Sunday, November 25, 2012

What Are We Waiting For?

   December 21,2012: Cataclysmic earth movement? Telepathy and time change? Transformation of human consciousness? End of the world?!! These are just some of the possibilities we can expect according to Jose Arguelles from his studies on the Mayan Calendar. Since publishing his original ideas various astronomers and Mayan anthropologists have criticized his calculations – mainly because the earth WILL NOT align with the Galactic Center of the universe that day as he believed - however his sense that something is about to shift for mankind at this time has created a strong resonance with  people all over the world - so much so that even people who had never heard of Winter Solstice celebrations will be gathering together on this day to pray for the Peace and Healing of our planet.

    As an astrologer and psychic I have been particularly motivated to understand what this phenomenon is all about. I have done readings on the date myself - which I'll talk more about in a moment - and studied dozens of articles from other readers to get their perspectives. The conclusion I've come up with is that something's going on, but it is much more subtle than originally predicted - still the result will be that everyone, not just Mayan calendar enthusiasts, will be effected and will come to recognize major changes are happening.

  My own readings from consulting the Chinese oracle, The I Ching, about this event point to the importance of joining together with others for mutual support at this time (hexagram 45: Gathering Together). Now I am planning to be with a group of friends on the actual day to celebrate the occasion, but I also believe the I Ching is advising not just that it is good to Gather Together with others on Dec. 21, 2012, but also that the whole consciousness rising experience we're watching for is going to manifest in our lives in proportion to our willingness to act in partnership with others – that is, the more we acknowledge that we need each other and act as if we are "all one" the more we will recognize the enlightenment coming into our lives.

  I furthermore got a sense from this reading that the shift we are anticipating is not going to be coming like a sudden chiropractic neck crack where our whole life view is suddenly wrenched to a different perspective. Rather, I feel we are going to be having gradual insights, like a foggy picture slowly taking on definition. An example would be meeting someone new and then through gentle conversation getting to know them and slowly discovering mutual interests and finally recognizing we have important work to do together. The point is, it appears the awakenings are going to be coming about in a natural fashion. What's special is that they are going to becoming about in a way that is more obvious and frequent.

  I also consulted The Destiny Card System, which is somewhat similar to Tarot cards but uses a standard playing card deck. This card reading system is becoming more and more popular as people try it out and recognize its effectiveness. Thirty years ago, Jose Arguelles, the man who popularized the Mayan calendar predictions, had originally said he believed the world would be using a whole new system for marking time by this year. That hasn't happened, but as this Destiny Card System, which uses the cards as a calendar and has suddenly become very popular, catches on I believe people are going to be using it to recognize and follow their life paths. Many converts rely on it now more than astrology. Could this be the "new calendar" Jose foresaw? The Destiny Card System assigns a card for each day of the year. The card for December 21 is The Ten of Hearts, the card representing large gatherings of people (literally ten hearts) coming together through a love connection. It emphasizes that love puts itself forward on faith – gives without expectation - but it also promises rewards will manifest. Certainly this fits with what has been predicted will happen on this day of world awakening.

Finally I looked for anything unusual happening astrologically on December 21. Actually surprisingly little out of the ordinary will be lighting up the sky that night. It's not a new moon and there won't be any earthshaking eclipses. However, there are a few minor interesting aspects and perhaps it is fitting that we have only small indicators of change on this exact date – all the easier to survive and grow with them in the months ahead. What I did find significant happening is that just the day before, the moon will be at the last degree of the sign Pisces. The Sabian Symbol for this degree is light going through a prism and becoming a rainbow of color. How appropriate for demonstrating the idea of all coming from one! Then on the actual day itself the Sun is going into Capricorn – thus the start of a new world order – and it will be making a sextile to Neptune – an auspicious omen for releasing old boundaries. Finally – perhaps most telling – the sun will be conjuncting Juno, the asteroid named for the wife of Jupiter, the goddess long associated with relationships – especially ones arousing  jealousy and violence. (Many thanks to Eric Francis for pointing this out.) As Juno will be at the first degree this suggests the New World Order - sun in Capricorn - will start with the relaxing of the harsh boundaries in our relationships - sextiling Neptune - and the transforming of the jealousies and rivalries that have destroyed relationships in the past - enlightening Juno. As our sun beams us with its light of clarity and the old rules and prejudices that separated us will no longer be tolerated! We can see this happening already as more and more laws are passed to acknowledge our rights to have relationships with the partners we choose, that is both gay and straight, and also in our awareness and acceptance of alternative relationships in general – between races, between folks married and unmarried, between countries, between religions and so forth. Can you imagine what the world will be like if this really does catch on? If anger and possessiveness no longer keep people paralyzed in fear? If humanity finally "gets it" and all we need is love? Wow, that would certainly be a world wide game changer!

  I've written about this topic today because I have heard rumblings of doubt and discouragement from many folks as they review their current life situations and start to lose hope that anything amazing or uplifting will be coming in on this much awaited special  date. I encourage us all to keep the faith. The shift may not be as startling as originally predicted but who wanted volcanoes and landslides anyway? The point is, we are making progress and we are about to take a great leap forward. I'm keeping my anticipation high and positive.

Key astrological aspect to watch for this week:
Mercury will turn direct on Monday, November 26 but not be moving full speed ahead until next Saturday December 1. New ideas may not be totally ready for their close up yet. Hold off on commitment until you see how they look at the end of the week.

Until then,

Rosada, EXT 2340

Monday, November 19, 2012

Synchronicity Happens!

One of the delightful signs you're in tune with the times is seeing all sorts of synchronistic events manifest: For example, just as you 're thinking of someone, they phone, or you start to say something and someone else  starts talking too - and expresses the exact same thought, or you're needing something and it appears without effort and so forth. These "freak accidents" are supposedly going to be coming more and more common now as we approach Dec. 21, 2012 - the date set for humanities great leap of understanding - of seeing that we are all connected, we are all indeed one. As this date approaches you may enjoy noting the increasing syncronicities in your life.

Meanwhile, "Hunters shooting at wild ducks" was the Sabian Symbol for the New Moon on Tuesday November 13. When I posted this last week I wondered if there would be some sort of terrorist attack on Election Day. Fortunately there was none but I personally had a sort of hunter/wild duck experience I can link to that day. Or actually to the night before, because it happened on the eve of the New Moon but I still count it as a hit because these planetary happenings are allowed a day or two of "orb". Orb means the length time the planets are orbiting close enough to each other to trigger an event. Thus a predicted event may not happen just at the moment an aspect is exact but hours or days ahead or behind the exact moment if the planets are still "in orb" of each other.

In my case, my Hunters Shooting Wild Ducks experience happened about 12 hours before the New Moon when there was a dramatic outburst on our street with a lot of yelling and eventually police/hunters appearing and arresting a flock of party revelers/wild ducks. However, I consider that a bit of a stretch to say this brief outburst was a significant connection to the Sabian Symbol. Perhaps there will be something more about Hunters and Wild Ducks before the month is over - on the full moon, maybe? - but meanwhile some astrologers also find the Sabian Symbol before the exact degree  meaningful and thus after checking out the new moon degree of Scorpio 22, I looked at the previous symbol, the one for Scorpio 21: A Soldier Resigns His Commission As a Beautiful Woman Clings to Him. Wowza! Doesn't that sound like last week's General Petraeus affair? 

Next Sabian symbol to watch for: The first quarter moon will be on Tuesday, November 20 at 29 degrees Aquarius. The Symbol for this degree is " A caterpillar coming out of a chrysalis." What a wonderful image for awakening! For me personally it is significant because I will be coming out of an airplane  just about then as I am going to visit my son's family for Thanksgiving. As this will be our first Thanksgiving together since his father, my husband, died last year it is very strengthening to have this Sabian vision of rebirth and new potential.

Now just to be on the safe side I figure we ought to take a look at the image for 28 Aquarius also. Turns out it's "Logs providing heat for the winter." Well, given that we're already experiencing snow in many parts of the country I suspect this picture will be resonating with quite a few souls.

Other significant aspects to watch for this week:

The moon will be in Pisces most of Thanksgiving Day - great for creative cooking and certainly for being aware of our many blessings.

Mars in Capricorn will be squaring Uranus until early Friday morning - The best laid plans may go awry. Capricorn says Organize and Prepare, but then relax and be open to Uranus' Unexpected Opportunities.

Finally we round out the week with the moon in Taurus opposing Saturn in Scorpio on Sunday, November 25. Could be time for getting even more creative with the Thanksgiving leftovers...

Coming Up Next Month!!!
We're in the final weeks before the much anticipated consciousness shift/uplift happening December 21, 2012!!! Have you been thinking about ways to commemorate the date? As the key idea is that this day marks the completion of a major cycle of time and we are reuniting and remembering our one-ness, any activity that brings people together to form a group experience is appropriate. Activities that honor our diversity yet show our connectedness should be particularly successful. Playing music together is a wonderful way for the many to become one.

OMG, just as I wrote the above line my neighbor came out on his porch and began playing his recorder! Am I synchronized or what?

Maybe you'll feel like listening to some music now too. It's the easiest road to paradise!

Happy days,


Rosada, EXT 2340

Saturday, November 10, 2012

December 21, 2012: A Man Made Miracle

There have been a lot of whacky Dooms Day predictions over the years. Seems like there's always some group making headlines for selling everything and heading for the hills - certain the last day was yesterday. December 21, 2012 is like one of those predictions but it's unusual because it is not just a small isolated sect that believes this date is going to be significant.  People all over the world now have become aware of the idea: On this day there is to be a major shift in human consciousness. So many of us are tuned into this in fact, that whether or not the ancient Mayans really did believe 12-21-2012 would be the date marking the end of time or if that was just a weird interpretation by one misinformed archaeologist, you can be sure Something will happen on that day because so many of us believe it will! So many individuals have come to embrace the idea that the world will now start operating from a higher state of consciousness that now, whether God or some outside force intended it or not, that's how it's gonna be. Together we are making it happen.

At least that's how I think this 2012 event is going to manifest. We've all heard the expression that we are co-creators with God - I'm not sure I really understand what exactly that is supposed to mean - but now a huge number of us really are intending for something special to happen here. Not the end of the world - I don't know anyone who is still anticipating that the poles are going to shift - but maybe a sense that even though we live in times with tremendous problems, enough people have decided to no longer live in fear, enough people are practicing the ideas of focusing on the positive, and maybe, just maybe we're going to be able to work together to save the planet and ourselves.

Things to watch for as your consciousness shifts from a third-dimentional fear based reality to a four and fifth-dimentional spirit based awareness:

You may find yourself less and less interested in watching violence on television.
You may find you're more interested in other people's opinions and not so insistent that they agree with your own.
Wholesome food and wholesome music appeal to you as never before.
Coincidence and "perfect timings" happen more and more frequently.

Actually this can all happen now - no need to wait until December to vibrate at the higher rate. In fact it's probably good to be extra evolved now while you can still enjoy saying "I told you so" - just in case after the 21st we're so advanced we're no longer interested in gloating.

Speaking of gloating, I have to mention that Obama won and I predicted it based on his Destiny Cards!!!  This system of card reading assigns each of us a card based simply on the day we were born. Romney's card for 2012 was The Ten of Hearts, an omen for love and popularity. Obama's card was the Queen of Spades, the card of self-mastery and achievement. Although Romney's card was considered strong - and he certainly did attract a loyal following  - it was trumped by Obama's Queen and ultimately ne was re-elected. I am really excited about the Destiny Cards. They are clear, specific and easy to understand - unlike astrological charts which can give you so much information you don't know what to embrace and what to ignore. Ask me to give you a Destiny Reading when you call - I think you'll be delighted - empowered! - when you learn what your card is.

The big astrological event this last week was Mercury turning retrograde the day of the election. There was much speculation as to what this planet ruling people's minds and votes going backwards would mean at the polls, particularly because there had been a similar event - Mercury changing direction - back on Election Day 2000 which astrologers consider responsible for the Bush-Gore Florida vote counting fiasco. As of now it appears things went smoothly although it may have been Mercury Retrograde's influence that caused Romney to delay conceding the election until far into the night and many key Republican strategists - Karl Rove particularly - had major mental meltdowns, unable to get their thinking to accept the new reality.

The Astrological event to be aware of this week coming up is the New Moon at 5:05 p.m. est. on Tuesday November 13 at 22 degrees Scorpio. The Sabian Symbol for this degree is A Hunter Shooting Wild Ducks. This symbol was prominent in the the chart of the fellow shooting all those kids in a movie theatre some months back. Hopefully this New Moon will bring out a more positive side to the image. As always, on a New Moon it is advised to be as aware as possible of one's surroundings and mental state at this time. Focus on the positive - because what you put your attention on now is what you are programing your unconscious to manifest more of in the month ahead.

Until next time,
Rosada, EXT 2340

Sunday, November 4, 2012

A Storm Ends and All Nature Rejoices

How'd everybody do with the Venus square Saturn last Saturday, November 3rd? It culminated in the morning - that means it was exact - but aspects can continue to resonate for hours or even days so it wasn't surprising to hear folks were having some difficult real life experiences - Saturn - with their relationships - Venus - until far into the night. The tricky thing when Saturn is involved, is that there often are some legitimate grievances to be aired, but with that harsh Venus aspect people aren't at their diplomatic best. In my world I was witness to a friend suddenly demanding that her room mate kick in her share of the rent right in the middle of a dinner party! It was a legitimate request but it could have been handled better... Venus has moved on now but it is still within "orb" of Saturn. That means it's close enough for the negative effects of this aspect still to be felt.
Note to self:  be consciously on best behavior through rest of week..

Which brings us to the next major astrological happening: Mercury changing direction on November 6, Election Day!

The last time Mercury changed direction on Election Day was in 2000 (Bush vs. Gore), and we all remember that mess. It took 35 days before we knew who the next president was!

Back in 2000 Mercury was changing from retrograde to direct whereas this time Mercury will be going from direct to retrograde. It wont happen until the end of the day. I wonder if it will manifest as people feeling they couldn't get to the polls in time? Perhaps we'll hear talk that due to the recent hurricane Sandy voting should be extended for several days.

Speaking of Sandy, the Sabian Symbol for the three-quarter moon falling on Tuesday is "A Storm Ends and All of Nature Rejoices!" Sounds like a positive omen for recovery not just from the recent weather, but also that everyone will be relieved when this exhausting presidential campaign is finally over. Maybe this Sabian Symbol is promising that even with Mercury changing directions and all the whispering we've heard about possible election irregularities, the final outcome will be clear with an obvious winner. Wouldn't that be loverly? Well, if nothing else astrologers will learn something about the effects of Mercury turning retrograde.

The other major planetary event to be mindful of this week is coming up Saturday, November 10. The moon will square Pluto and then we head for a Solar Eclipse. This means Use Caution! Now is not the time for initiating new projects. Stick to following up on matters begun before October 31.

Well, we've had some difficult aspects this last month but I don't want this blog to turn into a warning of doom and gloom! So how can we protect ourselves when the general vibe tends to be negative? If you've been a regular reader of this column you know I encourage getting rid of negativity by cleaning the house and getting rid of clutter. This helps because we tend to resonate with our surroundings and thus if our surroundings are confused we find our own thinking getting scattered. But is there anything more powerful we can do? Something more immediate? Absolutely! Simply find something positive to resonate with! First turn off the news - it's designed to make you feel anxious and impotent and then turn on the Classical Music station. Vivaldi, Mozart, Beethoven  etc can lift your vibration so fast you just might win the lottery. Seriously, I have a friend who always plays Mozart on the car radio when on her way to play Bingo and she swears that's why she wins so many jackpots.
Next, see if there is something you can do for someone else - this instantly opens your channel to blessing and abundance. 
And finally, let's just do what the stars are telling us to do this week:



Rosada, EXT 2340