Monday, July 22, 2013

Full Moon in Aquarius: Honest to God!

The annual opposition of the Moon in independent Aquarius to the Sun in kingly Leo is often a time when people feel compelled to speak their truth to authority - and to hear an honest answer in response. This year the challenge intensifies with karma-counting Saturn squaring both the lights like a strict referee reminding everyone that to survive and go forward we must accept the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Anything less will be immediately recognized and penalized.

Who is this authority we so desperately want to hear us? On the national scene we see dedicated Americans -whistle-blowers- confronting government spy practices. Shallow explanations from elected officials are not tolerated because Saturn will not let the issue be resolved until we know the full truth. The Tayron Martin case is another example of the truth needing to come out before the wound can heal. The "Stand your ground" law doesn't work and until that is acknowledged and remedied there will be more tragedy.

What about each of us individually? In our private lives we may not necessarily be needing to confront some outside authority. It is truths we haven't accepted about ourselves that now demand attention. The consciousness raising foretold in the Mayan Calendar is moving foreword. As we become conscious that we are indeed all one nothing will remain hidden and this means bad habits and addictions will have to be faced. Not necessarily eradicated, but at least acknowledged - for how else can our higher selves connect with us to assist us if we don't admit where we're at? If you ask God to send an angel to the corner of Smart and Perfect, He'll never be able to find you if you're really at Bottom of the Barrel Road! So this week we must acknowledge where we really are - like it or not - because...

On Saturday July 27 Mars opposes Pluto square Uranus. This could be volatile. Instigating Mars in Cancer opposes - challenges - super power Pluto in Capricorn and then squares lightning-like Uranus two days later on the 29th suggesting reason gets swept aside by anger and impetuous behavior.
[This line up particularly connects with anyone born right around the first and second of any month but particularly January, April, July, and October.]

Those who haven't done the work of self-searching for the cause within, could find themselves threatened by the world without. However, those who aren't wasting any time or energy playing the blame game, those who have totally and completely accepted themselves and taken responsibility and authority for their lives will recognize opportunities this week to shed old grudges and to make great leaps forward, to initiate change and even access Universal Mind itself!

Venus entering Virgo Monday gives us all a clue for how to be on our best behavior. In Leo, Venus welcomed the more and the merrier. In Virgo she's asking us to use some discretion. It's time to be more selective in our choices of what we do and who we do it with. But most of all Venus in Virgo gives us the right tools to create balance and harmony in our lives. Venus reminds us a little compassion, a little forgiveness can go along way toward putting the world back together.

So please, this week play it straight and you just may find yourself living on Smart and Perfect avenue after all - or maybe even on Brand New Beginnings Blvd!

Moving on up,

Rosada, EXT 2340

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Uranus Retrograde in Aries: Hurry Up and Wait!

Uranus in Aries urges us to be free and spontaneous this week. It's square to Pluto in Capricorn however could mean unthinking impulsiveness will lead to harsh consequences. This warning is apt to be particularly significant when Uranus turns retrograde on July 17. When a planet is changing direction whether it be turning retrograde or later turning direct, it appears to pause and that's when it's influence manifests most intensely. For example, retrograde Mercury's famous miscommunications seem to happen most on the day it turns retrograde even though it continues to be retrograde for several weeks after that. Saturn changed direction - turned direct - last Sunday and many of you reported that day's activities seemed especially more like work than play - evidence of Saturn's influence intensified. Now Uranus the planet of fast action is changing direction so this week will be testing our ability to stay cool when our minds are projecting all sorts of reasons why we need to rush ahead, grab the wheel, do something!!!! before the time is ripe.

To help handle this planet that demands freedom and refuses to recognize any restrictions imposed from the outside, I consulted the I Ching, the chinese oracle. The I Ching gives it's advice through images. The image it gave me today was one of wind gently blowing across the sky. Now what does a gentle wind have to do with dealing with rambunctious Uranus? Well think of Uranus as being an actual person. Someone you know - maybe yourself! - demanding change and revolution. If you are dealing with someone of this nature, the I Ching seems to be saying it's best to be calm and soothing like a summer breeze. Or perhaps we are being shown our own wild rebellious actions won't get us anywhere right now. In the words of the I Ching, this is a time of "clouds but no rain." Think of Uranus as a farmer wanting rain and all he's getting is fluffy clouds blowing by. If he huffs and he puffs will that make any difference? No. How about if he tunes in on the square to Pluto and tries to force rain through some environmentally devastating weird weather manipulation? Possible perhaps but obviously not good.  So the I Ching is saying if we're smart farmers (and Uranus is known for strokes of genius) we will CHOOSE to be patient this week just as the freedom Uranus calls for now is the freedom to choose Self-Restraint.

The Tayvron Martin - Zimmerman trial is in the news this morning. A stark example of what can go wrong with this line-up of planets. Zimmerman acted impulsively (Uranus) and grabbed power (squared Pluto). Even though he was acquitted, his stupid thoughtless act (Uranus in Aries) will have long term consequences for our whole justice system (Pluto in Capricorn). Belief in America as a land of equality has been shattered. That it's a system slanted towards protecting a few is undeniable. The only question now is, what can people do about it?

This week ahead is sure to bring out more debate about individual freedom vs. government control. Some people will want to riot, others will claim the issues aren't even important, but they say a master is one who can listen to anything without getting angry and without getting bored so hopefully enough of us will master this art of self-restraint at least to the point that we can listen, stay involved and share a perspective of peace.

Keep calm and carry on,

Rosada, EXT 23

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Saturn Turns Direct - Is It December 21, 2012 Yet?

Checked your New Year's Resolutions lately? This week offers terrific opportunities to reactivate those good intentions and see the positive results!

Saturn, the god of structure and The Way Things Really Are has been retrograde in the first degrees of Scorpio since February. Having the god of firm foundations moving backwards has resulted in our seeing a lot of frustration in our efforts to get projects off the ground this year. Plans have been stalled and connections just haven't come together. Many of you have asked me when are we going to see the shift in consciousness we all hoped for last December 21, 2012. The changes have been happening but it's been slow going because we're having to choose to surrender the old belief systems before the new awarenesses can become effective. Good news is change will be coming more obvious this week as Saturn turns direct. It is a slow moving planet and will take a while to get up to speed but by October when Saturn will be back to where it was in February we should be feeling the roadblocks and delays are dissolved and we're finally moving ahead.

Now of course this doesn't mean bad habits that caused problems before can no longer cause problems now - we won't be able to suddenly eat fat yet stay thin! - rather, Saturn being retrograde showed us what the problems were and now through October we have an opportunity to fix them. You might say we can start with our resolutions again and this time since we now know how to eat healthy, if we choose to eat right we can still get in shape by the end of the year.

"Eating healthy" doesn't apply just to what foods we put in our bodies. Saturn in Scorpio is showing us that everything we surround ourselves with - the food, the friends, the ideas we allow in - whether we  admit to them or not! -  all make up the building blocks that create our lives. Saturn lesson is "like attracts like" meaning we can only attract the people and situations that are somehow on our same wave length - and thus we can't resonate with the people and situations that are right for us until we release the ones that are not. Unfortunately, the ongoing rise in consciousness doesn't mean we can change this rule - but maybe it means at least we'll stop ignoring it!

We are seeing this principle of What You Vibe Is What You Get playing out in our personal lives as Saturn makes us aware of our deeper feelings and won't allow us to mask our inner knowingness any longer. We may have hoped that Higher Consciousness would mean Universal Love and Brotherhood. It does, but not instantly. The gods don't suddenly blast us with some sort of cosmic euphoria. Rather we're having a gradual awakening but as we become more experienced (Saturn) we no longer fall for what is fake and manipulative. We've now reached a tipping point in mass consciousness where the phony vibration is intolerable. Saturn direct says this is the week we start realizing that feeling alone is better than pretending to feel connected.

On the world scene Saturn retrograde in Scorpio has revealed the government secret spying programs and other activities inconsistent with our professed beliefs in what "Freedom" means. Saturn got us to look at our secrets and now America has to decide either it approves of government intelligence gathering or it does not. This is what "Expanded Consciousness" is all about. When you become more conscious, you start to become aware of all realities, not just of angels and rainbows. As human consciousness connects and becomes One, it's inevitable we'll be seeing things we recognize we really didn't want to know before..but now it's time, we can't ignore, or pretend we don't know Reality any longer. 

Another awareness you may have coming in this week: The Sun is going to be conjuncting (in the same space with) Mercury in Cancer on Tuesday so the mindless jingles and hypnotic suggestions planted in our brains by the media are going to be particularly obvious and irritating - another sign human consciousness is rising above the sheep-to-the-slaughter wave length we've been living on for so long.

So it's all good, even though things may be feeling a bit slow or isolated. 

The new moon in Cancer happens at 3:14 a.m. Monday morning.
Make out a list of New Moon Resolutions!

Rosada, EXT 2340