Sunday, January 26, 2014

Chinese New Year and The Wood Horse

Chinese astrology ascribes a different animal to each year and looks for the energy of that animal to characterize the energy of the year. 2014 is the Year of the  Horse. Horses are known for their speed as race horses, for their endurance as work horses and of course for their love of freedom and travel. Thus with these qualities in mind an astrologer anticipates 2014 will be filled with of exuberance and non-stop activity.

This will be a year where all of us, in key areas of our lives will be called upon to get up, take action, and make it down the home stretch. On a global scale you might say this horse year is the year of the pony express brings the message about the reality of our issues. If group consciousness is ever going to call out the Calvary concerning global warning, governmental surveillance, GMO's and all the other things we've been in denial about - this will be the year it happens. Horse energy makes us want to gallup into action, to join in, to clean up, rebuild and improve our lives.

Along with ascribing an animal to each year, the Chinese system also recognizes an element, Earth, Water, Fire, Wood or Metal. The element for 2014 is Wood so we say that 2014 is the year of the Wood Horse. Wood has a vibration of stability and adds a sense of control and limitation to the otherwise enthusiastic Horse.  Like a horse in a corral, Wood aids in walling out the unrewarding activities and people in your life and increases focus on what is valuable. With Wood less becomes more. Take out the trash and get more done with less effort. Economize - emotionally as well as materially.

Advice from the Wood Horse:

Everyone loves to receive gifts but Wooden Horses can turn out to be gifts that are more trouble than they are worth. Remember the wooden Trojan Horse and beware of extravagant gestures!

Be willing to work but retain your dignity.
Be a proud stallion, not a worn out work horse.

Reduce stress and rush in your life.
Cool the pace. 
Be a long distance trotter, not a race horse.

Horses need only grass, water and sunshine.
By simplifying your life you make room for wonderful and unexpected opportunity.

Horses travel fast.
Thoughts manifest almost before we think them.
 Miracles happen in Horse years.

Fill your mind with positive thoughts, particularly on Friday January 31, Chinese New Year's Day.

Participate! Celebrate!
2014 is the year we came to the planet for!


Rosada, EXT 2340

Sunday, January 19, 2014

January 20 - 26 Moon/Venus Trine. Sun/Moon Air Trine. Jupiter/Pluto Face-Off.

The Sun leaves limiting Capricorn Monday and enters the free-for-all sign Aquarius. It's as if we've proved to the gods we can behave ourselves and keep our word so now the leashes are removed and anything goes. Are you self-disciplined enough to survive a month in the fun zone?  The Aquarian environment says "Do you're thing, no outside rules need apply!" How can we stick with our New Year's Resolutions without outside restrictions? The planets this week give us a clue...

Using The Planets to Create an Environment For Success:

The week starts out with a practical trine between the Moon in Virgo and Venus in Capricorn. This helps and even makes it easy to manifest desires. The trick is to remember Virgo attends to detail and improvement comes in baby steps. Thus if you have resolved to lose 20 pounds, this aspect says "Don't make the challenge too big. Celebrate when you lose just one!" 

Tuesday there is a lovely air trine between the Sun in Aquarius and the Moon in Libra. This alignment favors all sorts of social gatherings and will creates a great opportunity for connecting with people who share your goals. Inevitably we all reach those places on our path where we feel we've gone as far as we can go. Having a support group can give you the vision to keep going. Weight Watchers anyone?

Mercury trines Mars Friday, January 24. Renewed enthusiasm kicks in!

Mercury squares Saturn Saturday, January 25. Harsh reality kicks back! 

The power struggle continues with the Jupiter/Pluto opposition coming into effect on Sunday, January 26 - January 29 -an indication that expansion/improvement (Jupiter) cannot come without change (Pluto) and possibly a power struggle. How can we have "In with the New" unless we're willing to release, that is, to have "Out with the Old" to make room for it? In our diet analogy this could mean the realization that improved health doesn't mean starving ourselves for a few days and then going back to our old eating habits. True change will require throwing out junk food and then replenishing the shelves with healthy food. Then you have an environment where your New Year's Resolutions have a chance!

Knowing this show down is coming, use this next week to release as much as you're can on your own. It may be your New Year's Resolution requires eliminating unhealthy foods or habits. You may also find yourself recognizing old beliefs that need to change to get you where you want to be. Whatever it is you want to transform, the planets this week are offering major support when you..

1. Keep goals small. Baby steps!
2. Connect with friends who share your goals.
3. Know you'll have good days and not so good.
4. Design your environment to support the new you.  

You amaze me!

Rosada, EXT 2340

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Venus Conjunct Pluto = Healing Relationships

What do we really want? Peace of mind. The cessation of tension. A clearly-perceived future. But with Uranus' ongoing square to Pluto, these simple desires have seemed almost unattainable this winter. Relations with other people have been particularly difficult. Stay or go? Neptune at the first degrees of Pisces has caused many of us to wish for some clear sign in order to make the right decision. Perhaps these insights can help:

Venus is retrograde in Capricorn till the end of the month causing us to be considering whether  it's time to release old relationships, particularly ones that have caused heartache. When the Goddess of Love turns direct and cosys up to the death planet, Pluto, on January 30 - 31 you may just decide to end it officially and move on. Or... being as how Pluto is also the planet of rebirth, Venus turning direct here may mean Pluto gives us a whole new insight and with this new understanding comes the ability to forgive - and recommit. Right now it's too early to tell which way you'll want to go so vow to spend the next two weeks developing your ability to calmly wait and see. Meanwhile, I've been studying the planets and their corresponding herbs. ASHWAGANDHA ("The Indian Viagra") is an herbal supplement famous for restoring and rejuvenating the body and the feelings. It takes about a week to kick in and is particularly effective for Venus /Mars issues.

Saturn is slowing down and going to be turning retrograde the end of February. Even now you may be feeling yourself stuck or experiencing yourself attached to people who are not necessarily your kind. It's important if we are going to get anything accomplished to find those people with whom our inner nature really accords. Once Saturn actually turns retrograde we may find it a lot harder to wriggle out of social obligations so start now to cultivate connections with people you really share some mutual interests with. SHILAJIT is powerful herbal restorative. Shilajit has been credited for overcoming all sorts of Saturn issues including general aches and pains, afternoon sleepiness and even depression.

Mercury, the planet ruling the mind and the nervous system, has just moved into Aquarius where it will be extra busy for the next two months. Give Mercury and your brain some support with BRAHMI - GOTU KOLA supplements. Brahmi lifts the mood, improves memory and clears the mind. 

Jupiter retrograde in Cancer till March is encouraging us particularly in healing family relationships. TUMERIC is a superb antioxidant.  One tablet three times a day brings Jupiter's wisdom and blessings to even the most difficult of these ingrown dramas.

And of course, never underestimate the healing powers of an afternoon in the Sun - accompanied by my favorite herb, a box of chocolates!

To your very good health!

Rosada, EXT 2340

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Jupiter in Cancer - Wisdom for The Home, Food and Philosophy.

I just now packed away the last box of Christmas ornaments. Whew. I love the holidays with the music and the people and the glitter but I equally relish this moment when it's all done - the leftovers eaten, the lights taken down, the decorations wrapped up - and I get to stare at an empty room with blank walls. It's a feeling of liberation! I was talking to a friend about this, She responded with a story of being a small child and feeling disadvantaged when she saw the extravagant displays of Christmas presents and packages she saw all around at stores and in other peoples houses. Her family could only afford small gifts and homemade decorations. She asked her mother why it was that God had seemingly blessed others with so much and their family was making do with so little. She said her mother explained to her that it didn't matter what they had in outer world material goods, that God gave people what they needed to feel the Christmas spirit within, and that some people needed a lot of stuff and some people could feel the love with very little, and that if she tried maybe someday she'd be able to feel Christmas with out needing anything at all!. She said this challenge resonated so deeply with her that from then on she intentionally choose to keep her material needs to a minimum so they wouldn't drowned out her ability to feel on an inner level. I think about this today and vow to keep this sense of peace and exhilaration  and not to let my newly cleared space get filled up with clutter again too soon this year!

My second New Year's resolution is to eat better in 2014. I live on the coast of Northern California. Many of us who live here are into vaguely vegetarian diets already, but the news about problems with the Fukushima clean up and the resultant pollution to the ocean and the fish, has us doubly spooked. As a result we're becoming rededicated to the idea of reading labels, eating organically and just in general being very aware of what we put into our bodies. While discussing the best ways to get the vitamins we need without taking in the radiation we don't, my same friend mentioned she had recently been reading up on Howard Hughes, the aviator and creator of the Spruce Goose airplane. He nearly died in a plane wreck and later attributed his miraculous recovery to drinking quarts of fresh orange juice everyday. Most dismissed this as another of his eccentric ideas - he had Uranus conjunct the Sun, a famous signature for those who think outside the box. However, when you consider that a fresh orange would have the most recent of the sun's energy - the most current "information" - perhaps he was on to something with his insistence on the healing powers of fresh produce. Anyway, I predict that with all the fooling around that is going on with manipulating our food recently, 2014 is going to see a great leap in consciousness as people start waking up and becoming more discriminate about what goes in.

 This all fits with the fact Jupiter, the planet that rules wisdom and philosophy, is in the sign Cancer, the sign for home and nutrition until mid-July. Thus this year appears to be shaping up as one where we'll become more discerning about what we surround ourselves with in our homes, what we'll put into our bodies with our food and I also feel we're becoming more aware of what we feed our minds. The constant blather of lies and negativity put out by the news shows is fast approaching it's tipping point. Jupiter the planet of truth, is moving towards a trine with Saturn, the planet of boundaries, and while it wont be exact until May I believe we're going to be seeing more and more people saying, enough already - we know the difference between Spin and Spinola: you can't fool all the people all the time!

To make generous Jupiter and setting limits Saturn work for you, use this break before we get back into the horse race (2014 will be The Year of the Horse!) to
detox your home, head and body - then fill up only with the things you know to be healthy and true.

Wishing you sublime success in the new year!

Rosada, EXT 2340