Sunday, January 25, 2015

Venus Joins Neptune in Pisces - Why Fools Fall in Love

The big astrological event this week happens on Sunday February 1 when Venus plants a kiss on Neptune combining love and spirituality for a feeling of complete soul union. Get ready for this close up by taking care of business in the days leading to the fated tie:

Monday: Moon enters Taurus and sextiles Neptune so we're all going to be extremely sensitive to other people's moods. A particularly good day for getting a psychic reading and for seeing evidence of your own intuitive abilities. The Moon will also be making a hard square to the Sun Monday night so we may also be feeling kinda stuck or stubborn. Altogether an opportunity for visualizing the future but try not to be impatient.

Tuesday: Wake up early and feel the shift as Venus leaves group consciousness Aquarius and slides into mystical Pisces. Later in the day the Moon trines transformative Pluto clearing the path for change and forgiveness. Mercury in Aquarius sextiles Uranus in Aries Tuesday night so brand new paths should be opening up your horizons.

Wednesday: Could be tricky. The Moon left Taurus after squaring Jupiter last night, meaning we may have over extended ourselves. Now in Gemini she opposes Saturn so today we have to reduce our expectations about twenty percent. Try not to have deadlines fall on this date or you're libel to feel forced to make commitments you aren't sure you can complete.

Thursday: Get up early and do all your heavy lifting before noon while the Moon is trining the Sun and Mercury. After lunch there's a square to Mars so people could be irritable and feisty. Hold off any important negotiations until evening when thinking will be much more clear.

Friday: Mars sextiles Pluto - a wonderful time for moving towards manifesting important goals in your life. It's also a super line up of planets for working with others as that Pluto energy is best when applied to cooperative ventures.

Saturday: Early Saturday morning the Moon makes a delightful trine to Venus. Serve your loved one breakfast in bed - and then charge out the door and find some wonderful treasures at the weekend garage sales.

Sunday: At last we come to the day we've been living for. Venus conjuncts Neptune Sunday morning. Kindness is king today. Treasure the moment.

In sum, this week starts out with an awareness that stubborn attitudes only block our potential. As we are willing to forgive and move forward the stars indicate whole new opportunities are beckoning. Don't waste a second holding grudges - wish each other well and get on with your adventure!

Venus in Pisces = Dreams really do come true,

Rosada, EXT 2340

Sunday, January 18, 2015

New Moon in Aquarius, Mars-Neptune in Pisces = Meeting of The Masters

When I was in high school I had a couple of friends who were not in my regular classes but we would bump into each other from time to time in the halls. When this happened, without saying a word we would immediately change course, skip class and join up in the parking lot for a quick Master Mind Connection where we would basically just giggle and exalt in how cool we were. I don't think we did it more than a couple of times but to this day decades later we still keep in touch, calling out of the blue for a Meeting of The Master Minds - and there's nothing we wouldn't do for each other. I thought about us today as I was looking at where the planets are moving to this week. There's a lot going on that suggests if we put our heads together and broaden our Master Mind we'll be able to make some wonderful leaps forward in the days ahead.

First up, the Moon will be connecting with the Sun at zero degrees Aquarius on Tuesday. This puts the spotlight on group involvement and encourages all efforts to create a supportive community. If you like to make affirmations on the New Moon this is the time to particularly focus on those plans that will promote networking. 
What makes the Aquarian New Moon so special - why it is so positive for creating the group experience - is that it is comes just after the sign Capricorn, the sign of the strong minded individual. Thus we have just completed a month where we had experiences geared towards promoting our individual inner confidence and thus with a strengthened sense of our own values we can now be with others and listen to their ideas without feeling our own beliefs threatened or diminished. When we are confident about who we are we can be with people who are very different without feeling a need to convert anyone. The true Aquarian Light Worker is strong enough to listen without getting angry and without getting bored! 

On a practical level this line up could make January an excellent month for giving up any addictive behaviors, particularly those you find yourself drawn to mainly because your friends are doing them, like sharing a dessert you would never have ordered or saying things you don't mean just to be agreeable. The Sun in Aquarius will strengthen your independent spirit - call on it!

To make this week even more magical, Mars has recently entered Pisces, the land of visions and dreams, and will be connecting with Neptune ruler of Intuition and Faith Monday night. With this much energy focused on feelings, whatever we are visualizing is bound to take form in the days and weeks ahead.

Saturday, June 24, the Moon enters Aries which will help launch these new projects. It will first trine Saturn and sextile the Sun which is very encouraging for getting advice and permission. And you may need it because then the Moon catches sight of Uranus and squares Pluto early Sunday morning - meaning earlier plans could be drastically altered - but ultimately things should work out because after making a few corrections the Moon sails on to sextile Mercury and trine Jupiter and creates a happy ending with a final sextile to Venus before leaving the sign.

Party with a purpose!
Rosada, EXT 2340

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Mars into Pisces - Relax Your Mind and Float Downstream.

Mars activates the energies wherever he goes so having him in group loving Aquarius this last month was a wonderful instigator for holiday gatherings. He's had his fling now though, and he's heading on into Pisces for a meet up with Saturn on Wednesday. Mars at 0 degrees Pisces is trying to escape something, but karmic task master Saturn at 0 degrees Sagittarius bars the door. Could mean now's the time when the Christmas indulgences show up on the scale or on the credit card and it's time to pay the piper. Those with the Sun at the first degrees of Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius or Pisces (that is, those born around the 22 of May, August, November or February) are bound to feel this restrictive energy most intensely.

Making things even more frustrating is that Venus is actually enjoying a lovely sextile with Uranus this week. This happy friendship offers all sorts of unusual opportunities for new insights and adventures, but we may not be able to take full advantage of them…. Saturn is still there squelching Mars and saying "You can't move ahead...…until you fulfill your past promises."

So how are we to navigate such opposing energies? My girlfriend experienced them both this morning when she told her boss that even though she loved her job and co-workers (Venus sextile Uranus) she couldn't continue working for him until he gave her the back pay she was promised (Mars square Saturn). He first blandly replied, "Let's not let money come between friends." But then he did explain that if she could just float for a while he would make it right…eventually.

Hopefully they'll straighten things out - most likely after Wednesday when not only will the stuck Mars/Saturn mash up complete itself but also the Moon will be making a generous square to Jupiter illuminating potentials for magnanimous solutions PLUS the final aspect the Moon will make before leaving Scorpio Wednesday night will be a friendly sextile to the Sun in logical Capricorn pointing to sensible solutions.

Bottom line, there could be significant problems and frustrations coming into focus the first half of the week but if that happens an attitude of patience and good will could help untangle the knots with a minimum of grief by Friday.

Mars - Fire - in Pisces - Faith - encourages lighting candles and turning one's problems over to The Higher Mind for solutions. There's a bit more to it the ritual but if you call me I will be happy to tell you the fine points. I promise you, I have never failed to get positive results for myself with candle ceremonies and I know they can bring more light to dissolve your issues too.

Best wishes,

Rosada, EXT 2340

Monday, January 5, 2015

Mercury and Venus Walk into an Aquarian Bar..

The big headlines this week will be all about the meet up between Mercury and Venus in Aquarius on Thursday, January 8. This Mercury/Venus connect in the most welcoming sign should allow for open communication and might even encourage some new and unusual alliances. On the world stage we may see unexpected friendships forming as previously antagonistic players recognize how much they have in common. In our personal spheres it could signal an opportunity to connect in new ways with old friends or maybe even experience love at first sight. Here's how to make sure you'll get the most from this special moment:

1. Clear clutter and bring things up to date. Saturn recently entered Sagittarius meaning we must first establish stability (Saturn rules solid ground) before venturing further (Sagittarius rules expansion). So do some space clearing cause you sure don't want to waste the new opportunities on old chores!

2. On Monday Mercury, the god of communication, will be in friendly sextile to Saturn the head of contracts so this is the day to discuss plans and set goals - maybe make a date with a friend to be together on Thursday. 

If you want to consider the bigger picture of Mercury sextile Saturn you could also use this day to visualize your intentions for the year ahead. If you do, bare in mind that Saturn is only just peeking into Sag this spring and will then retrograde back into Scorpio for the summer before turning full speed ahead again in September. Thus the important thing now is to establish a routine of clarifying positions and intentions, but the goals themselves may change. We may come to realize as we communicate more effectively that there are some forgivenesses that need to be completed before we can experience the deep transformations in our lives that we're looking for. Saturn going back into Scorpio could bring this search to completion. A real life example could be a person surviving a divorce and knowing he doesn't want to hold grudges, that he wants to leave the past on good terms. So Saturn retrograding back into Scorpio could signal the return of old problems but also an opportunity to resolve them in a way that leads to true healing. But for today the energies are simply saying, "Start talking, start making a plan even though there will be adjustments along the way."

3. Wake up early and make a grand entrance on Wednesday, January 7. The Moon, that lovely lady who oversees the Department of Feelings, will be in Leo trining Uranus and accentuating all our desires to be fun and dramatic. You may get some inklings today of what surprises you want to share tomorrow. In fact, Wednesday night the Moon will meet up with Jupiter so as you consider your plans even bigger and better possibilities come into view.

4.Thursday at last! Mercury and Venus make quite an innovative team so make a point of putting yourself in an environment that encourages making new connections.

5. Final warning - The Moon will be in Virgo Thursday night making her much more conscious of rules and details PLUS she's going to be squaring Saturn which could make for binding commitments. Be very careful what you agree to now as you could have to live with your promises for a long, long time. (ie. put off getting that tattoo!)

6. Final final warning - As Uranus is involved with the Moon earlier in the week (Tuesday night and Wednesday morning) all these things could manifest sooner than expected. So once again the stars are telling us to get ready early. The sooner the house is picked up the quicker the guests will arrive!

Bonus: When Venus and Mercury hook up there are bound to be some good jokes to tell.

Rosada, EXT 2340