Sunday, June 28, 2015

Memorizing The I Ching

 Although it is one of the oldest books known to exist, the Book of Changes - I Ching in Chinese - is one of the most important books in the New Age Library. It's origin goes back at least three thousand years and is the root of Confucianism and Taoism, yet it gives us sage advice for life in the modern era.

Basically the I Ching divides human experience into 64 different plot lines. Somewhat like Hollywood saying a script can be a Romance or a Western or a Thriller, and that there are definite rules for each type of show, the I Ching presents 64 different life situations, describes how they will inevitably develop and advises how one should act in each situation.

By studying the plot lines laid out in the IC one comes to recognize these situations when they appear in real life. Then the hope is that by following the IC's advice on how to behave in this drama or farce, one will be able to navigate the situation free from error.

The stories or lessons in the I Ching are referred to as hexagrams because each one is made up of 6 lines or paragraphs. Hexagram 1  deals with the trials one comes up against when first starting out to create something new in life.

"Clear Intentions.
A clear intention is the key to success.
However, you must persevere and not give up.
Therefore the first advice is that you make yourself strong and healthy."

I think this sounds a bit like the British advice, "Keep Calm and Carry On." (It's interesting to see how many different cultures have come up with similar phrases to express the same core wisdom.)

The I Ching goes on to divide the experience into six specific steps:

1. Hidden dragon, do not act.

This line is warning us that at the start of creating any new experience we should be aware that we don't know what we're getting ourselves into!
"Stop and Think" is another way of saying the same thing.

2. Dragon appearing in the field.
It furthers one to see the great man.

After we have paused to consider our intentions, we should watch for someone who is already active in the world we are interested in and then we should seek him out.

3. All day long the man is creatively active.
At night his mind is still beset with cares.
Danger. No blame.

Okay, doors are starting to open up. The mind never stops thinking and there is a danger a person may become overwhelmed with all the new ideas, people, activity. However if a person is reasonably focused and stays true to their intention there should be no problem and "no blame."

4. Wavering flight over the depths.
No blame.

The fourth position in these hexagrams or stories usually refers to help one might find at this point. However, as hexagram 1 is the very first story, there is no one who can tell what should happen next. In line 3 the artist was warned against taking on too much. Here he is assured he can choose for himself just what level of accomplishment he should aim for.

5. Flying dragon in the heavens.
It furthers one to see the great man.

Here our intentions have connected us with a whole flock of like minded dragons. Our work is recognized through out our world. It indicates the height of the creative endeavor.

6. Arrogant dragon will have cause for remorse.

The sixth position in the hexagram indicates what happens after the key idea has been fulfilled. In this first story we have a warning at the end that even when one has been wildly successful at bringing their plans to fruition, they must be careful and "Don't get above yourself" as another British expression warns.

To put this all together as a story we could say a person just starting out in life dreams of ... hmm... being an actor? I choose that for our example because that does seem to be what most little kids fantasize about. So the I Ching Actor's Story might go something like this:

First be clear about what you want to be. Then prepare yourself.

Step 1: You don't know what you're getting yourself into!
2: So find an agent or a teacher or a friend who is willing to show you the ropes.
3.Take classes, appear in small parts, do what ever to be active in your field but don't spread yourself too thin or sell out to x-rated porno flicks!
4. Find the niche that works for you. You can have a fulfilling career in small town community theater as much as on the big screen.
5.Opening night, glorious!
6. Don't become an arrogant dragon. When the show is over, get off the stage.

So there we have the six steps to creating whatever we wish to experience.
To make this study more real for you, see if you can spot these six steps appearing in some project you work on this week. I think it is particularly encouraging how this ancient book of knowledge promises we will DEFINITELY experience success as long as we don't give up.


Rosada, EXT 2340

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Mars into Cancer - It Takes a Heap

...of living to make a house a home.

Energy explodes on the home front these next six weeks as Mars charges into the personal space sign, Cancer. With the god of war in the sign of emotions, we may find ourselves more courageous than ever about expressing our feelings. If you've been tolerating inappropriate behavior and allowing yourself to be taken advantage of, this is the month when your inner warrior stands up with the cry, "No more!" This can be a good thing...

A real life example, this last weekend I was at the memorial for my 101 year old Great Aunt Barbara. (This is the 9th funeral I've attended since Pluto - the planet of death and transformation - entered my first house, the house said to rule your personal awareness. Geeze, enough awareness of death, already...) It was a long day and we'd already seen each other several times in the past months at the other funerals, so by the time the family was supposed to gather at the restaurant for a celebration supper many of the out of town relatives had quietly decided to head for home instead. My poor cousin! When she realized her planned guest list of 30 had shrunk to 17 she burst into tears of frustration! How could people RSVP they were coming and then cancel at the last minute? How could they think it was okay to leave without even saying goodbye? It was quite a moment for those of us remaining as we witnessed for the first time this usually beautifully posed and gracious hostess go completely ballistic in front of us all. And yet... oh it felt so good... to scream and to cry and to rage at life and death and just jump out of the orchestrated  refined mode of how one is supposed to be. I never felt more like we were all Family as I did in that moment. And of course it all worked out just fine in the end. Because there were fewer of us now the restaurant put us all at one big table in a small private room. We were able to all sit together and the stories and sharing was much more intimate than what we would have experienced with a larger group. Plus we all now alert to be very good, kind, to each other - no one wanted to condemn the missing cousins (there was a Moon trine Aries so I suspect we each had secretly been tempted to slip away ourselves that day), and yet we all felt for our hostess. So no one found fault with any of it, we just made soothing sounds and the incident was quickly resolved.

 Having this all occur at the beginning of Mar's journey through Cancer may serve as a useful demonstration of how to ride the upcoming waves:
 Mars, ruler of the sign of the personal ego, is certainly going to strengthen our sense of self, our sense that we have a right to be who we are. 
Cancer, sign of The Home, is where we're supposed to be most able to be ourselves and yet many times this is where we put on our biggest act, where we cover up our feelings in order to keep things safe and secure for the family.
Mars coming into Cancer means we aren't going to fake it anymore. We're going to be in situations where we'll feel to be safe we must express ourselves honestly and while this may make the people in "the home" feel very insecure to begin with, the demonstration of real and true feeling can actually be good. At least now we will all know what the foundation is and where we stand.

If you've had a major shake up in the family dynamic this  last week or have one in the next six weeks you can bet it's Mars saying "I can't pretend things are okay when they're not!" Work with this energy by recognizing it's alright - it's essential! - to be yourself, but also be aware you don't need to go so far as to shout like the Red Queen (a true Mars in Cancer native) "Off with their heads!"

If you experience Mars in Cancer coming at you, that is, if someone near and dear to you is on the attack, try not to fall into a defensive mode but rather get out of the way and let the storm blow by. They'll most likely be grateful once they calm down.

A positive use of Mars energy in the sign of the home is to do some actual work around the house. Home improvement projects should be easier to get off the ground especially - what with Saturn at the last degrees of Scorpio - anything that has to do with tearing out the old and outworn. Whether it's throwing out old clothes or uprooting dead trees, you may find it's unusually clear what needs to be done and now surprisingly easy to do it.

Work it, Baby!

Rosada, EXT 2340

Saturday, June 13, 2015

New Moon in Gemini - Live, Love, Laugh

Though they are not twins, my grandsons are both Geminis. I'm convinced they are the reincarnation of some old-time vaudeville team back by popular demand...

 The six year old Jax has the face of an angel and the mind of a sage. When his beloved grandfather, my husband, died some years back he was only three but shared an amazing insight with us. The family was outdoors sitting under the beautiful California sky when Jax asked his father, "Is the sky heaven?"

"Yes," my son replied.

"Do people go to heaven when they die?" 

"Some people think so," he answered.

"I think they all become a part of me," said Jax, astounding us with his old soul vision. Then he made us all smile with the further comment, "I think I might explode!" 

Ah, that Gemini combination of wisdom and youth.

But if Jax makes us smile, his little brother Cooper, age 2, has us laughing out loud: 

"Knock-knock!" he begins.

"Who's there?" we dutifully respond.

"Banana!" he grins.

"Banana who?" we ask.

"Chicken crossed the road!"

And then peals of laughter.. 

Oh my, Geminis are the best!

This week I'm thinking we're going to be given a master class in Gemini energy.  Mars, the Sun and the Moon will all be at 26 degrees Gemini on the new Moon Tuesday morning June 16. From 8:00 a.m - 11 a.m. we're going to get the full Twins Experience.

Here is a list of Gemini keywords. See how many of them apply to your life on Tuesday:

Opportunities and new adventures.
Short attention span - hating to be bored.
Communication, maybe using your hands to get your point across.
Knowing a little about a lot.
Plans may change and then change back again - several times!
You see twins or things seem to happen in pairs.
You see two sides to every story.
You have projects requiring hand-eye co-ordination.
You do some writing or jot down a lot of notes.
And of course you find yourself simply being curiouser and curiouser!

It should be a really fun day and a great kick off for a lively fun month.

Call me soon - Gemini is the time for a talk!

Rosada, EXT 2340

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Sun Meets Mars in Gemini - Something to Talk About!

You can expect this week to be a roller coaster ride. We've got some slow aspects at the beginning and then a jam packed two days at the end  - so don't put off chores now while you have a bit of free time. You're going to want to be able to take advantage of all the surprise opportunities coming up on the weekend.

The excitement starts building Thursday, June 11 when Mercury's retrograde period ends. If you've been on the fence about travel plans - or indeed your whole life path! - this could be the day you finally get a sense of where you're headed. Jot down a few notes though, because the clarity may not last for  long as Neptune, the planet of visions and dreams, slows down and turns retrograde Friday June 12. Neptune retrograde puts the spotlight on inner guidance which can be confusing though it can also be a good time for inner healing. Vow to dissolve old angers and forgive, forgive, forgive.

From here the energy really kicks in on Sunday June 14. The Sun and Mars - the planets indicating focus and energy - only meet up once every two years and this Sunday is the day! 

Putting it all together we have:

 Mercury turning direct to help you get clear on what you want.
 Neptune going retrograde to cleanse your heart of negativity, 
 Sun focusing on the goal and then Mars flipping the on switch!

Because both the Sun and Mars are in Gemini there will be enough mental energy zipping about next weekend to please both your outer extrovert and inner introvert. Network with friends in the afternoon and then go inside and write your best selling novel Sunday night!

At the same time the Sun and Mars are creating these ideas and connections, Saturn is retrograding out of bright eye'd Sagittarius and slipping back into murky Scorpio for a final clean up of all that's hidden. This will effect us in both public and private ways. In the public arena, if you've been following the news you are familiar with all the stories that have come out in the last year of government illegal activities from police brutality to government wire-tapping. For the most part those in office have stone-walled our attempts to get straight answers but with Saturn, the reality planet, refusing to go forward into honest Sagittarius until the truth comes out, we're likely to see a total clean up campaign over the next three months resulting in startling facts revealed by fall. In our personal lives, with Saturn pausing in the travel sign Sagittarius, many of you have felt uncertain as to where you should "go" from here. Saturn retrograde means don't push the river, stabilize old connections, complete responsibilities. This is not the time to burn bridges but it's also not the time to stay stuck in old ways. Clear out the clutter, strengthen what you want to keep and know this summer is leading to a time of tremendous rebirth when Saturn turns direct in the fall.

Ready, aim, manifest!

Rosada, EXT 2340