Friday, August 31, 2012

Time Travel.

We're experiencing the full moon today, Friday, August 31 at 8.34 degrees Pisces. The Sabian Symbol for this degree is the image of a galloping horse and a jockey spurring him on on to even greater speed. It's a feeling of exhilaration and a desire to achieve. I'm sure you've heard the idea that in 2012 "time is speeding up"? This full moon proves it! We're no longer in the endless days of summer. The mood has shifted and the rush to the holidays is upon us. It all seems to be coming about so fast! The race is on!

Now that we've rounded the corner on 2012 and are coming along the home stretch, I thought this would be a good time to review some of the "Spiritual Principles" supposedly being downloaded into our psyches as we align with The One Consciousness we're promised we'll all be in tune with by December 21,2012:

1. We create our reality by the focus of our attention. Where attention goes, energy flows. 

2. Thoughts become things. choose the good ones.

3, There are no "Spiritual Lessons".
 How long have we heard earth is a classroom and we are here to learn? Well, pitch that idea. There are no "lessons" because we are already perfect just the way we are. I haven't gotten my mind fully around that idea yet but it sounds worth considering. Certainly it's nice to stop beating ourselves up thinking we're here because we flunked out of Heaven.

4. God is our co-creation.
"When two or three gather in my name, there am I." Matthew 18:20.
 When we pray to "God" we are joining a group consciousness, a consciousness so vast as to include all beings, past, present and future who also believe in the God concept - which means by turning a problem over to God, we're connecting with a giant energy pattern where every impulse synchronizes to create a universe of win-win solutions. Hmm..the name G.O.D. could stand for Group Of Disciples and Good Opportunities Delivered! Anyway, I like that image of God as a group working together for the good of all much better than the thought of God being one single moody Santa Claus who may or may not grant my wish. 

Helpful aspects coming up this week that can support our efforts include:

Mars sextiling Pluto Monday morning. Tap into this gift of pure easy flowing energy to lift and leap and use it to do some real labor this Labor Day.

The moon squares Venus, the planet ruling money as she leaves the sign of the home, Cancer, Tuesday morning. There may need to be some sad farewells but we can recover quickly if we pay all our bills before going out the door.

Mercury trines Pluto Tuesday. If you need to make changes in plans or just get out of town fast, Pluto trine Mercury is better than greased lightning.

The moon will be in Taurus Wednesday making September 5 - 6 excellent for practical matters.

Finally the 3/4 moon appears at 16.17 degrees Gemini on Saturday September 8. The Sabian Symbol for this degree: A head of a robust youth changes into that of a mature thinker. Wow, sounds like we're on the fast track this week heading for some wonderful  insights and transformations!

Quick - give me a call and let's get G.O.D. consciousness working for you!



Rosada, EXT 2340

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Sometimes It's Just Time

My husband Harris died last December but we delayed having a memorial until this weekend. Now all the family and friends are going to gather at the beach where we lived and celebrate the life of my dear sweet soul mate. I'm probably going to be expected to say something so I thought I'd practice by sharing my thoughts here.

First of all, he had a beautiful passing. In fact the last four months of his life were miraculous - I should have suspected something was up, things were going too well. In September we decided to drive across the country to take my daughter to her new home in Toronto and on the way we stopped at all the places where Harris had lived growing up, mainly Nebraska and Colorado. We saw the hotel where he was the bellboy when James Cagney came to town to film a western. He told us the story of how he earned big tips that summer by being sure to carry a hip flask of gin in his back pocket which he would offer to the Hollywood crowd every time he brought them their bags. Although he was only 16 he had been able to get some bottles from the local pool hall (10 cents a game) run by his best friend's mother and by the end of the movie shoot he was able to afford a used white convertible - which he and his pals drove endlessly up and down the city boulevard, all eight blocks! He told us this story and then just for fun looked up the name of one of the old friends in the local phone book - the fellow still lived in town and happened to be home that morning! They immediately met up and I got to hear stories my husband had never told in all our 45 years of marriage. Like the one about time he visited a friend when the parents weren't home and they found a shot gun in the attic - and a wasps' nest in the tree just outside the window. You can guess what happened next. All I'm going to say is the neighborhood was then tormented by angry wasps for a week... And they talked about being Privates in the Air force and their buddy who insisted on being called The Colonel who regularly snuck them into the officers club. Oh, maybe these aren't such amazing stories but the fact that he was able to connect with the friend to tell them - plus the fact my daughter had just got a video camera for the trip and was able to film them - well, now that he's gone I think of this as proof the angels do watch over us.

 Many more stories and many more adventures and coincidences and synchronicities later we returned home and made an appointment for Harris to see a doctor. He had developed a cough which he thought was an allergy from driving through every wheat field between California and Canada. The nurse took a blood draw and peered at it through a microscope. "Would you like to know now or wait to speak to a doctor?" she asked. Suddenly I felt like I was in a very bad stupid movie. I knew what all the lines were going to be and I knew how it was going to end, and I knew that my role was to play innocent and naive. So trying to sound as if I didn't already know. I said brightly, "Oh tell us now." Her one word reply, "Cancer." 

We had three months. I guess even that should be counted as a miracle. Indeed, the doctor told us the radiation treatment had been a huge success. At first I was thrilled. Then he brought us back down to earth. It seems the doctors didn't think he'd make it  another week until Thanksgiving, now there was reason to hope he would live until Christmas! Wowee! I wanted to punch them. But in all fairness, what can doctors say? If they're upbeat you know they're lying, if they're negative they take away your will to live. Thankfully we knew my husband had dedicated people looking out for him. We had a few friends who prattled on about the AMA just trying to take our money and how we should hop a plane to Thailand where there were shamen on every corner who could shrink tumors overnight, but I know he got the best care - it was just his time. In fact, when my husband was first diagnosed I asked the I Ching if chemotherapy could make a difference. I received hexagram 42. Increase, line 6, "He brings increase to no one. Indeed someone even strikes him." I knew then chemotherapy wouldn't help and as it turned out the doctors said in his case chemo would make his condition worse.

But I promised you this story had a happy ending, and it did, sort of. The morning Harris passed away all his family was gathered around his bed. We had been in denial, hoping for a miracle up until the day before when we got a message from a Catholic orphanage. My husband had been adopted and had never been allowed to know anything about his birth parents. A psychic we once talked to told us his parents had been in love but forbidden to marry because the mother was under-age. He then told us that after being forced to give Harris up for adoption they later did marry but by then the courts had awarded him to the parents who raised him. This sounded like a complete fabrication to me (we psychics can be very skeptical) but we visited the orphanage on our trip east and, another miracle, a very caring woman took our information and since the laws now permitted more open discloser, she promised to look into our case and tell us anything she could find out. Well, the day before he died we got a letter from this woman telling us everything the psychic had told us was true, his father and mother had been engaged but the families kept them apart until they had been old enough to marry on their own. Now they were both deceased and the orphanage was at last able to send us their names. It meant so much to us. Somehow we could now let Harris go knowing there would be someone there to catch him on the other side.

And so knowing it was time for him to go but also that it would be all right, we stood around his bed. My son-in-law who was raised Catholic had the presence of mind to invite a priest to come and give him the last rights - another miracle as this was something I wouldn't have thought of but I know meant a great deal to my husband. Then Harris, no longer able to speak but fully awake, looked at each one of us very intently, there was a gurgling sound in his throat - the death rattle - then his face glowed, a halo of light surrounded his head. "Dad, you look beautiful!" my daughter gasped. And then he was gone.

Later that day I opened a Buddhist prayer book to the words, "When suffering ceases, all that is left is beauty." 

Well, that's the story I'm going to tell at the gathering this weekend. Thank you for letting me tell it here first.


Rosada, EXT 2340

Saturday, August 18, 2012

What's The Good Word?

The sun is in it's happy place this month - Leo, the sign of creativity, confidence and courage - ready to support anyone who cares to join him. As Abraham Lincoln once said, "People are about as happy as they make up their minds to be." Make up your mind to join the party, take chances and go for the gusto!

Now having said that I recognize that many times when we say, "Okay, today I'm going to joyful, cheerful and appreciative all day long," the very next thing that occurs to us is all the reasons why we should be miserable. It's sort of a yin-yang thing. Say something good and to balance the scales you think of something bad. You say you are going to think thin and the next thought is all about fat flab. So the trick is you don't try to talk yourself into being happy, you don't deny the love handles and the too tight jeans. Instead you just let them be and focus on what you do have to be happy about. When ever my girlfriend and I catch ourselves playing a game of Ain't It Awful? - you know, where you're blathering on about politics or the ecology or other things we feel so powerless to change - one of us will shout, "Yes but we still have our good looks!" That always gets us giggling and back to center.

To help with getting our Positive Potential up and active I thought I'd just go through the alphabet today and give us a Good Word for every letter. Read this list out loud - or come up with your own - and watch how good things start happening as your unconscious starts reorganizing your life around these ideas...

A - Abundance
B - Beauty
C - Comfort
D - Delight
E - Easy
F - Fun!
G - Gorgeous
H - Healthy
I - Intelligent
J - Joyful
K - Kind
L - Luscious
M - Moist
N - Nifty
O - Opulent
P - Powerful
Q - Queenly
R - Relaxed
S - Suplime
T - Thankful
U - Ultimate
V - Victory
W - Wisdom
X - Xtrodinary
Y- Yes!
Z - Zippidy Do Dah!

Ah, I feel better already!

The planetary line up to be aware of this week is Mars leaving his conjunction to Saturn in Libra and moving on into Scorpio on Thursday the 23rd. Long standing commitments will be completed as best as can be and then we'll be eliminating distractions to concentrate on getting on with our real life's purpose. With the moon conjuncting Mars on the 22nd and then moving on to trine Neptune and finally Venus on the 23rd there's real potential to put dreams into action. 

Start doin' the happy dance!

Rosada, EXT 2340

Monday, August 13, 2012

Dealing With An Afflicted Venus or When Momma Ain't Happy...

Venus, the Goddess of Love, just entered Cancer this last week, the sign of home and family. She's only visiting for a short stay so take advantage of her good vibrations to heal family matters and love your in-laws. That may be easier said than done however because Venus is coming up against some heavy opposition just now. Pluto, the God of Life and Death and Transformation, is in Capricorn literally opposing Venus on Tuesday night. This God of Ultimate Power is not at all amused by the idea of Love conquering all and furthermore Mars, the God of Energy, is buddy-buddy right now with Saturn, the ruler of all rules.Thus you may experience that no matter how hard you are trying to do the kind thing, the loving thing, this week some petty tyrant, some nit-picking pencil pusher will be trying to thwart your good intentions. Don't let it get to you. Just hold off asking for any favors or even looking for any approval till Wednesday or better yet wait until after the new moon on Friday. Meanwhile if you believe that our thoughts and intentions can have an effect on the weather send up a prayer for our dear Mother Earth this week cause with this planetary line-up we could be in for some extreme weather conditions - when momma ain't happy, ain't nobody happy.

So Venus is afflicted for the first couple of days this week but then things should start to mellow out. But what about people who are born with an afflicted Venus? What if Pluto was opposing your Venus the day you were born - are you doomed to tragic love affairs or worse, none at all? And since Venus rules both love and money, if Saturn was making a difficult transit on your birthday does that mean you'll never have any dough? Not necessarily but it's true, most likely you will have issues...

The solution to an afflicted Venus is to know what you are dealing with. Knowing what sign you have your Venus in will tell you where you will find love (in Gemini it could be the boy next door, in Sagittarius you may have to travel to a distant neighborhood), knowing what planets are aspecting your Venus will tell you how to make it grow. An opposition to Pluto could attract dangerous low-lifes if you aren't paying attention or it could alert you to your own ability to transform into a raging sex goddess if you are. Helen Gurley-Brown had such an afflicted Venus and not only did she not let it stop her, she intentionally set out to turn herself into a sex-symbol eventually becoming a best selling author (Sex and the Single Girl) and the editor of Cosmopolitan magazine. Likewise a square to Saturn doesn't necessarily mean you will attract only grumpy-grandpas, but it does alert you that true love may only come to you when you are older yourself or at least not until after you feel you have done something, accomplished something on your own. However, since this difficult aspect is in your chart, it is describing who you are and thus a Saturn square to Venus says you will actually be happier being independent and self-sufficient and thus will attract all the love you desire. The point is, that no matter how "difficult" a planet may be in your chart, once you align with it, accept it, work with it, you will find you get what you really wanted - it may not be what the storybooks tell us we are supposed to want but it will definitely work for you.

If you could use a little help or insight into how to make Venus your friend, give me a call. Venus in Cancer wants all the family to be happy!

New Moon coming up at 26 Leo Friday August 17 at 11;54 a.m. eastern time. 
The Sabian Symbol is of a beautiful rainbow appearing after a heavy storm. A wonderful promise of relief and sunshine after a difficult passage.

Look for the rainbow,
Rosada, EXT 2340

Saturday, August 4, 2012

What Does The Year 2012 Hold for The Evolution in Consciousness for The Human Race?

Years ago I wrote a friend a letter using the I Ching oracle to answer his question concerning 2012. My friend showed me the letter again today and I thought it might be of interest here. This is advice from the I Ching about 2012 which I originally received in 2010. At the time it seemed to me the tone was a bit too dramatic and I couldn't believe things were going to be as dire as the I Ching warned. However as I re-read this prediction today it doesn't seem extreme to me at all:
This is what I wrote my friend
Welcome to the world of I Ching (Pronounced it eee-ching)!
This ancient Chinese oracle has been used to communicate with Higher Consciousness for thousands of years.  To consult the I Ching, also known as The Book of Changes, a seeker asks a question and tosses coins six times.  The pattern created by the heads and tails of the coin toss creates two hexagrams, the first describes the situation as it is, the second shat it is evolving into. There are 64 possible hexagrams.
Today we are consulting the I Ching in regards to predictions of major changes coming up in 2012 according to the Mayan Calendar.  We asked, "What does the year 2012 hold for the evolution in consciousness for the collective human race?"
We received hexagram 36, Darkening of the Light, changing to hexagram 13, Fellowship with Men.
"Darkening of the light. In adversity it furthers one to be persevering. In a time of darkness it is essential to be cautious and reserved. Thus does the superior man live with the great mass: He veils his light, yet still it shines."
Goodness, that 's pretty heavy duty. The I Ching is telling us we are in a time of darkness requiring extreme caution and reserve!
Next we consider the "Change Lines." The Change Lines are lines in the hexagram that indicate how the situation is going to develop and change.
"He penetrates the left side of the belly. One gets at the very heart of the darkening light, and leaves gate and courtyard."
This line tells us that we will be gaining insight into the power of any malevolent forces which surround us. We may realize there is nothing we can do to stop them.  It may be that all we can do is to leave - escape! - before society breaks down. {I'm thinking about the monetary crisis we hear is brewing}
"Darkening of the light as with Prince Chi. Perseverance furthers."
Prince Chi was a man who was a member of the royal court at a time when the government was very corrupt.He could not safely expose the wrong doing, but he did not want to go along with it either. He faked insanity and thus survived. The I Ching is advising us that while we may not be able to overthrow wrong-doers, we do not have to support them.
"Not light but darkness. First he climbed up to heaven, then he plunged into the depths of the earth."
The darkness has reached it's maximum intensity. Things have gotten as bad as they are going to get, and now they can only improve. When forces have no further good elements to prey upon, they destroy themselves. When evil has nothing more to fight, it fights and destroys itself. Evil does not know the meaning of self-rstraint, and this is its downfall.
Hmmm.. Well it sounds like things are going to be getting a whole lot worse before they get better, but THEY WILL GET BETTER as the next hexagram, Fellowship with Men, indicates. Fellowship with Men's symbol is Heaven above and Fire below. It is the image of the night sky when all the stars come out to shine. No Darkening of the Light here, folks! The I Ching says of this symbol:
Fellowship with men in the open. Success. It furthers one to cross the great water. The perseverance of the superior man furthers.
Every hexagram often implies complex assumptions but here the assumption is very simple: The unification with others is of paramount importance if we are to get through these "End Times". We must align our attitudes according to this idea. There is no room for anything divisive. Indeed, the I Ching goes on to state,"If you create division in the world, then you create divisions within yourself."
I believe the I Ching is advising us that Networking is the key to humanity's evolution and survival in the weeks and months ahead.
Well, that was a pretty intense reading. I am usually not a doom and gloom reader and I will usually try to soften more extreme predictions. However, if there is validity to this oracle I think it is important to tell it straight and thus I am posting this reading as is.
If the reading is correct we will know soon enough and if it's not then we can say we learned something about the limits of oracles for predicting the future. Meanwhile the message I am going to take from all this is that these hard times are real, but that we should not focus on them. Turn our light instead to Fellowship with Men. Find like minded individuals to share with. Thus we shall not only survive but by making connections and networking, we will prosper.
All together now,

Rosada, EXT 2340