Sunday, July 31, 2016

Leo New Moon Tuesday August 2 - Fire It Up!

Needing a push to get yourself going? This week gives you a nice one starting Monday August 1 when the Sun in the fire sign Leo makes a very positive connect with Saturn, the planet of long term commitments meaning you're more likely to persevere with new projects started now. PLUS Mars, the planet ruling energy and ambition will be entering a fire sign too - Sagittarius - offering even further enthusiasm for getting endeavors launched. Venus will be leaving Leo and going on to join Mercury in Virgo at the end of the week. Take note: although the Sun is in Leo, the key sign for romance, with Venus going into worker bee mode in Virgo, the focus will be less on partnership and more on taking care of business. Keep your heart happy being your own best friend and tackle any chores that could help promote your work. Take advantage of this terrific time for beautifying your home and office according to the principals of Feng Shui:

 Feng (wind) Shui (water) is the study of the flow of energy - chi. It's known origins date back 5,000 years. The idea is that how we have things arranged in our homes has an effect on our lives. There are many schools of Feng Shui. A very popular form of Feng Shui known as Black Hat has sprung up relatively recently. This school emphasizes the importance of having certain symbols in various parts of the house to create a desired effect. For example, placing a round mirror behind the headboard in the bedroom is thought to promote harmony between man and wife. The Compass School of Feng Shui , which has been around for centuries, teaches the impact of having certain elements - earth, metal, wood, water or fire - in specific directions - North or South etc. I first practiced Black Hat Sect Feng Shui and then decided I wanted the complete classical training in Compass School so I enrolled with Master Sang at his American Feng Shui Institute here in California.

I want to take a moment to comment on what a wonderful experience it was to study with Master Sang. We've all had a variety of teachers, good and bad, but have you ever worked with a master? If you have, you know it is not the paper credentials but the real life energy that proves if one is truly a master. With Master Sang you could sense his aura clear across the room - a loving vibration that made you feel so accepted, so safe, you could let down all your guards and just allow the information flow in. Based on this experience I urge anyone who is trying to learn something that while we can get facts from books or off the internet, having personal contact with a living breathing master teacher will fast forward you like nothing else.

So how do we use Feng Shui? Many people can feel or sense when there's something off in an environment but few can put their finger on exactly what's wrong in the space nor do they know how to correct it. I use my training in Feng Shui on the psychic line to give you suggestions as to how you can improve the flow of  Sheng Chi (beneficial chi) when you sense the your life may somehow be blocked or unbalanced. Feng Shui can clear the unseen energy channels running through your home so positive chi then miraculously begins nurturing and strengthening you.

For example, Water is associated with the wealth potential of a home or business. A good flow of water encourages money to come in but water in the wrong place means money running out! Recently I suggested a caller add water in two different places as a long term cure for money problems. I asked her the year the house was built and the direction it was facing I was able to then calculate that the outside of the house needed a  water fountain in the backyard and the inside needed a table top fountain by the front door. She was willing to give it a try!

With in days she happily reported receiving more money from an existing client and a few days after that she reported she'd gotten a referral for an new client and then the day after that she called having received a third opportunity for even more income!

Neither she nor I understand why Feng Shui works but as she put it, "Who cares? I'm laughing all the way to the bank!"

If you are interested in what Feng Shui can do, give me a call. With the New Moon in Leo and Venus in Virgo we've got the perfect placements for creating (Leo) a house that works (Virgo) for you!


Rosada, EXT 2340

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Uranus Trine Mercury: Genius Speaks!

Lightening bolts falling from the sky - lets hope they hit the right targets!

This week the planet Uranus, known for ignoring all restrictions and bringing truth to light, is making a major aspect to Mercury, the planet that rules an individual's ability to process information independently - that is, Mercury shows how we think for ourselves. This rare and exciting connection means people are going to be waking up and seeing where we have been lulled into compliance and then we're going to be seeing opportunities to take back our power. In real life this could manifest in your recognizing where you have been listening to advice that isn't getting you anywhere - like television ads selling you worthless junk. This is going to be the week where people stand up and say, "That doesn't work for me!" and then, because Uranus does bring flashes of brilliance, we are going to see people coming up with some truly liberating new ideas.

On the personal level  this could mean you find you can better get your goals accomplished when you don't follow the directions. Maybe you realize you don't need all those medications your prescribed or maybe you realize you're a better cook without the recipe. On the political front we may find the various lies political candidates have used to try to persuade us are shown to be just that, lies, and now we want to be able to vote our conscience. We may hear some terrific new ideas too, however, so keep your prejudices in check and your ears and heart open.

For example, I've just learned that Bearnie Sanders has asked Hilary Clinton to make affordable college education one of her key goals as president. That would certainly fit with Uranus, higher intelligence, combining with Mercury, the ordinary mind. Let's see if she does it...

Unfortunately the problem is that almost as quickly as they open, the doors of perception will be slamming closed. Uranus will be turning retrograde on Friday and continue to be retrograde through out the election cycle and on through till December. Our brief moment of letting the bells of freedom ring may be over quickly as people could once again slip into the habit of watching the news and being manipulated by how others interpret it. It doesn't have to be this way. Uranus retrograde can indeed mean we are tempted to back off from seeing the real conditions of our lives but it can also mean we now know we can turn off the noise, turn within and maintain our inner light without making a big show.

The possibility of quietly refusing to give more attention/energy to fear and drama is further supported by Mercury moving out of the showman's sign Leo on Saturday and into the practical sign of Virgo. I think this will mean we've all had enough of the hysteria and whoopla in the news this summer. Mercury in Virgo demands healthy food and real facts.

Uranus rules astrology so this week is also a particularly good time for having your horoscope read!

Have your birth time and date handy and please give me a call.
Rosada, EXT 2340

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Psychic Memories

People often ask me what are some of my more amazing experiences as a psychic.  There's one that stands out that shocked me at the time but it is also what gave me the courage to continue on the mystic path:

This happened years ago when I was just starting out to do readings for others. Even though I got lots of positive feedback, I still tended to worry whether the information I received would be true and relevant and of value to my clients. I prayed about this frequently and slowly I began to realize that whenever I gave a reading, whenever I was truly tuned in, there was one consistent feeling I always had: It was a feeling of being in love! It has been this love connection that has continued over the last thirty years that has made it possible and wonderful for me to be able give so many accurate readings. But back when I was first starting out I wasn't so clear about all of this until... I was consulted by a friend I'll call Francis (not her real name).

Francis hadn't had a date in years,  She was attractive, physically fit and smart.  No one including me could figure out why men weren't flocking to her door. One day she asked me to do a reading on the situation. I promised I would but the truth is I was clueless and after several attempts of looking at cards and astrological charts and silent meditation I finally gave up and was intending to call her at our agreed upon time on Saturday morning with the news that I had no news.  So completely frustrated Friday night I made my usual prayers where I ask the Universe to forgive me for misdeeds of the day and for guidance for the morrow, and went to bed.

Now usually I'm an early riser so I was surprised when I woke up and the clock said 10:01. Our appointment  was for 10:30. I immediately jumped up and got into the shower and then something happened I'll never forget. The water seemed to hold me and enfold me. It actually felt like a hug. As I let the water pour over my head a clear message - call it a gentle yet specific knowingness - came to me: I received that Francis would meet someone in 3 months and be married in 2 years!

I didn't know what to make of this. As I stepped out of the shower my confidence that this message was a true receiving started to fade and my old worries returned. As I dried off and dressed, my mind started chattering again, telling me that obviously this had all just been my imagination and had nothing to with inner guidance. As I continued to dress and worry I noticed the clock still said 10:01.  Figuring it probably needed the batteries replaced I went downstairs.

I was struggling with whether to present this hopeful news to my dear friend as a true spiritual message or to give in to this fear telling me there was no way my receiving could be anything but wishful thinking. Then I walked into my kitchen. The clock on the micro-wave said 10:01! I felt the same feeling of love wash over me I'd felt in the shower and suddenly I got that it was a message - and I completely freaked out! I started to cry and then I asked to be guided to the right action. Slowly calm returned and the sense of being loved and a knowingness that I was to stop trying to censor or explain anything I was "told". My role was only to pass on what I received and it would be best to let Francis deal with the information as she saw fit.

At that moment I looked up at the clock and as if to send me a confirmation, it began working again and slowly changed to 10:02. - changing the time and changing my life forever. From then on I stopped questioning my impressions and learned to trust.

Oh, and what happened to Francis? A man came into her life 3 months later.  He moved in with her the next year and they were married almost exactly on the two year anniversary of their meeting!

Have a great week,

Rosada, EXT 2340

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Sun Square Uranus, Venus and Mercury into Leo: What The World Needs Now

Remember the old song, "What The World Needs Now is Love Sweet Love?" We should hold a group sing along this week...

The Sun in Cancer is moving up to a brutal square to Uranus in Aries which will be exact Saturday morning July 16. Although we usually  think of the Sun as the good natured jolly old soul of the zodiac his true purpose is to shine light on what ever is going on - the good the bad and the ugly. This square to rebellious Uranus warns this could be a week when a lot of angry energies come out in the open and mankind is once again forced to recognize that there are some very unhappy campers out there. How can we navigate what is likely to be another cycle of upsets and surprises? The Placements of the Moon, Mercury and Venus offer us some clues:

The Moon will be spending the first half of the week in Scorpio making everything seem a bit more of An Issue than it really needs to be. Scorpio is the sign of the detective so resolve to look more closely at situations to be sure you've got your facts straight before you over-react. You may also need to be the calm one in the group if you find yourself confronted with others extreme reactions. On Friday the Moon will move into legal minded Sagittarius - the time each month when the hidden truths are brought out in the open. It will also be making an exact conjunction to Saturn, the planet of rules and limits so we may be hearing a lot about court cases both domestic and international. Perhaps some important decisions will be made about Brexit or China's presence in the south china sea.

On the home front you may be realizing your various agreements both with friends and business associates need to be clarified and solidified. It's a day to be sensible, even cautious.

The good news is that both Venus and Mercury will be moving out of emotional Cancer and into more dignified Leo this week so hopefully we'll find some of the embarrassing cavorting of our political figures will calm down a bit. In fact both Venus and Mercury in Leo want very much to attract and share love and good tidings so maybe we'll see our leaders and news reporters toning down the fear and drama stories in favor of spreading a little charm and good will.

The world could sure use it about now.

On a more positive note, the Sun in Cancer will trine Mars in Scorpio  on Saturday, July 15. A perfect combo for manifesting one's heart's desire - perhaps by revitalizing (Scorpio) an old love or re-purposing a discarded garage sale treasure (Cancer rules antiques)!

May all your surprises be happy ones!

Rosada, EXT 2340

Sunday, July 3, 2016

I See The Dark Moon Arising July 4

The moment when the Moon is at the same degree as the Sun each month is commonly referred to as the New Moon but this is incorrect. This moment when the Moon connects with the Sun - and you cannot see it - is properly called the Black Moon. The New Moon actually happens a few days later when the Moon becomes visible again and we see it as a slim crescent in the sky.

When the Moon exactly connects with the Sun all is dark in the outer world and thus this is the time then when our inner psychic can most easily be accessed. At this moment of the Dark of The Moon - or as we inaccurately call it, the New Moon - we connect with our inner knowing and thus it is the time each month for doing spiritual/ magical ceremonies, verbalizing our affirmations and for doing readings for insights on how best to accommodate the energies that are going to be flowing through us in the month ahead.

This month's Black Moon falls on America's birthday, Independence Day, July Fourth, at 4:01 a.m. The Sun and Moon will be in the sign Cancer along with Mercury and Venus. This puts a major emphasis on the sign of mothers, family and the past. Thus our major life issues are liable to be manifesting in the areas symbolized by our personal individual turf, our own home. Think of it as a Karma Crash Course in The Kitchen.

For example, if this is a lifetime in which you have had difficulties with, say, bullies in your outer world, this month you may find your own family members take on the role of trying to boss you around. Be patient - it's just life giving you opportunities to learn way over due lessons and  a chances to gain insights that you can then take out to help you in the larger world.

A more pleasant  manifestation could be that if you have a particular love of art and music this month you will have opportunities to invite the muse into your own living room - host a party and follow your bliss. The point is, to successfully navigate your life for the next 28 days put a special focus on creating happiness in your own backyard.

Along with this Sun/Moon emphasis on the sign of our personal space making us feel we must take care of our own individual families, we've got Saturn the planet ruling boundaries continuing to square Neptune, the god who never met a border he couldn't cross. So more astrological emphasis on issues with guests,  refugees and intruders. You may not be concerned with Syrian hordes showing up in your driveway but even so you may find that your personal borders seem more porous at this time. Whether it's friends calling you just at suppertime or squirrels invading your bird feeder or pop-up ads distracting you on the computer, awareness of difficulties defending your private space could be on your mind this month. We'll all be finding ourselves having to set clearer, firmer limits even with our nearest and dearest.

 On the big screen, the refuge problems in Europe could reach epic proportions as the Saturn/Neptune square causes people to instinctively feel to close their doors to foreigners. Hopefully because we now know of this planetary line up we will be less likely to be overly influenced by paranoia. Otherwise there's going to be a lot of people, and governments, saying, "Sorry, we can't do anything more for you. We can only take care of our own."

Lies and false flags will also attract our attention as reality based Saturn continues to stress duplicitous Neptune. Donald Trump will no doubt continue to urge people to question Hilary Clinton's trustworthiness and we'll be seeing other examples of people complaining we are not being told The Truth. I see where classified information about the Saudi's involvement with 9/11 is finally being released and all sorts of conspiracy theories once again are in the news. How should we handle this confusion of rumors,  falsehoods and mumbo-jumbo? I think the first defense is to recognize that all these stories are all concocted to create fear. It's a textbook example of Saturn's version of harsh reality turning imaginative Neptune into a nightmare machine. We all know that when we are scared we tend to stop thinking for ourselves and do what someone else tells us to do. To combat the propaganda we must question the so called facts. Ask ourselves, does what I read make me think more or am I being manipulated to think less? Better yet,  remember with the Sun in Cancer this month it's definitely appropriate to turn off the news and retreat into our shells, our own worlds where we feel safe and can do our own thing.

So once again, the best way to navigate the next 28 day cycle is to protect your boundaries, don't listen to negative propaganda and become even more self-reliant.
Indeed, this could be a grand time for a family vacation away from it all with only your nearest and dearest!
 ...Just be sure to lock the doors set a few mouse traps before you go.

Safe and sane,

Rosada, EXT 2340