the effects of a shock don't manifest for even longer periods, We could go along for months or even years and then have a nervous breakdown or a skin disruption or any one of a number of physical or mental ailments all relating back to some long forgotten jolt to our system we may not even have recognized when it first happened. Consider the common cold. If you ever find yourself with a sniffle, consider what happened about two days before. Most likely there was some incident, perhaps someone said or did something that left you feeling diminished, and now it's manifesting in illness. Take Star of Bethlehem right when it happens and the cold bugs will never get in.

I hope you'll call and let me know your own experiences with Rescue Remedy and particularly with Star of Bethlehem. Better yet, post them here so we can all learn together.

Next week,
Rock Rose,
From Rosie.

p.s. You can find Bach Flower Essences at your local health food store or online. 

Rosada, EXT 2340

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Venus Opposing Pluto + Mercury Conjunct Jupiter = The Shout Heard Round The World

If you agree that it pays to advertise, this upcoming weekend will give the perfect line up of planets for placing ads. Communications planet Mercury will be entering the sign Leo Thursday afternoon bringing you lots of colorful and dramatic ideas for how to present your pitch and then Friday night this planet that loves to spread the news will be catching up with expansive Jupiter, almost a guarantee your word will travel far and wide!

We have some not so joyful aspects coming into affect too this week so we may also be getting worrisome news. Venus in Cancer is opposing Pluto creating the "Ancestor's Curse" aspect. According to Chinese folklore it is important to remember and honor the ancestors (Venus in the family sign Cancer) least they become angered by neglect and send sickness and misfortune (Pluto). If you've had a chain of frustrating experiences lately, stubbed toes, broken plates, lost items etc., you've been experiencing the Ancestor's Curse and you don't have to believe in angry ancestors to be stung by it's effects! Whether we inherit its darkness from our past, our culture or through our parents, what we do have to do is recognize it's time to examine those old, old patterns at last, to seek out their source and give them necessary attention. It's only when you understand where your experience comes from that you can restore the creative flow and make a genuinely new beginning.

Here's the line up of planets this week. Use them to help you get out of whirl pools and back into the flow:

1) Monday July28 - Venus opposes Pluto: 
    *Spot hidden causes.

2) Friday August 1 - Mercury into Leo joins Jupiter:
   *Bring them to light.

3 )Friday August 1 - Mars squares Jupiter:
    *Recognize what we should do now.

4) Sunday August 3 - Moon into Scorpio joins Mars:
   *Do it!

For further insights, give me a call at 800-815-8117.


Rosada, EXT 2340