Sunday, April 28, 2013

Thoughts Become Things

The Moon is in Sagittarius - the sign of religion and philosophy - and moving to a trine with Mercury, the planet ruling words, today. I find myself thinking about the power of affirmations. Do affirmations work? That is, can we create something simply by declaring it to exist? The Bible says that's exactly how creation works, in fact, it begins with this stunning example:
 "And God said, "Let there be light,' and there was light."

If it's true man is made in the image of God, shouldn't we be able to replicate this ability to affirm and manifest in our own lives? This week I want to try an experiment of writing out some clearly intended affirmations here in this column and next week I will report back on my results. If you would care to join me in this experiment please write out some affirmations of your own and even post them on this site if you feel to. (I have found that posting affirmations on the internet seems to give them even more energy to manifest.)

I'm particularly enthusiastic about trying this now because this spring Uranus, the planet ruling the mind and intuition is making an exact connection with Pluto, the planet ruling power and transformation. It's an ideal line up for giving whatever we focus our minds on an extra kazillion kilowatts of power to help it manifest. It's also a warning that we MUST become aware of our thoughts because - good or bad (Uranus and Pluto don't judge!) - that's what we're creating in our reality. WHATEVER we are giving our attention to this spring will automatically receive an unprecedented amount of energy, thus causing it to manifest faster than our second thoughts can retract it.

So, what to affirm? John Lennon said it best,

"Let it be."

Isn't that a wonderful thought? Just letting that prayer hold our attention for a moment brings a soothing calm. We need to begin with calm in our affirmation work because like the doctor's oath, "First do no harm,"  - before we start asking for change it's important to know what's right with things as they are. So we begin an affirmation with a deep cleansing breath and an acknowledgement that all is good. Then we compose a statement affirming the change we wish to see. For me personally my affirmation for this week is,

"I have a California Driver's Learner's Permit."

I haven't had a driver's license in over ten years and I'm wanting to get back in the game. So I affirm that I have one. Hmmm... it occurs to me that I most likely will get one eventually, probably in the next couple of months anyway, but I want it sooner. I want it NOW. So I revise my affirmation:

"I have a California Driver's Learner's Permit by the end of this coming week!!!"

Okay, that's pretty darn specific. 
You'll notice i didn't throw in any disclaimers in my affirmation. I didn't say anything like, "Only if it's God's will," or "Only if it's safe." I'm going for the full on test here. We'll see how it works out.

Meanwhile a few thoughts on the stars for the week ahead:

The Sun is opposing Saturn this weekend and Mars will be opposing it Tuesday night. Guess I'll wait until Wednesday to take the Learner's Permit test.

The Sun trines Pluto Wednesday around noon while the Moon heads for a trine to Jupiter on Thursday. Either one of those days sound like the energy's there for positive change!

Mercury will sextile Neptune Friday night and then the Moon will sextile Venus on Sunday PLUS Mars will trine Pluto Sunday afternoon! After a bit of a slow start to the week with Saturn - who only holds people back until they're ready to move forward - it looks like a lot of dreams will be coming true.
 Okay everybody, dream BIG and...

Wish me luck!

Rosada, EXT 2340

Sunday, April 21, 2013

It's All Good

The Sun has entered the earth mother sign Taurus and suddenly, it's all good. 

Just for a moment, turn off the noise, put down the headlines, relax, breath deeply and come into The Present.
Taurus is the sign of the here and now, the real, the practical, the place where all the wild energy of Aries comes to a focus and takes form. Our minds this last week have been ricocheting from past to future and back exhausting us with improbable scenarios of crisis but the Sun in Taurus says, "Center in The Now. You are safe. Trust in the process."

So what is The Process this week? What are the planetary gods up to and how can we best enjoy the show?

As I mentioned, Sol has entered the sign of gardens, so all activities that get you outside close to nature are going to nurture your own soul. 
Key thought: TRUST YOURSELF.

Moon is traveling through Virgo, Libra, becoming a FULL MOON in Scorpio and then on to Sagittarius - so we start out paying attention to chores in Virgo but we're aiming for fun and adventure with Sag by Saturday. 

Warning: Mercury is in Aries answering demands for fast facts with what really may only be rumors. Hold off on the loud mouth opinions - especially Tuesday night when Mercury teams up to exaggerate with Jupiter. 

Venus in Taurus will oppose Saturn Monday but trine Pluto Wednesday morning. Harsh words spoken over this last weekend will then have opportunities to heal. 

Mars has left Aries and is joining Venus in Taurus. Hopefully this means the fast acting police who so quickly captured the Boston Bombing suspect will have a calmer couple of days now. 

Accident prone Uranus is spotlighted Tuesday. Keep your plans simple and allow yourself plenty of wiggle room. Sometimes difficult Uranus contacts actually bring good luck!
Key thought: TAKE YOUR TIME.

Jupiter in Gemini makes some nice contacts with the Moon Tuesday evening - Wednesday. Should be good for night owls. 

FULL MOON Thursday and it's a partial eclipse. Stirred up emotions could make for some lively public displays.

Saturn looks to squelch the party Saturday night so keep it down to a dull roar.

Taken all together the theme this week seems to be a series of opportunities to get riled up over rumors and half-truths. Handle these temptations with a firm decision to stay calm and grounded. 

I'll be talking to you soon,
Rosada, EXT 2340

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Decisions that Shape Destiny

I've had many conversations over the years debating the meaning of Fate versus Free Will. I've come to the conclusion that free will is like a muscle. We have to exercise it or it becomes weak and just melts away. The way we strengthen our free will is by knowing what our choices are in any given situation and consciously choosing how we react. Fate may dictate our circumstances, our race, our sex, our place and time of birth, but by choosing how we respond to these givens we develop our spirituality, our ability to ultimately decide our own fate.

We have a lot of interesting aspects coming up this week and the more we understand the choices these planetary placements are giving us the better we will be at exercising our Free Will. 

Early Monday April 15 Venus will enter it's home sign Taurus. When a planet is in it's "home sign" it's more beneficial characteristics shine. In Aries last month Venus was responsible for encouraging people to get out of their winter hibernation and get active but it isn't until Venus enters Taurus that we see if any of the new starts are going to stabilize into reliable routines. Warning: Fate says without Aries, enthusiasm wanes, but Free Will says we can use Taurus to shore up our desire to stick with a program even after the newness fades.

We're all Fated to have to deal with taxes on Monday. Use your Free Will and minimize the chances of creating any unwanted replies from the IRS by not sending off your return until the Moon in Cancer goes void of course at 3:41. 

The Sun in Aries will conjunct high energy Mars in Aries on Wednesday evening, April 17. There's no stopping the action when these two get together but you can put it to good use by intentionally seeking out activities that require energy and movement.

Venus sextiles Neptune in his home sign Pisces Thursday night. A lovely aspect for art and music. Good things are fated to happen - choose to enjoy them!

Mercury will be in Aries connecting with Saturn on Friday. Now here's an outstanding opportunity to put the planets to work for you. Fate would say Friday will be filled with tedious chores but if you take charge you have an excellent day to accomplish your goals. If you do, Mercury then conjuncts Uranus Friday night and you could have a wonderful well deserved exciting night on the town. If you've neglected to take care of business however, Uranus conjunct Mercury can manifest as an accident that's been waiting to happen.   

Another opportunity for spiritual growth is coming up Sunday morning when Mercury squares Pluto. The planet of communication squaring off with the planet of power struggles? Choose to avoid the drama by remembering Silence is Golden.

And of course thanks for choosing to read my blog,

Rosada, EXT 2340

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Mad about Mad Men

A New Moon in Aries this week and the next season of Mad Men starts tonight! Hip hip hooray! The creators of the program picked a fitting line up of planets to launch their next chapter. Their lead character, Don Drapper is the personification of an Aries self-made man (he literally created his identity by switching dog tags with a dying soldier), I wonder if the show's writers think of Don as an Aries? Anyway, this Aries New Moon Wednesday is the signal for all of us to start living our dream. What were you creating in your mind last month in Pisces fantasyland? The Aries New Moon signals ready or not those visions are starting to take form...

Here's the landscape we'll be entering:

The timing is perfect. Mother Earth is eager for her children to get out and start something. Plant a seed, schedule an opening, whatever you want to do. Anything you've been considering giving a try will have a special band of angels encouraging your adventure this week. Don't worry about having all your plans in place either. Just get out there and join the race. If it's new and different for you, you're doing the right thing.

After telling you to let the spirit take you, I must now caution, "Don't let it take you too far." Along with the Moon, the Sun, Mars, Venus and Uranus are all in Aries this week. Aggressive traits are coming to the surface every where we look. The sweetest of your friends may now come across as stubborn or pushy. Don't you unnecessarily ruffle feathers by insisting things be done your way or coming across as bossy either. On the other hand, you gotta be yourself. Hug'em if they can't take a joke! 

Perhaps we can learn how to handle our power struggles by watching that master power broker Pluto. This week on Friday April 12 Pluto will be turning retrograde. Suddenly the Aries push to get out in the world takes a U-turn and attention turns inward. I think it's signaling that early in the week with the New Moon we will have a burst of energy and enthusiasm, a sort of "I'm not going to let anybody tell ME what to do" kind of bravado and becomes obvious that we need to pause and rethink our strategy. I wonder if this line up of planets will coincide with a shift in the political scene in North Korea? Perhaps with Pluto turning retrograde the threats of force coming from over there will de-escalate. We can align with Pluto and support the process of peaceful transformation by following his example: Pluto will be turned inward for the next 5 months meaning we can tap into our own unlimited power by likewise turning inwards. If you see something you don't like in the outside world, now's the time we really should get results by working on ourselves.
When planets talk, I think retrograde Pluto's favorite expression is, "Be the change you wish to see in the world."

One last planetary aspect to consider: Mercury is changing signs on Saturday April 13. He's been floating along in pleasant Pisces for the last two months sharing poems and fairytales and a lot of misinformation (Mercury's instinct for seeking out the facts is decidedly compromised in Pisces). Now he's catapulting into Aries where there's the strong probability a lot of these confused ideas will be blasting across the airwaves. Don't get caught up in any shouting matches.

In sum, this week's energy line up favors getting out and trying something new (New Moon in Aries), then pausing and deeply considering the implications of the new insights gained (Pluto retrograde), and then finally, being cautious about claiming your truth is The One Truth (Mercury in Aries).

I also recommend watching to see what Mad Men have to say. :-)

You're tops in my ratings!

Rosada, EXT 2340