Sunday, September 10, 2017

Ester and Jerry Hicks, "The Law of Attraction"

 You've most likely heard the saying, "Like attracts like," and although the idea has been alluded to by some of the greatest teachers in history, it has never been explained in as clear and practical terms as it is by Ester and Jerry Hicks. They call this phenomenon The Law of Attraction which says, "That which is like unto itself, is drawn." This means that whatever you have, you will attract more of the same things and whatever you feel, you will attract more of these same feelings. Simplistic as this may sound, being aware of this truth can have a profound effect on our lives.

You can easily prove the validity of the first idea - that whatever we have,  we tend to collect more of the same. Try this experiment: leave an unwashed spoon in your kitchen sink. Before long a plate will join it and by the end of the day you'll have a whole sink piled with dirty dishes! Now try the reverse approach. Put something you would really like to have more of in a special place, let's say you put a quarter in a savings jar. It's not long before you are contributing more spare change and before you know it you have a pile of money! This may not strike you as particularly miraculous because you think, "Well I'm the one who left the dirty dishes and I'm the one who filled the coin jar," but if you go with this idea for a bit you'll find that actually other factors are contributing too. The important thing to realize is that we are creating the attraction - so are we going to be mess magnets or money magnets?

Naturally we all want to eliminate being a mess magnet and enhance attracting good things. Ester and Jerry Hicks explain how this is to be done.

The most important thing in making the Law of Attraction work for you is your feeling tone. Think of the Universe as being a radio and you are wanting to tune in onto just the right vibration. To do this you need to be experiencing the same feelings, be on the same vibe, as the thing or the experience you are wanting. Let's say you are wanting to have a happy relationship. It may be helpful to think about happy relationships you've had in the past, people you know who are in good partnerships and maybe make a list of the qualities you'd expect to find in your soul mate. These are all good techniques for getting yourself focused. But the most crucial thing to do is to FEEL what it is like to be in love. So this is where it gets tricky. How can you feel you are in love when you're not? Actually it's not that hard. You just do whatever you can to get yourself closer to the feeling. Maybe you put on your favorite songs, maybe you watch a good movie, you get as close as you can to the feeling and trust that the Universe will reveal the next step. The same technique works for manifesting money. You need to FEEL rich. What that means differs for everyone but a good place to start is with your appearance. Wear colors that are right for you, get a really good hair cut. Carry a large bill in your wallet. Most importantly, notice the wealth and abundance around you. Many times when we are feeling less than prosperous we tend to walk with our heads down and our eyes lowered - as if we can't afford to look at a neighbor's beautiful house or even enjoy a community park. But when you start seeing abundance you are training yourself to keep finding it and to FEEL more comfortable with it until you can see how abundance is actually yours too.

Equally important in attracting that which we want is what we give our attention to. Ester suggests if something is unpleasant we should simply look away! Shocking advice to many of us but pause and consider. Whatever we give our attention to, we tend to see and attract more of. Now some might cry, "But we must not ignore the problems of the world!" True, and yet, how is reading more stories about Trump or Hurricane Irma actually helping anyone? It's not easy to be informed with out becoming addicted to drama so this is something we have to be very vigilant about. I find a good approach is to delay looking at Facebook until night time when I've completed the chores of the day. It's very interesting to notice how if I read the stories at the beginning of the day when part of me is feeling lazy and not eager to get into action, I easily get sucked into reading one awful news clip after another yet if I wait until evening when I'm feeling I've accomplished something and deserve a reward, I'm not at all interested in these stories. I'm on a totally different vibration. So we have to watch ourselves, are we reading or listening to depressing news because that's somehow are civic duty to stay informed, or is it because we're depressed ourselves or just lazy? Pay attention to what fills you with enthusiasm and motivation, ignore what drains you.

Finally Ester and Jerry talk about something they call "The 17 Second Rule". Here the idea is that it takes time for our thoughts and feelings to create new manifestations. If we have been living in a world of clutter, we probably wont manifest a maid the instant we proclaim, "My sink is clean!" Yet if we persist in our positive thoughts and refuse to focus on the negative a new awareness will in time rise to the surface, in this case, if we're feeling good washing the dishes wont seem like a chore. Ester suggests that if one can hold a thought for 17 seconds they will see a shift. A good way to test this is to try the theory out first thing every morning. Get in the habit of focusing on positive ideas and images when you first wake up. You may have to make an effort to do this. You may even find you need to place an actual list of positive things to think about by your bed. But once you've got a clear positive image in mind then - automatically - in about 17 seconds a new positive thought will occur - will be attracted to you - and then another and then another. As you get good at this the positive thoughts will keep coming one after another - eventually through out your whole day and then on into the next, one feel good day after another! soon you'll be saying...

Pass the butter - I'm on a roll!

Rosada, EXT 2340

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