Monday, May 28, 2012

That Magic Moment

"Is there ever a time that's right?!" My caller sounded frustrated and angry. I had been rattling on about how Uranus' entry into Aries had been encouraging love at first sight but didn't promise any follow through, plus I told her Venus and Saturn were retrograde till June warning against any and all attempts at long term commitment. "Somethings always retrograde, somethings always in opposition," she wailed, "When is there ever a good time?!" 

I must admit I was at a loss for an encouraging word. I started stammering. All I could think of was the old chestnut, "The stars impel but they do not compel." Not surprisingly that didn't seem to reassure her!  So what should we do when the planets say all you can do is just sit and spin? Should we even try to find a job when Mars is retrograde? What about love? If Venus is squaring Saturn aren't you better off remaining single? And shouldn't stores just close their doors when the moon is void of course? Astrology warns customers won't be pleased with their purchases then... Indeed the more I tried to think of something uplifting to say the more I found myself agreeing there are days when it's better to just call a time out.

So this week I'm going to list the times when it's more to your advantage to let go and let God...

Wednesday May 30 the moon is in Libra making a harsh square to Pluto in Capricorn all day. No more Mister Nice Guy, everything is a game of one-upmanship. Demand respect.

Thursday May 31 won't be much better. The moon's last aspect is a conjunction to Saturn. Nothing will be given for free. 

Oops, suddenly some good news here: Friday June 1 - Sat 2 the planets actually are quite positive. The moon is in Scorpio and the last aspect is an opposition to Jupiter. Let optimism reign!

Sunday and Monday morning are all about the lunar eclipse. A lot of secrets will be coming out in the open. Could be hard for some but those of us who aren't afraid to know the truth can use this knowledge to our advantage.

Okay so this week coming up has some potholes but Friday looks really good so don't go into hibernation just yet. Besides, I have a foolproof method for dealing with days when the stars aren't in my favor: I close the astrology books and turn to a different system for guidance entirely! Lately I've been studying The Cards of Destiny, a system of prognostication using a standard playing card deck. Last week I gave the meanings of the suits and and the numbers and specifically the aces and the twos. You can find that posting in the archives. Now I will continue with the meanings of the threes and fours:

The three cards are all about creativity - finding a way to harmonize the conflicting energies of one and it's opposite, two.

The Three of Hearts:
Creatively expressing our feelings. Light-hearted love.

The Three of Clubs:
Mental creativity. The "Writer's Card".

The Three of Diamonds:
Creativity with money. Need to be doing something and may be very busy with more than one job or project going. Could indicate worry about money the person is not using their energies productively.

The Three of Spades:
Creativity in Spades! The "Artist's Card."

The fours signal a time of routine and stability.

The Four of Hearts:
 A strong foundation for love. A home. A family.

The Four of Clubs:
Mental stability. Peace of mind. Clear thinking, solid foundation of knowledge. However beware of stubbornness or closed thinking.

The Four of Diamonds:
Solid values. Security. When this card shows up it means we know what we want and how to get it.

The Four of Spades:
The strongest card for security and stability. Health and work are running well when the four of spades appears.

Incidentally, unlike tarot cards where so much of the meaning depends on our subjective interpretation of the pictures, reading with a regular deck of cards depends mainly on simply how well we can remember these basic meanings. I have no qualms about writing the meanings directly on the cards. This will help you quickly memorize the key ideas and you'll find yourself becoming a fluent reader in no time. In fact, with the full moon eclipse this weekend people are going to be eager to reveal their deepest hidden secrets to you!

In joy,

Rosada, EXT 2340

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Gemini Sun and The Living is Easy.

Sun and Venus in Gemini this next month or so means fun and games - particularly card games and very particularly for those of us with a metaphysical bent - reading card games.
If you don't have a Tarot deck, don't worry. Gemini makes everything easy and today I'm going to make learning to read cards very easy using just an ordinary deck of playing cards.

To do readings with a regular deck you only need to know a few basic facts: the meanings of the suits and the meanings of the numbers. When you have these down - which should take you less than an hour - you can quickly intuit the meaning of all 52 cards in the deck. 

The standard deck of cards is divided into four suits (plus the joker which we will discuss separately), Hearts, Clubs, Diamonds and Spades.
Each suit deals with one area of our lives. 

HEARTS are easy to remember. Any card from the suit of Hearts is about feelings, love and relationships.

CLUBS deal with mental pursuits, ideas and the desire for knowledge and thus can refer to studies, discussions and even arguments.

DIAMONDS are about money of course. The desire for money, ideas for making money, financial projects etc. Diamonds can also be refering to physical things, possessions and what money can buy.

SPADES mean energy, how we use our energy (work) and our level of energy (health). Having something "in spades" means intense energy surrounds the subject.

Each suit contains ten cards and three court cards. The numbers  1 - 9  indicate levels of experience (1, Beginnings - 9, Endings) and 10 represents success. The court cards can represent mastery in their suit and also specific people.

The meanings  of the numebers:

Ace: Beginnings.
Two: Couples.
Three: Creativity (Think two loving people create a third, a child)

Four: Stability
Five: Change
Six: Harmony (Think balancing stability and change.)

Seven: Spiritual awareness, mental power.
Eight: Physical power.
Nine: Endings, completion.

Ten: Mastery. (Think of 10 as meaning understanding of all the numbers 1-9)

Court cards:
Jack: A young energetic person trying new things, Creativity in the area  of the suit.
Queen: An adult female. Self mastery in the area of the suit.
King: An adult male. Mastery over others, authority, in the area of the suit.

Now you are ready to start combining the meanings of the suits with the meanings of the numbers. Here are some examples to get you launched:

ACES mean beginnings or  maybe  just  the desire  for a new beginning.
Ace  of  Hearts  :  New  love.  Could be a  new romance, a new child  or a new interest  if you are  passionate  about  it.
Ace  of  Clubs  :  New  idea. Could  be birth  of  a  new mental project - like  an idea  for  a  story  - or  a  new mental interest..
Ace of  Diamonds: New  money  or  a  new  source  of money, like  a new job. Since this is an Ace, meaning beginnings, this could be seed money  for a new project  that  needs  further developement.
Ace of  Spades: New beginings  in Spades! Most powerful card in the deck! Total  transformation. Death  and Rebirth.

TWO  is all  about  pairs.
Two  of Hearts : A pair of lovers. Soul mates. Two  hearts beat  as one..
Two  of Clubs: A pair  of ideas  - discussion, studying, even arguing.
Two  of  Diamonds: Two  possessions circling  about  each  other. Trading, negotiating. Two separate  worlds  that do not  easily dissolve into one world.
Two of Spades: Intense partnership. Usually a good card meaning two people who co-operate well together or could indicate indecision where alternatives are being carefully weighed.

I'll be giving you more examples next week. Meanwhile there is a new moon in Gemini today - a very encouraging omen for ultimate success in learning - and using - this method of card reading!

Easy Does It,

Monday, May 14, 2012

Where are They Now?

Can you believe we're half way through May already? Whew, time really is speeding up this year! I think we can all use a brief refresher on what signs the planets are in now and what that means for the week ahead:

Apollo, the sun god, is almost through his annual visit to the Garden of Eden - the sign Taurus. Don't delay visiting some fabulous garden yourself this week and bring some flowers into your own space!

The messenger god, Mercury, is also in Taurus now. Supposedly Mercury is not at his best in this setting. He likes ideas that can be communicated quickly and Taurus has a way of slowing things down. Still you may find that conversations held in an actual garden go pretty well. Just breathe deep and get comfortable with long thoughtful pauses.

This week the goddess Venus cruises through Gemini the sign ruling neighbors and close friends. Venus in your neighborhood encourages lots of gossip and flirtation. Venus turns retrograde Tuesday meaning she'll be bringing old loves back in for a second look.

Mars, the god of war is in Virgo, the sign of work and health. Whatever you are doing, have an attitude that you are tackling a job you enjoy doing and you'll tap into the energy of this helpful friend.

Jupiter, that jolly old soul, is blessing us with a visit in Taurus too these days. Another confirmation that outside close to nature is the place to be.

Saturn, the god in charge of seeing to it we fulfill our responsibilities continues his retrograde slog through Libra and partnerships making sure all our promises are up to date before we go any further. It may feel like we are sooo close to reaching some sort of final commitment/agreement - papers being signed etc. - but the negotiations may drag out until Saturn finally turns direct the end of June. Don't try to force things to completion before then.

Uranus, moving through Aries, is shaking things up demanding individuals stand up for their rights. 

Neptune, strong in Pisces, is amplifying our awareness of our psychic ability. 

Pluto, connecting with Mercury and Mars this week, could create some trouble as he encourages strong opinions and argumentative speeches. Direct your focus to things that matter and avoid endless debate.

New Moon in Gemini coming up on Sunday. Make a point of being on good terms with your neighbors and siblings that day and you'll reap the benefits all month.

Looking at how so many of the gods are going to be hanging out in the Taurus/Garden this week makes me think this would be a great time for a neighborhood block party. Or as Mars in Virgo would say, "It's a tough job but some body's got to do it!"

Have a good one,

Rosada, EXT 2340

Sunday, May 6, 2012

The Pause That Refreshes

Each week when I write this blog I begin by consulting the I Ching asking what my theme or focus should be.  Today I received Hexagram 39. Impasse, the image of a wall or mountain restraining a river. The image suggests a time of restriction and boundaries that should be respected. The oracle gives us the advice that during such a time "The superior man turns his attention to himself and molds his character." (Wilhelm translation)

This idea of impasse makes a lot of sense considering we are experiencing a tight Mercury opposition Saturn this week, a line up of planets that usually indicates people in a position of authority (Saturn) are likely to react negatively to underdeveloped ideas (Mercury). More specifically this means any paper work that didn't have every T crossed and I dotted will probably be sent back for improvement. (Sounds like the government auditing tax returns!) Also, if you've made any requests recently don't worry if you're required to flesh out your ideas more fully before you receive a go-ahead. A well considered suggestion will get a solid thumbs up.

When i consulted the I Ching I received what's known as a Changing Line in the first position. There are six lines in an I Ching hexagram. Each line refers to a stage of development in the over all situation. Receiving a change line in the first position means we are not fully into the situation and thus there is added advice on how to behave at this early stage. Receiving a change line in the first position of hexagram 39 Impasse tells us "Going meets with obstruction. Coming meets with praise." If you are new to the I Ching this can sound rather obscure. Basically it means that at this time moving forward will meet with obstacles and that "coming" back to your original position is appropriate and will meet with approval. This observation is also echoed by the placement of the stars this week: Mars will inconjunct Uranus on Monday - a very tricky aspect suggesting applied energy (Mars) could have unexpected (Uranus) results requiring lots of adjustments (the in conjunct aspect) - so take things slow or better yet, relax and let things mellow out before taking any action at all.

If there is a change line in an I Ching reading then the seeker is guided to read a second hexagram. That is, because I received a change line in the first position in hexagram 39. Opposition, I am directed to rewrite the hexagram as if the first line has changed - in this case from a broken line to a solid line. This creates an entirely different hexagram - in this case hexagram 63. After Completion. This second hexagram tells me about surrounding influences and possibly what the future may hold. After Completion indicates a situation that has reached a certain level of completion but warns that there is more work to be done. "At the beginning good fortune, at the end disorder" Think of moving into a new home. You may have successfully completed moving out of the old house but now you have a fresh task of setting up and moving into the new one. We see this change reflected in the stars Wednesday when the moon will conjunct Pluto, the planet of endings and new beginnings. I always pay particular attention to what is happening on the day the moon conjuncts Pluto. Along with the new moon day and the full moon day, the moon conjunct Pluto day gives us a significant insight into the month's progress. When the moon conjuncts Pluto something that is no longer necessary in our lives leaves and something that is going to be important comes in. When callers consult me just after the moon conjuncts Pluto I know there has been a recent significant change in their situation. If the question is about work then most likely they want to quit or maybe they've just gotten fired - or maybe the company has gone out of business! The answer is always unequivocal: something is over and only a complete change can make things better. Likewise with relationships. If the moon was last over Pluto at the time the question is asked it means something significant has happened - maybe a secret affair revealed? - and we can't go back to the old ways.

So to sum things up - this is a week for patience. Jolting changes may disturb us in the first couple of days but by the end of the week we should be on a fresh course with every reason for optimism. Mercury trining Pluto May 14 means the new ideas coming in are going to be better than any we've come up with ever before!

I close with a quote from Proverbs 20:22:
Wait on the Lord and he shall save thee!

Rosada, EXT 2340